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Mongol messenger February


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Mongol messenger February

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Mongol messenger February

  1. 1. THE MONGOL MESSENGER 9Tuesday, February 13, 2018 Arts Arts Council of Mongolia, Delta Foundation Center, IV floor, Tourists Street-38, Chingeltei District Tel/Fax: 976-11-319015 E-mail: Web: ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA arts council of mongolia The Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM)’s main mission is to promote and advocate for the sustainable development of Mongolian arts and culture. Toward this mission, ACM implements Arts Programs with a goal to support young and up-and- coming outstanding Mongolian artists by exhibiting their art work and helping them get exposure on international platforms. World Wood Day is an annual celebration on March 21st that raises public awareness of the importance of wood and how wood plays a key role for a sustainable future. From March 19 to 25, the World Wood Day International Woodcarving Show will take place in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The focus this year will be each artist’s interpretation of the theme “Life”. Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) is a non for profit organi­ zation with a goal to support sustainable development of Mongolian arts and culture. They focus on worldwide promotion of Mongolian arts and culture and increase the competitiveness of arts and culture through nurturing artistic excellence among arts and culture organizations and artists, building their capacity, enhance their international collaboration and promote Mongolian arts and culture and world talents in Mongolia abroad. The ACM’s Red Ger Art Gallery promotes high quality, innovative and well-presented contemporary art exhibitions of Mongolian and international artists to the public. Under its main goals, the Red Ger Art Gallery supports young talent exhibiting their artwork to the public in an innovative and creative curatorship. Sculptor Sukhburen’s “Wandering Shade” is his first solo exhibition which is being held from January 24th to February 23rd. With his pieces, sculptor Sukhburen wanted to express that vastly changing social development consumes every wonderful presence easily and is quickly lost in the past. But these beauties are still alive keeping their shade and value forever. The perfect presence we encounter today is what remaina from the past.ACM’s Red Ger gallery opens on Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00 and is closed on weekends. Red Ger Gallery is located on theeastsideoftheShangri-LaMall, 1st floor of the Olympic Residence, new office of Mongolian Properties LLC. Enjoytheceramicartexhibition at ACM Red Ger Gallery. ACM is launching its Membership Campaign 2018 with “BaRock Cello” party this coming March 15, 2018 at the Red Ger Gallery. ACM invites you to ACM membership event with unique classic music and performances. Through the support of its members, ACM plays a vital role in supporting the arts in Mongolia. You can help Mongolian arts and culture flourish by becoming a member in 2018. One of the most important parts of local fundraising is the ACM 2018 membership campaign. In ordertoenhanceactiveparticipation of the public in building awareness of ACM activities and supporting Mongolian talent, the ACM continues its ‘Bringing the Arts to you!’ creative series. By becoming our new member you will be invited to our series of events including concerts, festivals, exhibitions and broaden your network with diverse group of intellectuals, artists, and patrons of the arts. Make sure you join our membership before March 15, 2018 to be invited to the “BaRock Cello” party. Level: Supporter 160,000₮ Sponsor 320,000₮ Sustainer 800,000₮ Golden Benefactor 1,200,000₮+ Events for you: 2018/03 ACM Membership Campaign Launch 2018/05 Art exhibition by emerging artists 2018/05 International Contemporary Dance Festival 2018/06 ‘Ulaanbaatar’ International media arts festival 2018/06 ‘Feel the Wind’ joint concert by Mongolian and Korean musicians 2018/07/11-12CultureNaadam at Khui Doloon Khudag valley 2018/10 ‘Ulaanbaatar’ International film festival 2018/11 New music concert 2018/12 ACM New Year Party For more information please contact at and visit or call 319015, 319017 TheArtsCouncilofMongoliaMembership2018campaignstarts MongolianartisttoparticipateinWorldWoodDayeventinCambodia “WanderingShade”ceramicartexhibitionopens During the event, a symposium on woodcraft activities, folk art workshop, music festival, design projects, children’s event and tree planting will be held to show diverse ways of living in harmony with nature. This year ACM collaborated with World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF) again and recommended talented Mongolian artist Tsengel Sayakhuu to represent Mongolian woodcarving art at the 2018 World Wood Day event. Last year talented artists Enkhtaivan.O successfully participated in this event. Enkhtaivanshowcasedhisprevious artwork to event participants and became a part of the international artistic exchange. Enkhtaivan’s artworks mainly showcased the relation between Mongolian traditional woodcarvings and contemporary visual art. As an outcome Tsengel was selected by the foundation to be part of live woodcarving show that appraises 120 talents from 70 different countries. ACM congratulates and wishes great success in artworks.