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Cybermoor broadband upgrade details October 2014


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Details of Cybermoor broadband upgrade plans for 2014 / 15

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Cybermoor broadband upgrade details October 2014

  1. 1. Briskona Cybermoor Presentation Cybermoor Expansion Plan October 2014 Strictly Confidential
  2. 2. Index • How is Eurona Group • The Group in figures • Our presence • Our Business Plan • Upgrading Alston Moor Network We are , a new way of doing telecommunications 1
  3. 3. How is Eurona Group • Eurona is a multi-company telecom operator focus in digital divide markets. • Our approach is based in rural broadband niche markets, withWireless Fibre as a leading brand (“4G en casa” in Spain) to bring fast broadband to premises in rural and not urban markets. • Eurona Group sees an increasing digital divide in urban and special hotspot areas in witch mobile saturation and user density limit (and will keep limiting) the mobile communications; our approach here is to provide superfast wifi hotspots to this underserved mobile areas with KubiWireless as a leading wifi hotspot company. We are , a new way of doing telecommunications 1
  4. 4. The Group in figures • The Group is the leading telecommunication operator in Spain in both markets, rural broadband (Eurona “4G en casa”) and inWiFi Hotspot (Kubi Wireless). • Eurona Group has a budget of 34 Million Euros of Revenues and EBITDA of more than 5 Million Euros for 2014. • The parent company is based in Barcelona, in the technology district of “22@”, and was created in 2002 by its chairman Jaume Sanpera, as an engineering specialised in wireless telecommunications technology. • In 2010 it becomes public (EWT ticker), once it’s listed in the MAB, Alternative Stock Market in Spain, with and end year revenue of around 1,7 Million Euros. • Up to day our team is composed by more than 140 people in more than 10 countries and lead by the two CEOs, Carlos Riopedre and Joaquín Galí. • EWT has quoted from 1 Euro at the beginning to 3,1 Euros now. Its peak has been 5,1 Euros a year ago.
  5. 5. • Eurona Group has grown massively in the last 4 years in Spain becoming the leading company in both markets, rural broadband and wifi hotspots. + 700 • During the last 2 years the Group has started to understand other countries and markets abroad. Now, our strategy is to lever our growth in International implementing our success cases in other countries. 3 Fixed Wireless Sites deployed + 9.000 WifiAccess Points 4’5Millions users 40.000 Hotel Rooms covered The Group in figures
  6. 6. Our presence • Spain, Parent Company and headquarters based. Main activity: Fixed Wireless and EuronaSat and WiFiHotspots. Developing “4G en casa”. • United Kingdom, Briskona Ltd, Cybermoor and Ourbroadband. Fixed Wireless, Wireless Fibre and EuronaSat. Focus on Rural Broadband Community projects • Italy, Wave-tech, Fixed Wireless activity in the North and national network distribution for EuronaSat. • Ireland, Brisknet-Arden. Fixed Wireless activity • Mexico, Kubi. Hotel Resorts activity focus and engineering in hotel wifi hotspots. • Perú, Eurona. RF Engineering and initializing wifi hotspot. • Jamaica , Kubi. Hotel Resorts activity focus • Dominical Republic, Kubi. Hotel Resorts activity focus • Colombia, launching subsidiary to develop Social internet and Wireless Fibre. • Chile, launching subsidiary to develop Social internet and wifi hotspot. 4
  7. 7. Our Business Plan EBITDA 9 Revenue Stream
  8. 8. Upgrading AlstonMoor Network Cybermoor Expansion Plan – An explanation • Taking Investment from Eurona of circa £50,000 • Upgrading of existing infrastructure hardware • Extending the current network to increase bandwidth and speed • Expand the overall coverage area • Satellite options for area of very difficult coverage 5
  9. 9. Upgrading AlstonMoor Network Cybermoor Expansion Plan – How andWhenWe are going to do it • Complete the existing Alston Fibre Network into the Jolly Beard Area > December 2014 • Increase backhaul feed into Alston > December 2014 • Extend the existing Alston Fibre Network to the remaining properties passed by fibre Townfoot and the Butts areas. > February 2015 • Increase bandwidth and upgrade existing infrastructure across all five networks (Alston, Slaggyford, Garrigill, Nenthead and Carrshield. > March 2015 5
  10. 10. Upgrading AlstonMoor Network What do we get with this upgrade? • (1) Updated internet access for those digital times… Faster speeds and new packages in Fixed Wireless – prices to be confirmed • (2) Reliability of the Network … • Less downtime • Less outages • More stability 5
  11. 11. Upgrading AlstonMoor Network What do we get with this upgrade? • (3) Scalability of the Network … Future • Footprint – area covered • Better service for more customers in peak time • Better speed • (4) More available Bandwidth • (5) It’s available Now … 5
  12. 12. Upgrading AlstonMoor Network … But we need the support from you, the Community • (1) Help us make it sustainable • New customers • … Customer referral • (2) Constructive Feedback • (3) Please be patient … • (4) … Unfortunately we all need to pay VAT 5
  13. 13. Upgrading AlstonMoor Network Our local support in the UK Team– Jenny Snowden • Overall Network Management • Local customer support • Design authority • Sub contractor management • Planning • Business Development 5
  14. 14. Upgrading AlstonMoor Network Alston Network 5
  15. 15. Upgrading AlstonMoor Network Nenthead Network 5
  16. 16. Upgrading AlstonMoor Network Garrigill Network 5
  17. 17. Upgrading AlstonMoor Network Slaggyford Network 5