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Dave Dean & Ben Meredith authored presentation to new EWU faculty - regarding eLearning Support Services - for Fall 2013 New Faculty workshop

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  • BEN: On behalf of Dave Dean and myself, I would like to welcome you to the EWU New Faculty eLearning Workshop. Over the next few days, you will be a part of ongoing conversations around the use of technology in the classroom and at a distance. DAVE: I am guessing that you are plugged into current teaching and technology topics. You likely recognize that higher education is under pressure to change. Social and technological demands are forcing universities to change the way courses are studied and delivered. Ben and I have teams that focus on the purposeful use of instructional technologies to support teaching and learning. Without taking a ton of time, we want to hit some key points so you’ll understand the resources available to you.
  • Ben: We want you to know, and you likely do, that Eastern Washington University is an institution focused on expanding opportunities to students through excellence in learning. As faculty, you have the ability to change lives. Dave and My teams are here to support the things you do to create excellence in teaching and learning and to promote student success.
  • Ben: Here is more about Eastern’s mission. [Hit the high points from this slide]
  • DAVE: Both of our teams realize that you are the show. Our teams are here to support your teaching and learning activities.
  • DAVE: Brian Voss, the CIO of the University of Maryland and the outgoing President of Educause, in a report this year concerning Massive Open Online Courses wrote, DAVE: “While information technology (IT) is the medium through which disruption of the academic enterprise is taking place that disruption is not about IT. … What is most important for higher education is the transformation of teaching and learning. The “techies” are indeed backstage, making things happen, but the “stars” on the stage are the faculty and instructors. This revolution is not about IT. It is about teaching and learning.”BEN: Dave’s team and my team are part of what takes place “backstage.” We will work to help you be successful “on stage.”
  • DAVE: The third point we want to make is that we want you to call us or to stop by for help. And we encourage you to do so BEFORE you get frustrated. Don’t spend hours struggling with a technology or instructional question. Call someone. Ask for help. If you catch the wrong person they will point you in the right direction for assistance.
  • DAVE: Both of our team can help you with using technology tools. If your question tips toward HOW to use a technology, or if a technology is not working as advertised, please catch my team. If your question is more focused on teaching methods or if you have questions about fully online or hybrid/blended delivery, Ben’s team are the experts.
  • BEN: [talk through this slide]
  • BEN: [describe your team]
  • DAVE: [talk through this slide]
  • DAVE: This is the instructional technology, design and development team within Information Technology. They are located on the third floor of Monroe Hall. [I will introduce names and roles.]
  • DAVE: This slide is a bit wordy but it is Ben and my attempt to put on one slide a kind of “Map” for you so you can get a better idea of the breadth of services available to you and see who to tag for assistance.BEN: [Talk through the Virtual Campus bullets]DAVE: [Talk through the ITDDS bullets]BEN: [Talk through the Collaboration bullets]
  • DAVE: Here is a shot at “wayfinding” that is pointing you in the right direction for help – depending on your question or area of help needed. [Talk through the cases.]
  • BEN: A couple more points before we close. We are looking for faculty trailblazers. If that is you, there are many way you can help our two teams center our services more effectively.We are interested in innovative teaching models. With a campus focus on student success, we would love to see what you are doing that is innovative and that could be shared with a group of scholars.
  • BEN: Faculty have a voice in many different forums at Eastern, one of which is the Academic Systems Advisory Committee – actually that group is being renamed the Educational Technology Advisory Committee effective this Fall. I would encourage you to consider either joining this group – there is one faculty representative per college, plus a representative from the faculty union and one representative from Academic Affairs, that is me, and one representative from Information Technology, that is Dave. You are welcome to attend or provide input to this group even if you are not a standing member of the committee.
  • DAVE: Here is a short list of “coming attractions” for the school year. [Hit each bullet.]
  • BEN: Last point to make is that Dave and I and roughly 20 staff are here to support you in your traditional teaching and in your online teaching. When in doubt, please catch Dave or myself.
  • EWU_New_Faculty_eLearning_Welcome_2013

    1. 1. #1 You have joined an institution that is focused on “expanding opportunities for personal transformation through excellence in learning” (EWU Mission Statement) 2
    2. 2. EWU Mission EWU expands opportunities for personal transformation through excellence in learning. EWU achieves this mission by: • fostering excellence in learning through quality academic programs, undergraduate and graduate student research and individual student-faculty interaction. Students extend their learning beyond the classroom through co-curricular programs, life skills development, internship programs, volunteering and service learning. • creating environments for personal transformation that enrich the lives of individuals, families, communities and society at large. • expanding opportunity for all students by providing critical access to first generation students, underserved populations, place-bound students, and other students who may not have the opportunity for higher education. • developing faculty and staff by growing and strengthening an intellectual community and supporting professional development. 3
    3. 3. Distance, Online, Technology Use 4 EWU Strategic Plan - Institution of Innovation Actions: • Utilize eLearning to offer degree Programs/Certificates • Expand faculty use of technology Metrics: • Number of new programs/degrees for online/hybrid delivery that meet regional and statewide needs • Number of certificate and program training options offered through the Virtual College
    4. 4. Distance, Online, Technology Use 5 EWU Strategic Plan - Institution of Innovation Goal: 30% of EWU course offerings, available via fully online or blended delivery modes
    5. 5. #2 Both teams recognize that you are the “show” 6
    6. 6. #2 • While information technology (IT) is the medium through which disruption of the academic enterprise is taking place that disruption is not about IT. … What is most important for higher education is the transformation of teaching and learning. The “techies” are indeed backstage, making things happen, but the “stars” on the stage are the faculty and instructors. This revolution is not about IT. It is about teaching and learning.” – Brian Voss, 2013
    7. 7. #3 Call, drop-in or schedule for help…
    8. 8. #3 Areas of Focus • How do I teach using technology? • How do I teach online or in hybrid/blended? • How does the tool work? • Why isn’t the tool working? 9 Academic Affairs Information Technology
    9. 9. The Virtual Campus
    10. 10. Eastern Online
    11. 11. Infrastructure & Communications Services Karl Riel Data Center Services Matt Brown Technical Support Services Eric Rux Security Services Colin Turnbull Project Management Services Vacant Greg Crary Chief Technology/ Security Officer Enterprise Application Support Services John Kissack Application Development Services Danny Messina Decision Support & Business Intelligence Services Todd Hoffman Database Administration Services Matt Brown Web Server Administration Services Matt Brown Vacant Associate Chief Technology Officer Instructional Technology Services Jeff Healy Technology Training Services Dave Dean Director Administrative and Budget Services Budget & Administration Services Denise Campitelli Executive Associate to the Vice President Gary L. Pratt Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Design & Development Services Jeff Healy Enterprise Infrastructure and Technology Services Instructional Technologies, Design, Development and Decision Support Services Identity Management Services Matt Brown Information Technology
    12. 12. Instructional Tech, Design & Development Team
    13. 13. Partners in Student and Faculty Success Virtual Campus  Pedagogy, Cognition, Educational Theory  Curriculum Design  Standards  Rubrics  Methods of instruction online and in the classroom  Classroom management strategies  Investigation of new instructional methods Collaboratively  Curriculum & Instructional Design  Development of standards & practices in the use of instructional technology  Access to Scholarly Resources  Instructional Tech & Design Consultations  Faculty Development - Summer Faculty Boot Camp - Fall Teaching and Technology Sampler - Spring Teaching and Technology Showcase  Canvas Instructional Technology, Design and Development Services  Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning: – Canvas operations – Media (Photos, Movies – Tegrity, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker) – Web Conferencing – Voice and Video Conferencing – Streaming Media – Plagiarism Detection – Online Test Authoring – iTunes University – Blogs, Wikis, Social Tools – Collaboration (Google Docs) – Tablet Computing  Other Services – Visual & Graphic Design – Photography – Learning Analytics – Infographic – Investigation of and Setting Standards for new instructional & classroom technology
    14. 14. #3 Cases What Inst Tech Team Virtual Campus Enhance my face-2-face instruction w/ technology Primary Instructional methods consultation Primary Use and best practices of technology tools Both Both Consulting regarding selection of instructional design construct Primary Help with photography and instructional media Both Both Hybrid and online program and course development Primary Physical instructional space design help Primary Acquire and test new technologies Primary
    15. 15. #4 Wanted… Faculty Instructional Technology Trailblazers! 1 6
    16. 16. #4 Proficiency Model 1 7 Visitors Novice Intermediate Master Leader
    17. 17. #4 Involvement in Advisory Role 1 8 Academic Systems Advisory Committee Education Sub-committee Responsible for the investigation and recommendations related to instruction, classroom and pedagogic issues, and distance education delivery and pedagogy Standards for teaching in a blended or fully online format Course design & development service and support for technology-based or enhanced classes Faculty development activities Instructional technologies employed in online and hybrid courses (for example, LMS) Research/development of new pedagogic techniques related to technology Technology Sub-committee Responsible for the investigation and recommendations related to technology Faculty Computer Replacement Program Administrative systems Technical support Training and development – in support of office and administrative systems Software licensing Software/Hardware Recommendations Hardware Recommendations Classroom and laboratory technology Research and development of new technologies related to pedagogy
    18. 18. What’s Next – FY14 1 9 • Partner to provide teaching and technology events • Development of online programs with a US West Coast and Pacific Northwest reach • Continued development of scholarship and thought based around the new paradigms of higher education • Develop learner analytics to support student success • Deploy Faculty Technology Innovation Lab
    19. 19. #5 Who to Call… Ben P. Meredith, Ed.D. Executive Director, Online and Off-Campus Programs (Virtual Campus) 359-6010 Dave Dean, Ph.D. Director, Instructional Technology, Design, Development and Decision Support Services 359-2256