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Fellside centre vida hedley


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Fellside centre vida hedley

  1. 1. Fellside Centre Society Kendal Ltd
  2. 2. Fellside CentreBack entrance to the Centre on Sepulchre Lane Kendal
  3. 3. Main EntranceMain porch entrance throughGarden.Sunday School dated 1851
  4. 4. Main StudioUsed for dance, yoga, movement, singing, arts and crafts
  5. 5. * COMMUNITY BUILDING High-light your community Steering group balance Voluntary help (Professional and other) Where are people who would be interested Evolution Fundraising/awareness raising Showcasing the unique thing you have
  6. 6. *OFFER DOCUMENT * PROSPECTUS The look The text Enticing * BUSINESS PLAN More detail 100% accurate!
  8. 8. A yoga class in Room 1