Why Join the Nearshore Executive Alliance?


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Are you a nearshore provider of BPO or ITO services? There is a new organization - the Nearshore Executive Alliance - designed just for you! Established by a broad selection of Nearshore industry leaders and business executives from across the Americas, this group endeavors to collaborate with each other to increase the use of Nearshore.

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Why Join the Nearshore Executive Alliance?

  1. 1. Why Join the NEA?
  2. 2. Our MissionNEA’s mission is to enhance the value of InformationTechnology Consulting, BPO, and Outsourcing Providerswho operate in the Americas using the Nearshoredelivery model.  Collaborate and knowledge share  Seek to expand pool of relevant and skilled talent  Establish Latin America as an innovation hub  Drive sustainable economic, business, social, and human growth
  3. 3. NEA Operating Guidelines Collaborate on marketing initiatives to promote Latin America Build key relationships Communicate advantages of nearshore services vs. offshore competition Promote best practices and ethical standards within member companies Provide thought leadership and access to the most accurate research on the LatAm regions Maintain a culture of openness, creativity, and collaboration.
  4. 4. Why Should You Join? Collaborate on best practices Help drive ethical standards and industry credibility Access thought leadership and accurate research on the LatAm regions LatAm region promotion via common views Increase supplier innovation, minimize commodity chatter Build key relationships with industry leaders Involve governments  Education and Infrastructure  Policies  Sustainability
  5. 5. More Benefits Access to nearshore best practices Access and inclusion to the nearshore supplier directory (Under Development) Influence ethical standards and industry credibility Subscribe to and uphold a Code of Conduct for providers Promote a nearshore sourcing model Develop nearshore provider partnerships Industry-wide recognition as a member of NEA
  6. 6. Cost to Join Supplier* Memberships Free Memberships Academics Cost Supplier Size Cost Professor/Researche $0 Less than 100 $1,000 rs 101 – 500 $2,000 Student Cost 501 – 1000 $3,500 Undergraduate/Grad $0 Over 1001 $5,000 uate Buyers Cost Government Cost Executive $0 Member Promotion $10,000 Agency Associate $0 MemberVoting Benefits• One vote per supplier/advisor company• One vote per Executive Buy-side (one vote per company)• One vote per government member entity• One vote per Faculty member Institution* Suppliers include consultants, analysts,, and firms that sell services to nearshore buyers
  7. 7. Founding Board MembersAtul Vashistha, CEO NeoGroupMike Barrett, CEO UnosquareAlex Camino, VP Marketing SofttekCesar D’Onofrio, CEO Common SenseDJ Edgerton, CEO ZemogaDawn Evans, CEO Sourcing Interests GroupRony Lerner, VP Engineering TripwireLeonardo Mattiazzi, VP Int’l Business Ci&TSteve Rudderham, VP Global Deliver CapGeminiJulia Santos, Head of Global Business Optimization Johnson & JohnsonPhil Fersht, CEO HfS Research
  8. 8. Join Nowwww.nearshoreexecutives.com