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Student Leader's Career Development


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This presentation covers what employers are looking for, resumes, interviewing, LinkedIn, and Leader vs. Manager to a student leader audience.

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Student Leader's Career Development

  1. 1. Carrie Klaphake “Applying” your leadership into the future
  2. 2. Introductions  Name  Year  Major  Career Aspirations  Involvement
  3. 3. Overview  What employers are looking for  Resume  Interviewing  LinkedIn  Leader vs. Manager
  4. 4. Resume  Leadership pride but…  Assume reader has no knowledge/affiliation  Reviewer wants to know how you will add value  Sell them on what you will bring to the organization  Skills you have as a result of your leadership experiences  What you accomplished and how that translates into what you can offer an employer *Describe benefits in terms that the reviewer can quickly understand
  5. 5. Accomplishment Statements  Formula: Action verb + Object + Context+ Results Produced  Action Verb: Planned, initiated, coordinate  Object: Planned a meeting; Initiated a program..  Context: interesting detail- who you did for; time frame; number of people; types of issue/population etc.  Results: the bottom lime effect of your effort (saved time or money, exceeded sales goals, reduced errors) Quantify whenever possible
  6. 6. Highlighting Details & Numbers  Oversaw and executed recruitment process; created public relations plan for the year and successfully increased recruitment quota from ___ to ____  Oversaw $_____ budget; coordinated with President in allocating funds responsibly throughout academic year  Spearheaded a Leadership Speaker Series; enlisted help of alumni and local professionals to share their leadership expertise  Organized several community service events, both on campus and in community, successfully raising over $____ for local charities
  7. 7.  Re-designed organization’s website using Dreamweaver resulting in __% increase in web traffic  Participated in diversity and cultural sensitivity training  Ensured that all standing rules and bylaws, as well as national rules, were adhered to consistently
  8. 8. Power Verbs & adjectives Greek Council President Jan. 2009- Dec. 2010  Represented the Council in all matters pertaining to or affecting the 25 fraternities and sororities of over 1,000 students  Managed and supervised the most successful Greek Week with over $10,000 raised over the course of a week, increased by 11% from the previous year  Created and Customized a Greek Leadership Track within the Student Development Leadership Institute (SDLI) on Campus for the Greek System Order of Omega President Jan. 2008- Dec. 2009  Presided over Greek Honor Society, Prepared Workshops on Leadership, Case Studies, and Teambuilding  Increased Recruitment numbers by more than double the previous year
  9. 9. Questions?
  10. 10. Preparing to interview …general 1. How have I motivated others? 2. Have I ever improved the performance of others? 3. Have I been able to make use of other people's talents and skills? 4. How have I addressed or helped other people to address their mistakes? 5. Have I ever marshaled resources to overcome a problem I discovered? 6. In what way have I built on an organization's success? 7. Have I ever helped a team to articulate a vision? 8. How have I helped other people adapt to a new situation? 9. What methods have I used to boost morale within an organization? 10. How have I helped others overcome challenges in their personal or professional life
  11. 11. Preparing to interview …targeted
  12. 12. Org. Leadership & Trainings work Projects & Papers Work & Internships Service Your experience includes
  13. 13. Questions?
  14. 14.  Networking  Join your organization’s LinkedIn group  Check if your national organization hosts career networking events  Attend (and or coordinate) alumni programming for your chapter and talk to the alumni  Make sure your friends and family know your career ambitions  Attend the Career Fair! February 25th 1-5 in the Student Center LinkedIn/Networking
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. manager vs. leader Conducts business operation/ gives orders. Controls and monitors work. Provides direction and oversight to employees. Manager Organizes work processes. Generally requires position of formal authority. Operates within hierarchy. Often maintains status quo. Leader Facilitates work in a cooperative way. Treats team members as equals. Inspires others to act voluntarily. Takes risks. Encourages and initiates change. Provides a vision. Sets clear expectations. Empowers team to develop their own solutions. Provides opportunities for team members to grow. Shows appreciation.
  17. 17. what does a leader look like? Ambitious hardworking | Aspiring Caring sensitive | appreciative | concerned Competent capable | productive | effective Cooperative friendly | available | responsive | builds relationships Courageous daring | stands up for beliefs | takes risks Dependable persistent | purposeful Fair objective | forgiving | consistent Foresight concerned about future | visionary | has direction Honest Truthful | has integrity | promotes trust Imaginative creative | curious | innovative Independent self-reliant | self-confident | self-sufficient Inspiring enthusiastic | energetic | uplifting | charismatic | positive Intelligent logical | bright | thoughtful Mature experienced | wise | has depth | handles situations with poise Open-minded receptive | flexible | asks for feedback Straightforward direct Supportive understanding | helpful
  18. 18. common questions about leadership  Have you ever been a member of a successful team?  Give me an example of a time when you played a leadership role in an event, an activity, a department or work unit, or a project.  If I were to ask those you’ve worked with about your leadership style, your leadership strengths and your leadership weaknesses, how would they respond?  Tell me about a time when you created agreement in a group that differed on the objectives and the approach.
  19. 19. common questions about leadership.  As a leader, you often have to build support for goals and projects from people over whom you have no authority. Tell me about a situation in which you built that support.  During your work experiences while attending college, tell me about a time when you demonstrated your leadership abilities and skills.
  20. 20. Career Services Staff Advising  Resume & Cover Letter Review  Career Planning  Job Search Assistance  Career Exploration  Graduate School Planning  Interviewing Assistance  LinkedIn Support Salazar Hall 1070 Mon-Fri 9:00-4:00 707.664.2730