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Tech Vision 2015 Trend 4: Intelligent Enterprise
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The Connected Enterprise

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A product session by imason. Topics discussed include: Rise of the Social Customer and The Connected Enterprise.

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The Connected Enterprise

  1. 1. The Connected Enterprise Mesh Marketing 13 Presentation
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction  Rise of the Social Customer  The Connected Enterprise  Microsoft Demo  Working Social: A Marketer’s Perspective  Yammer Accelerator
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Who We Are Trusted Advisors  We identify and drive business value in your investment  We focus on building long term relationships  Our User Experience team is the champion for your end-users, while our Technical Team is one of the best in the industry Our Expertise  Strategy team to help guide knowledge management investments  User Experience practice leads with user-centric design  One of the highest concentration of SharePoint expertise in the country  Full service offering including Business Analysts, Project Management, Graphic Design, Architecture, Implementation, QA, and Support
  5. 5. Our Offerings The Right Information, at the Right Time Strategy Portals • Roadmaps • Public Sites • Governance • Extranets • Digital & Social Strategy • Intranets • Social • Collaboration Process Automation Search Analytics Search Driven Applications • Forms • Insight Workflow • Analysis • Rich Experience • • • Action • Expert Finder Reporting & Monitoring • Mobile Cloud Active Directory
  6. 6. “A tool that is loved is a tool that is used”
  7. 7. Alliance Pipeline
  8. 8. Alliance Pipeline
  9. 9. Rise of the Social Customer
  10. 10. Traditional business Hierarchical, functional, top-down management
  11. 11. Modern Business Decentralized, hyper-connected, group centric
  12. 12. Modern Communication Technologies
  13. 13. History of Social Media World Wide Web distributed post and discussion system instant messaging program and online chat service peer-to-peer file sharing Internet service for mp3s
  14. 14. History of Social Media online social networking service for friends and groups mobile text messing and microblogging network upload and playback service for user-generated video files
  15. 15. History of Social Media pin-board style content sharing and social interest website mobile app for multi-media messaging and group chat personalized music database and social networking site
  16. 16. World of mouth
  17. 17. The Connected Enterprise Transform your business from the inside out with social
  18. 18. transforming
  19. 19. The Connected Enterprise What are the business opportunities with social technologies?
  20. 20. Shifting Gears Rise of the powerful consumer is driving business transformation Always on— Consumers use an average of devices every day 4 Outside your business empowered customers have more information and want to connect in new ways 20% of online consumers expect a response within one hour via social media >235terabytes Companies with >1000 employees average more data than the US Library of Congress Employees need to extend and connect networks across the firewall to partners and customers Business & Consumer > 1.5B people around the globe have a social networking account 72% of companies are deploying at least one social software tool Inside your business employees want to harness information, connect, engage, and work together in new ways Millennials will make 75% up of the American workforce by 2025
  21. 21. What Keeps You Up at Night? Issues of Greatest Concern for Marketers Reaching Their Customers Understanding whether campaigns are working Providing Campaing Effectiveness Demonstrating Return on Investment 70 Source: ADOBE | DIGITAL DISTRESS: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night? 72 74 76 78 80 82 84
  22. 22. Opportunity for Improvement Source: ADOBE | DIGITAL DISTRESS: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night?
  23. 23. Enterprise Social and Your Business Transform your business from the inside out Active Directory
  24. 24. Yammer Campaign Ideation (internal) 31
  25. 25. CRM Campaign Planning 32
  26. 26. CRM Campaign Management 33
  27. 27. Yammer Campaign Collaboration (external) 34
  28. 28. Yammer Campaign Collaboration (external) 35
  29. 29. NetBreeze Campaign Results Sentiment Analysis 36
  30. 30. NetBreeze Campaign Results Sentiment Analysis 37
  31. 31. NetBreeze Campaign Results Sentiment Analysis 38
  32. 32. Working Social A Marketer’s Perspective
  33. 33. Yammer Accelerator Are you ready to take advantage of the social business shift?
  34. 34. Socially Business Maturity Characteristics of a socially connected enterprise Use social business in daily decision making Integrate social business into many functions such as strategy and operation Assign an individual(s) with direct responsibility for social business Use a variety of social technologies and business tools such as social media and social software Obtain senior management sponsorship and develop overall social business strategy
  35. 35. How does Yammer fits in? Yammer is the social layer through which employees connect, collaborate and coordinate Yammer makes work: › Real-time › Social › Mobile › Collaborative › Contextual
  36. 36. More Open Social can break down silos and get people talking - not just having superficial chat but having conversations that will be crucial to helping business achieve their goals
  37. 37. More Connected Social is about putting people at the center of your business, making sure that employees can connect with the people and information they need, when they need it most the Yammer community makes Air Canada “feel like a family again.”
  38. 38. More Responsive Marketing, sales, and delivery teams collaborate internally, using social tools so that they can respond quickly to customer insights and create a better customer experience. Providing the best customer experience in the insurance industry
  39. 39. imason - Yammer Accelerator A partner led engagement designed to kick-start your investment in social and ensure your staff realizes the benefits of knowledge sharing and collaboration  imason, a Microsoft & Yammer Partner, has developed expertise through successful deployment of enterprise social to over 100,000 employees across a broad range of Canadian companies, including TELUS and ING Direct.  Building on our User Experience practice and established approach to Change Management, we work closely with your team to create and then execute a plan to accelerate delivery and successfully launch your social network.  imason's delivery method includes the following four streams: 1. Business Alignment 2. People Engagement 3. Technology Enablement 4. Enterprise Social Launch
  40. 40. Business Value Partner Funded POC Offer Align Enable Launch • Business Value Planning • Goal: Identify and qualify the unique areas of business value that are highest priority for the customer. • Includes executive-level Strategy & Vision workshop and the setup of a Yammer pilot of key customer stakeholder. • Yammer Activate Offer • Goal: Understand how Yammer can integrate with your existing technology infrastructure. • Includes Partner support and guidance on how to activate and enable your Yammer network. • Yammer Launch Package • Goal: Drive network adoption and engagement with a launch-day event. • Includes everything needed to present a successful onsite launch event along with support from a Yammer expert to plan, promote and present the event. 2.5 Days - $2,500 2.5 Days - $2,500 1 Day - $1,000
  41. 41. Duncan Smith Director, Cloud office: 416.619.1129 mobile: 416.575.2577

A product session by imason. Topics discussed include: Rise of the Social Customer and The Connected Enterprise.


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