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Se7 en title sequence


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Se7 en title sequence

  1. 1.  In the first shot of the title sequence shows a blank book l in focus.This adds a very dark and sinister effect as the room is dark around it, perhaps a cellar .The audience becomes curious as to why thisbook is important and were is the location?. As well as this theaudience can also see an out focused pair of hands behind the bookwhich adds to the mysterious initial shot. The audience thenquestion as they want to know whos hands they are . Finally ,Themusic in the background sounds distorted and eerie which adds tothe scary effect.
  2. 2.  In Seven the shots used in this title sequence wasdominated by close ups , this only gives of a smallamount of clues as its keeping a lot hidden away fromthe audiences eyes. The character in here , we only see in extreme andnormal close ups The reason for this is to keep theaudience curious because they cannot analyse themise en scene quick enough .There are close ups onhis finger tips and close up on his hands.The fact hishands are dirty too suggest that perhaps he is somesort of criminal as he is slicing his finger tips off to getrid of his fingerprints. Indicating , he is the criminal.
  3. 3.  The font of the titles are rough and un neat , as aaudience it seems like a males handwriting.Theyalso flicker a lot which adds to the thriller/horrorgenre as they are not still and boring. As well as thisthey are bright white on a flickering grey and blackbackground which is a sharp contrast between thetwo.The font being handwritten makes us thinkautomatically this is the font of the male .
  4. 4.  Religion is suggested as the man doesn’t believe in God because hecuts out the word God from the dollar bill and then tapes down apicture of what seems to be a torture idea of a man with a contraptionaround his head which includes a screw going through the front of hisface.We then see many flashing images of the of him sewing his booktogether which could imply he is creating his own bible of some sort. In addition , he goes over the words ‘transsexual, homosexual’.Thisindicated that perhaps he want these types of people gone out of hisworld , that seems to him they shouldn’t be here.
  5. 5.  . A main point which is so powerful about thistitle sequence is the story line is partly unclear , but this has a knock on effect for theaudience as it makes the mood more creepyas you don’t know whats going tohappen. Therefore , Se7en has a verypowerful title sequence which makes theaudience curious and leaves them wantingmore which forces them to continue themovie.