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Audience profile


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Audience profile

  1. 1. Apartment 6AUDIENCE PROFILE
  2. 2.  Audience Profile For Apartment 6 Demographics The type of people that we are aiming for to watch this film will be: Males, lower middle class and young adults/students. Our main target audience will be males from around the age of 15-30. Secondly our second target audience will be 15-30 females. Psychographics This film will gain more of the male’s interest rather than the females as from research horrors tend to be watched by more male audience than females. But females will be interested as well who are all fans of paranormal thriller. In addition think this also is the kind of scary film that a boy may take their girlfriend to watch with them. I believe that the people that will like this film will enjoy the adrenaline rush and like being scared. I think a key hobby would be fans of paranormal TV shows for example most haunted and the séance shows of Derren Brown. As well , hobbies possibly reading and music and like to socialize.