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Worshop 4, community building


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Worshop 4, community building

  1. 1. Community building workshop
  2. 2. Community building• The target audience is of sufficient scale to sustain the proposed business activity• Target audience is capable of developing a community identity• Plan in place for communicating with the target audience and identifying supporters• Known supporters can engage with the enterprise in multiple ways as investors, customers, volunteers, providers, activists, ex perts and/or suppliers
  3. 3. Community Building• Target number of shareholders – Large (high admin costs, good representation) – Small (low admin costs, less clout)• Momentum vs Planning – Pioneer offers• Engagement vs Delivery• Minimum levels of investment
  4. 4. Community Building• Supporter base is large enough to meet community investment targets• Marketing plan for converting supporters into investing members• Plan to involve members in governance of the enterprise