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Introduction to Cumbrian Social enterprises webinar slides


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GLL explain their role as a social enterprise in Cumbria

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Introduction to Cumbrian Social enterprises webinar slides

  1. 1. • A business that has society (the community) and the environment at its heart • A not for profit organisation that ploughs its profits back in to facilities and employees
  2. 2. • Turnover £252m in 2016 • Operating 240 sport and leisure centres with around 40 partners • Operating 60+ libraries • Employing approximately 4,000 full-time staff and 6,000 part-time and other contracted staff (plus 2,000 in subsidiaries) • GLL has brought over £100m direct capital investment to public sports and leisure facilities – plus £17m in 2016 • Provides career path – expanding with regions and divisions We are: • Largest public leisure centre operator in the UK • Largest Health and Fitness provider (public or private) • Largest pools provider (public or private) • Largest public tennis provider
  3. 3. London West North Northern Ireland West South West Central London East
  4. 4. Footloose 6,434 tickets sold The biggest West End show ever to be staged in Carlisle Pre-sales of 5,300 tickets grossing £220k Brand new sister venue. Programme launched, including top comedy, classical and children’s shows Major coup for Carlisle – Capacity crowd