IBM Think Seminar


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Vinnie Lauria gives a presentation to the IBM Think Seminar and covers:
* The Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup (svnewtech)
* What Startups are building
* Cloud Computing
* Software as a Service (Sas) - though I hate that term :P

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IBM Think Seminar

  1. 1. What’s the temperature in Silicon Valley? IBM Think Seminar Vinnie Lauria, co-founder @ / organizer @ the Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
  2. 2. We’re getting pass the social... ... and getting back to the practical.
  3. 3. Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup 4 consumer web startups demo to an audience of 150 every month 2-3 years ago, 75-100% of a startups primary function was ! ‘social networking’ related Today, a startup with a primarily ‘social’ function may ! pop-up only every other month
  4. 4. To my surprise, the past 3 months has been a boom in startup applications at the meetup Last fall, with the economy in free fall and investors pulling in the ! reins, there was a drop in budding new startups Now with the economic horizon still unknown and 10% ! unemployment, creative entrepreneurs are sprouting. They are creating focused solutions to specific problems !
  5. 5. “Generally Speaking” Past Themes Social Networking ! Media Sharing ! Collaboration ! Productivity ! Reviews ! All-purpose !
  6. 6. “Generally Speaking” Current Themes Finances ! Entertainment ! Real-world personalized products ! Content Filtering ! APIs, apps, and middle layers ! Specific Functions !
  7. 7. One set didn’t replace the other Sites have grown above & beyond ! purely social networking Social software is an underlying ! requirement to enable new activities Services must fit together like a large puzzle
  8. 8. Think Platforms Facebook - created a richer offering with less resources ! iPhone - $100+mil market out of thin air ! Twitter - who knows ! It’s no longer Open Source but Open API
  9. 9. Follow the consumer Unlike the old days of office suites and team collaboration tools, ! social networks, blogs, wikis, & tweeting didn’t grow from large enterprise offerings It took a significant consumer adoption before enterprise could ! realize the value The same is in store for what’s to come with hosted services ! (cloud computing) Due to corporate resistance, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg !
  10. 10. Overheard on the internet “Hosted services are not as powerful” ! “I want to own my data” ! “I want full customization options” ! “How can I trust you?” !
  11. 11. How does a brand new company earn the trust of 100,000 people to hand over their most private financial data within 4 months of launch?
  12. 12. Bucking the trend Offer features unavailable anywhere else ! Consistently improve the product so frequently, that in-house ! maintenance becomes a drag Solve a specific problem ‘really really’ well ! Make the barrier-to-entry so low that alternate self-managed costs ! become prohibitive Offer a clear & measurable value !
  13. 13. Why startups like cloud computing Cost -> it’s practically free ! Ease of Use ! Less headaches ! Allows a company to stay focused on their ‘core competency’ !
  14. 14. Customer Communication Team Collaboration Hosted Gmail Newsletters (better than email) Blogging Google Calendar Support Forum Google Docs Surveys & Forms Google AppEngine (for hosting side projects) Hosted On ISP Servers Amazon EC2 Code Repository Amazon S3 No more CVS
  15. 15. Keep in mind Hosted services need to ‘play well with others’ in order to thrive ! Hosted services must be nimble to beat the competition ! “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” ! Because of corporate resistance but wide consumer adoption, there is ! opportunity for bottom-up entry into organizations, just like blogging and social networking.
  16. 16. Ciao ! Vinnie Lauria Former IBM’er Co-founder @ free forum hosting Organizer @ the SiliconValley NewTech Meetup San Francisco, California, USA