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Daniel Carter Inspira social value event


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Daniel Martin explains how Inspira measure their social value and demonstrate benefits to clients.

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Daniel Carter Inspira social value event

  1. 1. Attempting to Measure Social Value Inspira 2014
  2. 2. Varied programmes and services that help people to develop their potential and progress in life and work, delivered on behalf of a range of local, national, public and private customers. Sellafield Ltd District Councils Empowering Families Department for Work & Pensions National Careers Service Wheels 2 Work National Citizen Service Arts Council Digital Arts Ready for Work Skills Funding Agency Cumbria County Council Youth Contract Children in Need New Beginnings Department for Education Schools and Colleges Targeted IAG & Tracking Cheshire East Council Youth Work & Risk Taking Behaviour Career Advice for Young People
  3. 3. Measuring Social Return on Investment in our Services • How much does each X cost to deliver? • How much would it cost if an X wasn’t delivered? • Who meets the cost of failure to deliver an X? • Where do you stop? • Who pays versus who benefits? • How do you calculate ‘soft’ outcomes in £s?
  4. 4. Example: the cost of NEET 16-18 University of York 2013, on behalf of NAO: • At least £12 billion public finance cost • At least £22 billion ‘resource cost’ • 209,196 NEET at time of research • Therefore c.£163,000 cost per person
  5. 5. Example: the cost of preventing NEET 16-18 • CCC IAG contract = c.£420 per person • Plus match from other sources… • Inspira spends up to c. £1,000 per person preventing NEET • A potential SRoI of £163 for every £1 spent?
  6. 6. Other Ways to Measure the Social Value of the Enterprise • Generating (and retaining) economic activity in the community • Providing development opportunities e.g. Graduates, Apprentices • Environmental responsibility • Levering additional resources
  7. 7. Attempting to Measure Social Value Inspira 2014