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Ball point game


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the absolute best way to introduce a group to agile/scrum

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Ball point game

  1. 1. ©2012-2105 Genexodus Consulting
  2. 2. 1. Everyone is on the same team 2. Each person must contact each object during each round 3. Each object must independently have “air time” 4. No passes to your direct neighbor (to your left or right) 5. Start point = End point Estimate throughput (#objects) prior to each sprint AND measure Actuals achieved Several iterations/sprints  Duration = 60 seconds  3 minute retrospectives  Chart estimates vs. actuals Defects (objects dropped or that violate the rules) do not count towards DONE unless reworked 5 RULES OF THE GAME… Start in this formation: ©2012-2015 Genexodus Consulting