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The future o fwork

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Thefutureofwork 091027180703-phpapp01

  1. 1. Consider this…
  2. 2. Ten years ago there wereno social networks.
  3. 3. Ten years before thatwe didnt have the Web. 
  4. 4. If you work in theweb programming, onlinemarketing, or mobile phoneindustries…
  5. 5. xist te no . d id ago ob ars r j ye ou t yy n tw e
  6. 6. Who knows what jobs will existtwenty years from now?
  7. 7. The people out of work todaywill soon find jobs again.
  8. 8. The people out of work todaywill soon find jobs again.
  9. 9. What is theFUTURE OF WORK?
  10. 10. The future of work is…TRANSPARENT
  11. 11. No one is going tojust take your word for it.
  12. 12. In the past, productivity was di cult(if not impossible) to measure.
  13. 13. Business wasted millions of dollars every yearpaying for employee downtime.
  14. 14. Now, time and task tracking tools arerevolutionizing productivity measurement.
  15. 15. Each employee’s work canbe directly tied tothe bottom line.
  16. 16. The more productively you work,the more money you’ll make.
  17. 17. The future of work is… FLAT
  18. 18. No one is going to complainabout their commute.
  19. 19. In real estate the mantra is“Location. Location. Location.”
  20. 20. At work the mantra is“Communication. Communication. Communication.”
  21. 21. “Work” used to be considered a place.
  22. 22. The only options for communication were landline phones or snail mail.
  23. 23. Today, project teams use amazing web toolsto work together from anywhere in the world.
  24. 24. Tools like Skype have madelong-distance calling virtually free.
  25. 25. The world is now flat.
  26. 26. o rganizationThe world is now flat.
  27. 27. Call centers used to be massive o ces built inrural areas or countries like India.
  28. 28. In 2004 JetBlue started a revolution, allowing700 customer service reps to work from homewith no central o ce.
  29. 29. In the future,location will not matter.
  30. 30. The future of work is…COMPETITIVE
  31. 31. No one is going to pay youjust for having a degree. 
  32. 32. rcentage ofThe pe icans w it h a 29%Amer g e degree isco lleGROWING. 13.1% 15.5% 1990 2000 2007 SOURCE
  33. 33. College is the new high school.
  34. 34. And informal education ismore accessible than ever.
  35. 35. postscourses online for FREEfrom top universities likeStanford & MIT.
  36. 36. There’s no longer an excuse not to know how.
  37. 37. Competition for jobsis no longer limitedto where you live.
  38. 38. It is commonplace to hire vendors andcontractors from across the planet.
  39. 39. One in four organizations plans toincrease spending on outsourcingby 25% or more this year. SOURCE
  40. 40. According to interviewswith more than 500executives, the keybenefit of outsourcingisn’t saving money…
  41. 41.’s innovation. SOURCE
  42. 42. In some cases, your competition isn’t even limited to other individuals.
  43. 43. “Crowdsource”To split a task into smaller pieces and unleash it to millions of people around the world.
  44. 44. Wikipedia’s 13 million articles are allwritten and maintained by the crowd.
  45. 45. Threadless™ finds t-shirt designsto sell from submission andvoting by the crowd.
  46. 46. Consider ReCAPTCHA™
  47. 47. Multiple projects arecurrently digitizingphysical books, butcomputers can’talways decipher thescanned text.
  48. 48. ReCAPTCHA worksby presenting peoplewith two words toretype when they go tocreate a new account The first word verifieson a partner website. that you’re human. The second word is from a scanned book that a computer could not read.
  49. 49. Roughly 200 millionReCAPTCHA puzzles are solved each day. 
  50. 50. Each one takes about 10 seconds,but in total they amount to over150,000 hoursof work every day.
  51. 51. ployed in theTo s tay em uture place of the fwork yo u ne ed to s tand out.
  52. 52. The future of work is…ON DEMAND
  53. 53. No one is going toguarantee you a lifetime career.
  54. 54. Many businesses are choosingcontract relationshipsover hiring new employees.
  55. 55. The word “career”is as outdated as the word “typewriter”.
  56. 56. ork le at w emb tea ms res s. ct oje nning t o amPr gi ion te are be du ct vie pro mo
  57. 57. Independent individuals with unique talents get together to work on a company’s project.
  58. 58. At the end, they all go theirseparate ways. They mightwork together again in the future. They might not.
  59. 59. “Virtual Teams”A group of individuals who work across time, space, and organizational boundaries using collaboration technology.
  60. 60. In 2006, more than 28 million Americansworked in a virtual team at least oneday per month. SOURCE
  61. 61. By 2010, that number will grow to over 100 Million. SOURCE
  62. 62. Although home is still the most commonlocation, millions of virtual team memberswork from just about anywhere.
  63. 63. It’s a whole new paradigm.
  64. 64. So why should you consider this?
  65. 65. Because in the future of work…Transparent Flat Competitive On Demand
  66. 66. Individuals will havemore freedom and power than ever before.
  67. 67. Your earning potentialwill be based on merit,not location.
  68. 68. Employers will have access to a larger and more skilled workforce.
  69. 69. Because, the future of work is… YOU
  70. 70. Changing How the World Works.
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