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What is DiSC?


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A snapshot of your preferences

A Zip Code, not your home address

Tool to help understand your strengths and limitations

Tool to help build relationships

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What is DiSC?

  1. 1. What is DiSC Dr. Sue Cain Corporate Learning Institute
  2. 2. What the DiSC is:  A snapshot of your preferences  A Zip Code, not your home address  Tool to help understand your strengths and limitations  Tool to help build relationships OH–2 Corporate Learning Institute
  3. 3. What the DiSC is not:  A device to label people  Something to hide behind  “The Answer”  A measurement of intelligence, education, values, skills or experience  Who I totally am OH–3 Corporate Learning Institute
  4. 4. Disc Cheat Sheet: the 4 Preferences Create- Collaborate React-Refine D-Dominant over a task I-Influential help others to complete a task S-Steady as she goes to complete the task C-Conscientious to complete a task Extrovert Introvert OH–4 Corporate Learning Institute
  5. 5. DOMINANCE Motivated By Challenge, power and authority, direct answers, Limitations Lack of concern for others, impatience, moving forward without considering outcomes OH–5 Corporate Learning Institute
  6. 6. Dominant, Direct, Decisive OH–6 Corporate Learning Institute
  7. 7. INFLUENCE Motivated By Social recognition, group activities, relationships, freedom of expression, freedom from control and detail Limitations Impulsiveness, disorganization, lack of follow through OH–7 Corporate Learning Institute
  8. 8. Influencing, Inspiring OH–8 Corporate Learning Institute
  9. 9. CONSCIENTIOUSNESS Motivated By Clearly defined performance expectations, quality and accuracy being valued, atmosphere is reserved and business-like, carefully articulated standards Limitations Overly critical of self and others, indecision because of desire to collect and analyze data, creativity hampered by a need to follow rules OH–9 Corporate Learning Institute
  10. 10. Correct, Conscientious, Careful OH–10 Corporate Learning Institute
  11. 11. STEADINESS Motivated By Infrequent change, stability, sincere appreciation, cooperation, using traditional methods Limitations Overly willing to give, putting their needs last, resistance to positive change OH–11 Corporate Learning Institute
  12. 12. Steadiness, Stable, Secure OH–12 Corporate Learning Institute
  13. 13. BEHAVIORS IN THE EXTREME STYLE NORMAL UNDER PRESSURE EXTEME REACTION D In charge, Deciding Demanding Leaves I Persuading, Enthusiastic Over-sells Gives up, May pout S Supportive, Friendly Gives in Acts hurt, Accuses C Careful, Quiet Can’t decide Emotional, Attacks OH–13 Corporate Learning Institute
  14. 14. Everyday use of the Disc The idea is…  To avoid labeling people.  Use as needed: to understand other’s, and be able to communicate more effectively while meeting their needs. OH–14 Corporate Learning Institute
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