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Peter Maher Ennerdale Hub part 2


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Peter Maher Ennerdale Hub part 2

  1. 1. Ennerdale Hub - What next?
  2. 2. TheEnnerdaleCentreWild Valley Where Local Community Meets TheEnnerdaleCentre
  3. 3. Where did it come from? Responding to what people said they wanted at the two Community Gather events. TheEnnerdaleCentre
  4. 4. Background Response to the Feasibility studies TheEnnerdaleCentre
  5. 5. Who will it serve? First and foremost the local Community living in and around Ennerdale Bridge People passing through, Sellafield traffic, visitors Visitors walking the Coast to Coast route As a base for the Wild Ennerdale Partnership TheEnnerdaleCentre
  6. 6. Who will Manage It?The Community Hub Ltd.Probably a full time manager.Volunteers will be required to operate the shop. TheEnnerdaleCentre
  7. 7. Will it pay?Feasability study says yes with volunteer helpForecast turnover of £140,00 based onmodest spend of £3 gives modest profit.Other income generators includelocal produce sales, outdoorclothing and equipment targetingcoast to coast and Wild Ennerdalebranded merchandise. TheEnnerdaleCentre
  8. 8. What about Wild Ennerdale?Connects Ennerdale Centre to Wild Valley visitordestination.Wild Ennerdale Partnership bring visitors to theEnnerdale CentreBrings Wild Ennerdale Partners into the Community.Sharing resources and skills eg Information displayand Wild Ennerdale branded merchandise.Opportunity to develop activity booking service TheEnnerdaleCentre
  9. 9. Forestry Workshop – Options Erect boundary fence to maintain neighbours privacy Maintain right of access to rear of terrace Demolish garages to Roadside signage make space to promote the for customer centre parking and remove eyesore TheEnnerdaleCentre
  10. 10. Forestry Workshop - Refurbish?Draftdrawing ofpossiblerefurbishedForestryWorkshopoption.This iscosted atapprox£80,000 TheEnnerdaleCentre
  11. 11. Forestry Workshop – New Build?Examples of possible styles of new build TheEnnerdaleCentre
  12. 12. Forestry Workshop – Modular? Some Modular Buildings costing £35,000 to £75,000 TheEnnerdaleCentre
  13. 13. Ennerdale Hub