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Job hunting skills for international students


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Presentation by Claire Ward, Careers Adviser, at University of Sussex, June 2013

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Job hunting skills for international students

  1. 1. Job hunting skills for internationalstudentsWelcome to theCareers andEmployability Centre
  2. 2. Job hunting skills for internationalstudents• Getting started• Researching the job market• Vacancy sources• Applying for jobs• Making speculative applications• Your questions
  3. 3. Job hunting skills for internationalstudents – where to start?• Where?• What sector?• What job?• Timescale?• Direct entryor graduate recruitment?Understandingwho you areResearchingoptionsMakingchoices andtakingactionMakingapplications
  4. 4. Job hunting skills for internationalstudents – next steps• Start by checking out the full range of vacancy media – web, print,events and agencies. Are you covering all the bases?• Look at job level, salaries and location of jobs being advertised in thevacancy sources. Are they realistic for you at your current career point?• Narrow your vacancy search – compile a list of target vacancy sourcesyou will check regularly and register for e-alerts
  5. 5. Job hunting skills for internationalstudents – did you know…..40% VISIBLE Jobs market• Advertised via websites, journals, agencies, events60% INVISIBLE Jobs market• Word of Mouth• Speculative Approaches
  6. 6. Job hunting skills for internationalstudents – vacancy sources• Employer directories (Target, Prospects, Times 100)• Websites• Recruitment Consultancies and Agencies• Careers Events• Professional Bodies• Speculative job search
  7. 7. Job hunting skills - researchingemployers is important• To identify potential employers in order to target for advertisedvacancy search• For background information on employer competencies,business activities etc order to successfully complete writtenapplications• For in depth information on employer’s culture, businessstrategy/mission and performance in order to get throughinterviews and assessment centre• To identify employers to targetfor speculative applications
  8. 8. Job hunting skills –how do they want applications?Find out…………..•How are CVs/cover letters used and what style is preferred?•How does interview format and etiquette differ?
  9. 9. Job hunting skills –seeking unadvertised vacanciesUsing a 4-stage approach:1.Identify potential employers in the sector you want to work in2.Phone up to find out a key contact to direct your speculativeapplication at3.Send out a well-crafted cover letter and CV targeted at thatemployer4.Be prepared to phone follow-up your application within 2-3weeks where appropriate
  10. 10. Job hunting skills –contacts and the art of net workingContacts could be…LecturersFriends & RelativesAlumniAnd could provide……..Information InterviewingPlacement/Work ExperienceVital information about the job marketSocial networking?Meeting Employers at Fairs?
  11. 11. Job hunting skills – top tips• Research the role• Always tailor your application to the job role – a general CV andcovering letter wont get you anywhere! Target the job you reallywant• Make your enthusiasm for the job come across in yourapplication form and at your interview – demonstrate yourmotivation - this is easier if you have genuine interest in the role• Join a professional body and network with professionals• ACCA, UKIndia Business Council etc
  12. 12. Careers and Employability CentreWhere to look for vacanciesCareers and Employability Centre•• of Kent resources•
  13. 13. Careers and Employability CentreWhere to look for vacanciesCheck out international graduate schemes,for example… Unilever HSBC Tesco Deloitte KPMG IBM
  14. 14. Careers and Employability CentreWhere to look for vacancies• Universum is an organization committed to connecting leadinginternational employers with top global talent.• By joining the global talent network, Universum can provide youwith career opportunities at exciting companies looking for yourparticular mix of skills and abilities.• You will also be provided with valuable feedback on the matchbetween your skills profile and your preferred industries’requirements.
  15. 15. So, how can you get to see us?• Briefings – Sussex plus, Finding part time work, CVs andApplications• Careers Advisers are available daily.• Call in or phone 01273 678429 Excellent for CV, personalstatements, cover letters and application form feedback.• Come along to the events – listed on news & events page• Follow us on Twitter & Facebook