Career Development Center Freshman Initiatives


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Career Development Center Freshman Initiatives

  1. 1. Career Development Center Freshman Initiatives Cheretta J. Robson Assistant Director of Career Development
  2. 2. Agenda• Freshman Studies/Academic Affairs & Career Development Center• SFC 1001 Course Visits• Optimal Resume Program• My Plan- Assessments• Referrals• Possible Programming Collaboration (i.e., Freshman Follow up, Start Your Sophomore Achievement Series )
  3. 3. Freshman Studies/Academic Affairs & Career Development Center• What are the benefits of working together?• How much can we get accomplished?
  4. 4. SFC 1001 Course Visits• Freshmen awareness to the career development center and what we do?• Course Curriculum assignment: career and research report- how can we connect the students to understanding the most important connection with major selection• Outreach towards the closing- possible class credit if they visit the career development center
  5. 5. What is the Optimal Resume Program ?• Optimal 2.0, a career management platform in partnership with your St. Francis College. There are a variety of tools to help you CREATE, PRESENT, MANAGE and SHARE professional credentials online .The website can be used to:• Create high-impact, interactive career materials based on career goals• Present materials online — with our easy-to-use website builder — and in print, it can downloaded in a number of formats• Manage an unlimited number of career documents from one central location• Share credentials with your network on a professional website and across social networking sites
  6. 6. My Plan & an online planning resource for college students as well professionals looking for a career change. Here are some of the features offers:Personality Test• Whats your personality type? Take this test to learn which of 16 potential personality types you are. Based on personality type theory developed by Carl Jung, the Career Personality Test will pinpoint your workplace strengths and direct you toward professions that best compliment your unique personality — well even rank-order 748 careers according to how well they match your personality!Interest Inventory• Why would you ever work in a profession that doesnt interest you? Youd be surprised at just how many people work in careers that dont truly interest them. The Career Interest Inventory is based on the renowned work of Dr. Holland who theorized that people with the same or similar interests are often found in the same work environments.Skills Profiler• The quickest route to job dissatisfaction is doing something that youre not good at. Its simple advice, but do something that you are good at! The Skills Profiler helps you take a personal inventory of your skills and uses that information to help construct a career path. Whether youre looking to change careers or just getting started, the Skills Profiler will help you understand which careers match your skills.Values Assessments• What are your underlying needs and motivations? Does the career youre in (or thinking about going into) really satisfy those personal values? Take the Values Assessment to ensure that your career path is in synch with your underlying values system.Career Match• Taking all four tests will give you the most complete picture of your workplace strengths and weaknesses that you can get anywhere. And, with the Career Match™ system, youll get an automated composite ranking of careers based on all or any of the tests you take.Career Database• Search, browse or query through over 900 different careers. Read career profiles, job descriptions, educational requirements, and career outlook• information. Find out what kind of salary to expect, watch short videos, and even learn about the types of people that typically go into each career.College Database• Need help picking a college? Let us help. With our Advanced Query tool, we can match schools based on over 40 criteria including SAT/ACT scores, location, cost, majors, sports, activities, and more! Take the guesswork out of college selection by learning more about undergraduate colleges and universities from over 1,700 objective and detailed school profiles.Majors Database• Having trouble deciding what to major in or what to study? Search or browse through our database of nearly 1,200 different majors & degrees — every major offered across every campus in America! Find out what you can study and where. Find out what careers typically follow each major.Community• Featuring reviews, ratings, polls, discussion forums, and user groups for over 6,000 colleges & universities in the U.S., 50 different majors and 900 specific careers, the community forum can help you learn about various careers, schools and majors from people actually in those careers, at those schools or in those majors. This is the perfect place to meet students, alumni and career professionals to ask questions and give advice.
  7. 7. Optimal Resume• Optimal Resume is a online resume builder• Ability to preload preferred resume styles for each institution• Over 1 Million resume styles currently available• Integrated O*NET occupational database provides up-to-date career and salary information• Available in multiple languages• Resume Samples
  8. 8. Optimal Letter• Optimal Letter™• Optimal Letter is a next generation online letter builder that makes it easy for job seekers to create almost any kind of business or professional letter.• Job seekers can select from a variety of letter types, including:• Cover letters• Application letters• Networking letters• Rejection letters• Withdrawal letters• Broadcast letters• Acceptance letters• Follow-up letters• Thank you letters• Job seekers create letters section by section with clear, helpful instructions and examples along the way. Its easy to cut and paste existing content into Optimal Letter or create new letters from scratch, and all letters are automatically spellchecked. Optimal Letter generates letters in several formats, including Rich Text, Plain Text, PDF, HTML, and email. An innovative Letter Stylist makes it easy to preview various letter presentations and select an attractive format.
  9. 9. Optimal Interview• Optimal Interview™• Optimal Interview helps job seekers hone their interviewing skills online with real-to-life, multi-media interview scenarios that were developed by seasoned employment professionals.• With Optimal Interview, job seekers can easily practice a number of different interview scenarios, including:• Screening Interviews• Behavioral Interviews• Initial Face-to-Face Interviews• Hiring Manager Interviews• Tag Team Panel Interviews• Pressure Interviews• Final Interviews• Job seekers are in full control of each interview practice session. They choose the length of the practice session, the type of interview, and the interviewer. Hundred of interview questions are available. Job seekers can create their own set of interview questions or let Optimal Interview pick questions at random for them.• All interviews are conducted by professional actors and use thoughtful sequencing that makes each interview fresh and different. Virtual coaching is available with recommended tactics for responding to challenging interview questions.• Job seekers can save their practice session as a link and email their interview to others for feedback. Its easy to use and gets job seekers ready for face-to-face or online employment interviews.
  10. 10. Optimal Assessment• Optimal Assessment™• Optimal Assessment™ is an online self-assessment tool that helps job seekers identify their marketable skills and communicate them effectively to employers.• An attractive user interface provides an effective framework to evaluate experiences and analyze skills that may have been developed. Optimal Assessment challenges job seekers not only to think about how they developed particular skills, but also about how they have applied those skills to achieve positive outcomes - a connection often explored by employers in job interviews.• An open-ended approach encourages job seekers to consider their entire experience and identify new, marketable skills that may have been overlooked.• With Optimal Assessment, job seekers can publish their marketable skills on an attractive, professional website for employers.
  11. 11. Making Student Referrals• Referrals can add time for students to explore with the other possible options such as the Strong Interest Inventory, Career Discovery, detailed explanation of major and career connections, internships, job and career opportunities.• "My First CDC Appointment" option to meet 1-on-1 with a career counselor to discuss and reflect on time spent on campus so far, and to explore career goals
  12. 12. Previous Program Collaborations• Career Success Day• Managing Your Future• ROS (Removing Obstacles to Success) workshops
  13. 13. Program CollaborationSkills Development WorkshopMaster the strategies involved in finding and securing avolunteer, on-campus employment, and/or summerjob/internship experience.Freshman Follow UpA program create to engage freshmen as they close out the firstyear of college and introduce them to SYSASYSA: START YOUR SOPHOMORE ACHIEVEMENT SERIESPackage several program together, Resume 101, Make the Mostof Your Second Year, Academic Major Fair(Student attend all the achievement series they will receive acertificate and recognition letter from the President)
  14. 14. Career Development Center Freshman Initiatives Cheretta J. Robson Assistant Director of Career Development