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Pitch Presination


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Pitch Presination

  1. 1. Rogues Gallery
  2. 2. Background of Rogues Gallery The band is made up of 4 males from South-East London , with a working class background Dan (22) Charlie (23) Charlie (21) Harry(22) How it started? • They started the band when they was teenagers at there secondary school due to all having a passion for the same genre and started to practice in Dans garage in his garden. • As they grew older , the band gained more confidence and started preforming in school performances. • By the age of 20 the boys started to perform in local pubs , clubs and small festivals where there they recognition grew and their twitter page got more followers. • Eventually they was signed by a minor record label called ‘Domino Recording Company’ who are the record label of Artic Monkeys, a band which the boys inspired.
  3. 3. Record Label – Domino Recording Company • Independent Record Label • Based in London – so its local • Artists signed with Domino: 1. Artic Monkeys 2. Test icicles 3. Orange Juice 4. Silver Jews 5. Frank Ferdinand Why we picked Domino? • We picked Domino as they signed similar artist in our genre such as the bands mentioned above. Artic Monkeys was a main factor due to how successful the band are and the boys are big fans of them.
  4. 4. The Band Image Similar Bands
  5. 5. Characteristics of our band image • • • • • • • • • Facial Hair Leather Jackets Denim Jackets Shoes/Desert Boots Skinny Jeans Baggy Tops Messy Appearance Tattoos Dark Colors
  6. 6. • Our Music Video Idea starts of with a young boy being bullied by a another boy from school • The bullying carries on and the child gets older he starts to learn boxing as a form of self defense and gain confidence
  7. 7. The Middle • As the beat drops , the training beginnings. The boy trains on punching bags , running , press ups ect. Making improvements to his physical build and stamina.