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Apartment 6


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Apartment 6

  1. 1. Apartment 6Tyler is a 22 year old man who was adopted at birth.One day his blood parents passed away and left Tyler their apartment in theirwill . Once Tyler find out about his family and how they have died in suspiciouscircumstances , he decides to find out about his family history and investigatetheir death.When Tyler decides to move into the apartment not knowing what happenedtheir years back. He is now caught up in this paranormal possessed apartment, and he searches around in trying to find any information left by his familygiving him more of an insight about his family history. Disturbing the presencethat once lived there , Tyler experiences a progression of paranormal activityfrom his twin brother Jacob who is jealous of the life Tyler had.Eventually as the days go by , Tyler finds out the history about his family ,thedeaths and terrible experiences his family and Jacob had to go through beforehe died at 13. As Jacob becomes angry and his presence becomes strongerfrom jealousy and hate he ends up killing Tyler once he finds out the familysecretes from his mother diary – that they are both the children of incest.
  2. 2. Characters JacobTyler Age (Died 13)Age 22 DeadStudent Died at age 13 from abuse ofGiven apartment from death his dad. Jealous of hisof blood parents, and has a brother Tyler ‘perfect’ lifedead twin brother Jacob who , and haunts the apartmenthaunts him. given to him.
  3. 3. AudienceYoung males and females ages between age of 15-30and have an Interest in horror films and books. And welooking to rate our film a 15 due to the disturbingimages and scenes in the film. We will be release ourfilm in the summer time were the teenagers are on thesummer holiday so they will all want to go and see thisas they have so much free time.
  4. 4. Research & Budget This film will be a low budget cost as there are no top actors playing parts in our film as from research their tend to be young un heard actors. In addition, mainly all filmed just in the apartment. Paranormal Activity-Budget: $15,000Income: $193,355,800Base around paranormal activity Apartment 6 are lookingToo:Budget:$20,000Income : $100,000,0000