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The (Lost) Art Of Listening


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Some insights from Cory Treffiletti on how to listen better and have better relationships and engagements in your meetings.

Published in: Lifestyle
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The (Lost) Art Of Listening

  1. 1. The Lost Art Of Listening (in meetings and beyond)
  2. 2. How many sales people here? How many of you beat your #? How many of you are good listeners?
  3. 3. Welcome to “Myself & Others”
  4. 4. Better listening... Better relationships… Better meetings… Better sales efforts. Why should you care about listening skills?
  5. 5. Listening is to give one's attention to sound. Listening involves complex affective, cognitive, and behavioral processes
  6. 6. Presence Preparation “Actively Hearing” 3 Elements To The Art Of Listening
  7. 7. Where is your phone?
  8. 8. How many times has it buzzed/rang/alerted/notified/ flashed… in the last 5 minutes? Did you look at it?
  9. 9. Element 1: Presence
  10. 10. • Remove unnecessary distractions from your meetings. • Turn off alerts on your phone and desktop. • Put down your pen, maybe use a virtual assistant. • Look at the people you’re meeting with. In the eyes. Smile. Focus on the meeting you are in.
  11. 11. This is the opposite of “Presence”. Never allow a meeting to start like this.
  12. 12. Element 2: Actively Hearing
  13. 13. • Resist the desire to own the conversation. • Talk second. Listen first. Remain open to new ideas. • Don’t judge the speaker too soon. • Too monotone? What is the takeaway? • Don’t fake your attention. • Remain alert, maintain eye contact. • Listen for ideas, not just facts. • A list like this can be distracting. • Pay attention to body language. • I am referring to yours. • Slow down and listen. • Your mind will start wandering. You can always learn something new.
  14. 14. This guy tuned out the speaker awhile ago…
  15. 15. Element 3: Preparation
  16. 16. • Keep a list of your important topics handy. • Have an agenda, and share it. • Summarize the key actions you need. • Utilize a parking lot to stay focused. • Have accurate notes available for later.
  17. 17. Surprise Element 4: Follow-Up
  18. 18. • Clear follow-up is just as impressive as what you do in the meeting. • It demonstrates that you did indeed, actually, genuinely listen.
  19. 19. Be Present. Hear The Conversation. Be Prepared. Have Clear Follow-Up.
  20. 20. The Art Of Listening Drives More Sales.