Infestation – Brood X Storyboards


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PG-13 Creature Feature
Grab your popcorn!

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Infestation – Brood X Storyboards

  1. 1. Infestation – Brood X Storyboards Young lovers must battle a mutated population of killer Cicada that emerges in a small Pennsylvania town. ***PG-13 Creature Feature -- make sure you have popcorn!
  2. 2. The Story In the shadow of Three-Mile Island, the small town of Youngesburgh, Pennsylvania sits peacefully, its citizens living a quiet life. Every year, however, they spice things up with an annual festival to celebrate the emergence of the annual dogday green cicada broods. In 2004, however, the people of Youngesburgh await an extremely rare brood, Brood X. Once seen as a Biblical plague, this brood spends seventeen years underground before it emerges to take flight, lays eggs, and begins the cycle all over again. The Brood X cicada is easily recognized from its black body, its blood red eyes, and the large blood veins on its wings that look like Ws. Unfortunately, the Brood X cicadas that will emerge this year have been burrowing in irradiated soil polluted by leaks from the nearby nuclear power plant. When they emerge, they will leave carnage and devastation in their wake. Craig and his fiancée, Liza, are passing through Youngesburgh, Craig’s hometown, where they visit his estranged uncle Bill and aunt Kim, with whom Craig feels it’s time to make amends. They also run into a documentary film crew directed by Josh, Liza’s ex- boyfriend, who is still in love with her. Craig and Liza’s greatest obstacles are dealing with his close-minded relatives and her ex until Brood X emerges and wreaks havoc on the town. They all must team together to battle the hideous, mutated, vulture-sized cicadas that are using their victims in which to incubate their eggs, and in the process, find a renewed connection with each other.
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  4. 4. The real stars…
  5. 5. CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS • Liza (early 20s): • Liza is a strong-willed, intelligent, martial arts-trained Latina. She’s lived a happy and successful life in California with few obstacles. After breaking up with Josh because of his commitment problems, she fell in love with Craig who she’s been with ever since. After graduating, she gets her first big job as a chemist at a cosmetics company in New York. On the move out East, she and Craig, now her fiancé, stop in Youngesburgh, Craig’s hometown, so that he can mend his relationship with his estranged relatives and introduce her to them. She’s optimistic about her new future, though struggles with Craig because he doesn’t want to deal with his hidden emotional scars. Adding to her struggle is the unexpected appearance of her old boyfriend, Josh, who is still in love with her. Liza has to deal with both men, Craig’s relatives, and the destructive brood of killer cicada in order to survive.
  6. 6. The boyfriend… • Craig (early 20s): • Craig is a young man filled with anger and unresolved issues. His parents were killed in a freak steel mill accident when he was very young. His minister uncle and judgmental aunt adopted him and raised him as their own. Craig had a substantial inheritance from his parent’s death and he believes this is the only reason they raised him. Feeling he can’t trust his uncle and aunt, he left home the day he turned eighteen. He’s discarded his upbringing and the people in his past while trying to forge a new path with his intelligent Latina fiancée, Liza. Unfortunately, when he shows up in town to mend his relationship with his aunt and uncle, Liza’s ex-boyfriend Josh is there. If Craig wants to keep his fiancée, he’ll have to deal with his jealousy and confront the demons from his past while trying to survive the menacing pestilence of the Brood X.
  7. 7. The ex-boyfriend… • Josh (early 20s): • Josh, Liza’s ex-boyfriend, is a young, talented documentary filmmaker. He’s anti-establishment and believes in every conspiracy theory ever created. When Josh and Liza were together, he was a struggling filmmaker, taking any job he could find and neglecting Liza in the process. She quickly got sick of it and broke up with him. Now that he’s established, he finally feels that he is ready to commit to a serious relationship. He’s traveled to Youngesburgh on his first independent project to record the mysterious 17-year emergence of the periodical brood X cicada where he unexpectedly bumps into Liza. He believes his surprise reunion with her is destiny. His only obstacles are Liza’s fiancé and the deadly brood X cicada.
  8. 8. The family ties… • Uncle Bill (late 40s – early 50s): • Uncle Bill is a kind, gentle man and is the town’s Presbyterian minister. Uncle Bill prides himself on being hip and in touch with the town’s youth, which he’s not. He took in his nephew, Craig, when his only brother and sister- in-law were killed in a freak accident at the local steel mill. He had a strained relationship with his brother before his death and has been unable to heal his nephew’s emotional scars or his own. Uncle Bill is married to Kim, a judgmental preacher’s wife. He provides the group with an unwavering faith that they’ll all be able to defeat the menacing brood of cicada that has infiltrated their sleepy little town.
  9. 9. The nosey aunt… • Aunt Kim (late 40s – early 50s): • Aunt Kim loves her nephew, Craig, and her husband, Bill, but not much else. She uses her position as a preacher’s wife to judge everyone around her. She was unable to have children of her own due to Bill’s infertility and now has an intense disliking for other people’s children. Her husband, the town’s Presbyterian minister, runs the church’s youth group, which presents Kim with constant inner conflict. She especially dislikes Sarah, the police chief’s daughter. Kim was once in love with the Chief but he chose a much younger, prettier woman to be his bride. Kim must bury her old resentments and learn to accept others if she wants to survive the killer brood of cicada.
  10. 10. The law… • Chief Gibon (late 40s – mid 60s): • Police Chief Gibon is a competent man running the police station in the small, quiet Pennsylvania town of Youngesburgh. Most of his problems don’t come from criminals but from his troubled teenage daughter. He married a young woman who, after having their daughter, Sarah, abandoned them for a younger man. Chief Gibon has raised Sarah on his own the best he knows how. As the havoc begins, he stands tall, becoming the community leader when the mayor gets killed and helping the group of lead characters eliminate the mutant brood.
  11. 11. The teen… • Sarah (late teens): • Sarah is a headstrong teenager and the daughter of the town’s Chief of Police. She acts like she owns Youngesburgh and everyone in it. Her false bravado is an attempt to cover up her pain from being abandoned by her mother. Despite her father’s attempts at taking care of her, she has always felt like she’s on her own and is ready to get out of town. She’s forced to recognize the value of her father and her connection to the town when she encounters the aggressive brood X.
  12. 12. The ex-cop… • Bob (40s): • Bob is a recovering alcoholic and ex-cop. Due to an unfortunate incident involving his loaded weapon and a donut shop drive-thru sign, he’s lost his standing in the community and was kicked of the police force. He lives in shame as a for-hire security guard. He’s kind and understanding even though he’s been ostracized by society.
  13. 13. The wise elderly man… • Harold (70s – 90s): • Harold is an old, eccentric man who has been around long enough to have pretty much seen everything. Because of this, he never seems surprised and always seems mysterious to people observing him. He’s lived in Youngesburgh for a long time, though seems to disappear from time to time only to appear later acting as if nothing’s happened. He’s the sort of guy who has one of those creepy old houses; kids dare each other to knock on his door. Harold isn’t really surprised at all by the mutant brood X cicada and watches the goings-on as if it’s just another strange episode in his life.