Representation of nationality in captain america


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Representation of nationality in captain america

  1. 1. Representation of Nationality in Captain America
  2. 2. America
  3. 3. America Then….What part of America are we presented with here?Stereotype or not? What does it stand for/ symbolise?
  4. 4. What image of America are we given here?
  5. 5. The scenes atThe Expo –what image ofAmerica isprojected? Thevoiceover talksof building abetter future.
  6. 6. What does this shot tell us about America?
  7. 7. What ishappening toAmerica inthese scenes?How might thismake us viewUS involvementin the War?
  8. 8. What does this image tell us about America in thisfilm?
  9. 9. America TodayWhat kind of a place has post-war America turned out tobe? How might this seem to vindicate America’s role inthe War? Is this the only way to respond to this image?
  10. 10. Americans
  11. 11. What dothesescenes tellus aboutAmericans?
  12. 12. And these?
  13. 13. Captain America’s name suggest that he epitomisesAmericans – what role is he cast in here and what qualitiesare linked to him? How are we encouraged to see him?
  14. 14. What sort of thing doAmericans do?
  15. 15. What is theAmerican role ininternationalconflicts?
  16. 16. What role are Americansbeing cast in and how arewe meant to respond tothem?
  17. 17. America is a multi-ethnic country – what picture doesthis create of different ethnicities and nationalities underAmerica? Realistic or idealistic?
  18. 18. What does this shot tell us about Americans?
  19. 19. What other ideologies about Americans are set up here?
  20. 20. How do theseshotsconstructAmericans?
  21. 21. What ideologies is this shot creating about America andAmericans?
  22. 22. What are the dancing girls doing here and what does itconnote?
  23. 23. What do these reactions to the Captain’s show tell usabout Americans?
  24. 24. How is the Captain linked to the American eaglehere and what does this symbolise about thecountry?
  25. 25. Are the images ofAmerica in this filmstereotypical oralternative ?Are dominant oralternative ideologiescreated?Why do you think thefilm has adopted thisapproach?
  26. 26. Great Britain
  27. 27. What details tell us we’re in London?
  28. 28. And, what here, tells us we can’t be anywhere butLondon?
  29. 29. Where are these scenes set and what do they suggestabout London at this time?
  30. 30. What image ofLondon are wegiven here?
  31. 31. What image of Londondo we get here? Whattells us we’re inLondon?
  32. 32. • The image of London we get – is it stereotypical or alternative?• What ideologies about London does it set up? How realistic do you feel it is?• Why do you think the film has opted for this representation?
  33. 33. The Nazis/ Hydra
  34. 34. How is Hitler representedhere? How does it makeus see him?
  35. 35. Again, how does thisrepresent Hitler? How doesit position him in regard toAmerica?
  36. 36. These comics are very popular in America – we seekids and troops reading them. Why do you think thecomics may have wanted to project this view?
  37. 37. First impressions ofSchmidt? How does hecome across as a Naziofficer?
  38. 38. What does the blue light filter do to his image? What does itconvey? What does his badge connote? How do these bothcondition how we respond to the character?
  39. 39. What sort ofqualities doesSchmidt’s lair have?What does this addto our impression ofhim?
  40. 40. What kind ofpeople areSchmidt’s men?What qualitiesand roles in thefilm are theylinked to?
  41. 41. How are Schmidts Hydra/ Nazi soldiers presented to us?What reaction do they incite? Consider the next slide too –do the shots on the second slide remind you of anything?
  42. 42. What do you notice about alot of the technology Schmidtuses? What doe thisconnote?
  43. 43. What does thistell us aboutwhat Hydra doto Americans?
  44. 44. This is the real Schmidt –Red Skull. What effectdoes the red mask haveon how we react to him?What do you notice aboutthe choice of colour andlighting here?
  45. 45. Here we see Schmidt prepared to use WMD – who might this liken him to?What elements herealienate oursympathies?
  46. 46. Our final shotof Schmidt –what does thisshot tell us?What does itsuggest that heis punished andannihilated bythe end of thestory?