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6 ways to develop good reading habits in

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6 ways to develop good reading habits in

  1. 1. Often parents are not too happy about theirchild’s preference of watching televisionover reading a book. They make reading atask and children see this as a compulsionand not as a choice. Parents can actuallyhelp their child become avid readers byexposing them to a few good habits ofreading. This should be done on a verypositive note with no pressurising.
  2. 2.  Here are a few simple tips to make your child read more.
  3. 3.  You should read on a regular basis and ensure that your child sees you reading with interest. Actually, the reading matter is not so important. Other than books it could be pamphlets, magazines or recipes. In fact you could have a reading time when you and your child sit quietly and read your individual books. Your child will emulate your habit of reading and enjoy the quiet time spent with you while reading.
  4. 4.  Do not restrict books to one corner or shelf of the house. Keep them scattered throughout the house, near the TV table, on the bedside table and in the child’s room. This will increase the child’s access to books and stimulate the reading habit.
  5. 5.  If your child is small, take a book that has text and pictures and discuss with your child about the characters and incidents in it. Develop an interest in him or her so that he or she feels motivated to read it. You could also take turns in reading aloud from the same book. This will inculcate a strong grasp on the spoken language too.
  6. 6.  In most homes there is a well specified TV watching time. In addition have a specific reading time in your house where you all read something. Begin with shorter duration as smaller kids tend to lose interest fast. Then according to his or her age, lengthen the duration of reading time. Afternoons may be the best time for reading as opposed to reading at night before bed, as the child is quite sleepy then. Bedtime reading can supplement normal reading time.
  7. 7.  Whenever your child finishes reading a book, give him or her a reward. Please do not go overboard in this and restrict yourself to small tokens only. You could even tell your child to write a summary of the book and reward him or her afterwards. This will also improve his or her quality of writing.
  8. 8.  Find out about a library that is in your city and become a member. Opt for one with a Reading Room that is spacious. Take your child to this library and spend some time there on a weekly basis. Take books home and stress on the importance of returning the books by the due date. Your child will understand the urgency and read more to finish the book and bring home another one. Spend some time with your child in the Reading Room.
  9. 9. Reading is one of the best hobbies to pursue as itimproves language skills and opens up a world ofknowledge for your child. Do take it seriously butdo not make it a painful task for children. Let themread at their own pace and develop a liking for it. Avisit to a library will further instill the habit ofreading and the excitement of bringing home a newbook every time will keep the habit alive. K J Choksi LibraryOpp: District Collector Office Bharuch Telephone: (02642)260888Gujarat 392001India
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