Enterprise Social from Microsoft with Yammer- presented by Atidan


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Enterprise Social from Microsoft with Yammer- presented by Atidan

  1. 1. Enterprise Social from Microsoft David J. Rosenthal President & CEO, Atidan December 6, 2013 Microsoft Technology Briefing Center, NYC
  2. 2. Objectives & Agenda
  3. 3. Value
  4. 4. Change the Way you Work Way You Work Making an impact at work
  5. 5. Enterprise social
  6. 6. Evolution of Enterprise Communication
  7. 7. Enterprise social and your business Transform your business from the inside out Active Directory
  8. 8. Transform your business from the inside out
  9. 9. Engage
  10. 10. Social Intranet Evolve your intranet by adding a real-time communication and enabling employee engagement from any device. Best-in class web publishing portal Bring your intranet to life with dynamic conversations Communicate in real-time Stay connected from any device
  11. 11. Engaging Employees to Drive Business Transformation Objectives Tactics Results • Improve communication between employees across 450 restaurant locations • Give 26,000 team members a voice to share guest feedback Uses Yammer as an engine to drive business transformation, starting with Red Robin team members. • Stronger engagement across the business • Reduced time to market • Increased innovation and cost savings
  12. 12. Collaborate Sales Marketing Finance
  13. 13. Social Productivity Platform Enable secure conversations with a single social layer across the Office productivity tools people use every day. A single place to Rich document manage your content previews across SharePoint and Yammer Your content always stays in sync with Work Pro SkyDrive better together on Office documents with Communicate withconversations inline multi-party HD video Connect and discuss in real-time Post to Yammer right from within the document preview
  14. 14. Breaking Down Silos with a Culture of Collaboration Objectives Tactics Results • Allow executives to better connect with geographically dispersed employees • Engage associates to better serve members Deployed a custom YammerSharePoint integration called Spot as the hub of company communication and collaboration. • • • • Increased productivity Flattened hierarchies Exposure of hidden talent and expertise Improved customer service
  15. 15. Innovate CUSTOMERS COMPANIES Employees PARTNERS
  16. 16. Social Business Processes Improve business processes and connect business applications using a single social layer. Search across conversations, content and business data Surface updates in Yammer from siloed business apps Make your existing business apps social with in-context conversations Responses to posts show up both in Yammer and the business app
  17. 17. Spurring Innovation through Social Collaboration Objectives Tactics Results • Connect employees with the people and information they need in order to excel • Merge two company cultures following an acquisition Deployed Yammer as a go-to place for employees to connect globally and innovate together. • Accelerated innovation • Streamlined information flow • Merged communications across two companies
  18. 18. Roadmap
  19. 19. Social Woven Into the Apps You Use Everyday
  20. 20. Yammer and SharePoint Roadmap Update
  21. 21. SharePoint 2013 On-Premises Options Social in the cloud Social on-premises
  22. 22. Next Steps
  23. 23. Four Factors for a Successful Social Journey
  24. 24. What is the Customer Success Program? Methodology and Self-guided Resources Webinars Customer Community Access to Customer Success Managers Regional Meet Ups and Events Community-based Learning and Support
  25. 25. Yammer Plans & Pricing Basic vs. Enterprise Network features Enterprise IT Security, Deployment, Voluntary Adoption, Product Development, Yammer Platform, Support Services Administration & Integrations Admin guide, Security Information, Directory Sync, Single Sign-On, Yammer Embed, Data Export, etc. Make Yammer your default social network in Office 365 Yammer App for SharePoint Set up the Yammer App for SharePoint Integrate Yammer with on-premises SharePoint 2013 environments (white paper)
  26. 26. Sites, Blogs & Twitter Welcome To Your Social Journey | Enterprise Social Customer Success | The Rise Of Enterprise Social Networks | Yammer Success Center Discover SharePoint Yammer SharePoint blog @Yammer @SharePoint @Office365 Press How Microsoft got its own employees to use Yammer Microsoft Creates ‘Yammer North’ in Redmond to Learn New Software Tricks Yammer Accelerates Momentum Following Microsoft Acquisition The Yammer journey so far at NAB Research Bring your own service: Employees want social tools at work, despite company restrictions Evolution of the networked enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey results Yammer’s 2013 Business Value Survey Results And a lot more to come!
  27. 27. Next steps Transform yourselves with Enterprise Social! The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.