Making SharePoint 2013 Social and Yammer Work Together


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My second session from SPTechCon San Francisco 2014 in which I walk through the state of social in SharePoint, with insights into where Microsoft is going, and what is available today for integration with on prem environments, including governance, storage optimization, and visibility issues across social components and hybrid solutions (some aspects in the cloud, others on prem).

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  • As SharePoint extends into broad adoption and business solutions such as extranets securing the SharePoint content is key.
  • As SharePoint extends into broad adoption and business solutions such as extranets securing the SharePoint content is key.
  • SharePoint 2010 also supports single sgn-on (SSO) with Directory Synchronization, and can access resources both on prem and online. However, you cannot share resources cross-farm, which means services like Search will present results side by side and not in a federated manner.SharePoint 2013 uses Oauth, which provides a server-to-server trust relationship, proviing federated search results. Likewise, this would allow BCS (Business Connectivity Services) to access data on prem and within Office365.
  • Individuals complete projects, move on to the next one. Teams collect data and metrics, report on it as part of the quarterly, mid-year, or annual review….and then box it up, archive it.
  • To make social work, we need to better understand what is happening across the platform, and have the ability to set guidelines and restrictions based on security and compliance requirements.
  • Making SharePoint 2013 Social and Yammer Work Together

    1. 1. Making SharePoint 2013 Social and Yammer Work Together CHRISTIAN BUCKLEY @METALOGIX
    2. 2. Christian Buckley Chief Evangelist & SharePoint MVP Metalogix @buckleyplanet
    3. 3. Our Continuing Mission: Improve the use and performance of Enterprise Content to power knowledge sharing and collaboration. 14,000+ customer license shipped Fastest and Largest growing ISV. Complete & Best-of-Breed SharePoint Infrastructure Management Suite We are committed to your Success with SharePoint
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    5. 5.  
    6. 6.
    7. 7. Small-team collaboration can be fast and effective
    8. 8. While large-team collaboration can be sluggish and siloed
    9. 9. With all of SharePoint’s strengths, organizations struggle with adoption and engagement
    10. 10.    
    11. 11. Social is more than just technology
    12. 12. For more of a dev perspective with detail on APIs, Beyond Social User Profile Service Profile DB (per-service) People and tag following User profile properties #Hashtags Feed posts Site and document following Personal storage space Managed Metadata Content DB (site collection per-user)
    13. 13. Conversations are stored in a Content Database in Micro-feed-type lists, and the rest, such as tags, etc., are in a User Profile Social Database
    14. 14. …and then the fell.
    15. 15. Social in SharePoint
    16. 16. Social in Yammer
    17. 17.      
    18. 18.  Directory Sync - Streamline user provisioning and automatically sync user additions and deletions to an existing company directory.  Single Sign-On - Let employees access Yammer from a single sign-on portal, where all enterprise apps are conveniently located.  - Deliver activity automatically to Yammer to track the progress of accounts, leads and campaigns.  Yammer Embed - Embed Yammer feeds into your existing business systems such as your Intranet, content management systems and CRM tools.  REST API Guide - Provide an HTTP interface to features available in the Yammer Web Application.  Dynamics CRM - Yammer available inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, adding a social layer to your CRM to jumpstart collaboration.  App Directory - A comprehensive list of Yammer apps are available.
    19. 19. The future of Yammer…
    20. 20. On Premises Cloud A D Azure AD
    21. 21.       
    22. 22.    
    23. 23. “Organizational success with social media is fundamentally a leadership and management challenge, not a technology implementation.” The Social Organization, Bradley and McDonald (Gartner)
    24. 24. People hoard data. Most of the time it's not intentional -- its institutional. Make social more visible
    25. 25.       
    26. 26. You cannot manage what you cannot measure.
    27. 27. But if people don’t participate, you’ll have nothing to measure.
    28. 28. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
    29. 29. Thank you! @buckleyplanet Essential reading: Yammer – One Year Later