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Leaving Inspirational Marks


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Published in: Education
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Leaving Inspirational Marks

  1. 1. Leave. Inspirational. Marks .How To Be An Effective Club and Organization Member Presenter: Cheretta J. Robson, MS Ed.
  2. 2. LEARN ABOUT ME! ICEBREAKER: Let’s get to know each other!
  3. 3. PRESENTATION OBJECTIVESThrough this presentation you will learn:• The benefits of an effective membership role• To encourage leadership
  4. 4. WHAT MAKES YOUR CLUB OR ORGANIZATION RUN? Organizations are nothing without its leaders. In order for the student club/organization to continue operation, new members must come in and take over the roles of the outgoing and graduating students.
  5. 5. WHAT MAKES AN EFFECTIVE CLUB OR ORGANIZATION?• New ideas• Creativity• Motivation• Passion• STUDENT LEADERS• YOU!!
  6. 6. WHAT DO YOU NEED?• Leadership/Communication• Working Together• Maintaining Member Diversity• Leadership Positions
  7. 7. WHAT TRAITS ARE NEEDED TO BE SUCCESSFUL? • Ability to Inspire • Enthusiasm • Attitude • Dedication • Maintaining Confidentiality • Adaptability • Goal Setting and Planning • Trust & Respect • Confidence & Reassurance • Identifying & Communicating Goals • Accept Criticism
  9. 9. MAKE LEADERSHIP COME TO LIFE! ACTIVITY:Let’s break into small groups to create an ideal leadership toolbox for success!
  10. 10. LEAVE YOUR INSPIRATIONAL MARK AND TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL!• As student leaders, you have experiences, knowledge, skills and abilities that can set you apart from your peers in the job search process which will help with your future growth.• Make sure to explore how to emphasize leadership experience on your resume and on interviews.
  11. 11. Make Sure toSHARE YourKnowledge!
  12. 12. Q&ACheretta Robson, MS Ed. St. Francis College 718-489-5262
  13. 13. Resources Leadership Links: Andrews University eadership_link.html Leadership Resources: San Diego State University Leadership and Organization Development Resources: Tip Sheets Oregon State University
  14. 14. Leave. Inspirational. Marks .How To Be An Effective Club and Organization Member Presenter: Cheretta J. Robson, MS Ed. St. Francis College