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IE Presentation on the Benefits of Reading

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This is a presentation for my application to IE Business School Global MBA+ program

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IE Presentation on the Benefits of Reading

  1. 1. BENEFITS OF READINGThe ability to read awoke inside me some long dormant“craving to be mentally alive.”- Autobiography of Malcolm X, 1964
  2. 2. Mental CapacityReading develops the minds ability to think in a much bigger rather enables you tothink on subjects and people you thought never existed. It has always made me think muchmore deeper into a number of subjects I may have never though about
  3. 3. VocabularyThe new words and phrases you learn during the course of reading is tremendous. I havealways realized that reading gives you an edge during conversations and discussions,whether person or professional since you are able to converse in style and depth.
  4. 4. CultureThe easiest way to understand the various cultures and practices that exist in this world isthrough reading. This has helped me tremendously and it gives thorough insights into theway people think and act in course of personal or business discussions. I make it a point toread the dos and donts whenever I travel to a new country.
  5. 5. ConcentrationAn interesting read, whether personal development or on business, engrosses youinto the topic so much that you kind of become a part of the story. This provides aclear focus on the subject and also exercises your brain to think ahead and try toanalyze the next steps. I like this as it charges you up. At times I have read the wholebook in one sitting and those 4 or 5 hours are as I am acting out the story.
  6. 6. Self EsteemBooks and articles on true stories of leadership, rising from a position of nothing oreven pure manifesting of miracles provides a simple way to boost your self esteem. Ifthey can, why cant I? I have realized that every person is a success in his own right,however low they consider their achievements to be. One of my unforgettable reads isElephants Can Dance by Louis Gerstner, ex-CEO of IBM who turned around itsfortunes coming from a completely different background.
  7. 7. Personal DevelopmentAs I said before, I kind of act out specific roles when I read based on the characters Itake a liking to. I am a visual and auditory guy and as I read I form mental picturesand maps of the story unfolding. Initially, this may seem funny, however I havecome to realize that you are infact beginning a path of self discovery during thiswhole process. You not only learn or know how to act in a particular situation butalso how not to act. This has really done a whole lot of good to my personal growth.
  8. 8. Professional DevelopmentI am a hands on leader. I love to lead from the front, however I also would like my staff togrow. One thing every leader must realize is that true professional growth does not takeplace because you have grown in your position. It only takes place when you can assistothers in achieving their professional goals. Since a company is a sum of its parts withhuman resources being the most important resource, a considerable investment to developthis resource would pave the way for a healthy organisation. This has also its effects on theirfamilies and the environment. I believe that the reading of various concepts, spiritual andmaterial has given me an ability to integrate into a process for sustainable growth.
  9. 9. Developing OthersThis is an extension of the earlier point. When you learn, you can show the way foryour fellow beings, whether in a personal or professional capacity to achieve what isbest for them. I believe that if you can enable somebody to understand what he reallydesires, 75% of the job is done. The problem with 90% of the population is that theyhave no clue what they want. Reading can give you this tool to help others andyourself.
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This is a presentation for my application to IE Business School Global MBA+ program


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