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DiSC, your secret piece of the puzzle


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DiSC is a behaviour recognition technique that helps communicate with individuals in their dominant communication style. It is not about personality, because it does not measure values. It is about the behaviours that people exhibit in situations where they are experiencing higher levels of stress. These include sales situations, situations in which they are frustrated, situations that are complex in nature. The dominant behaviour style will come out as will the communication associated with this style. If communication styles are not matched correctly, confusion is sure to happen. DiSC is a tool to make more effective communications between co-workers, subordinates, and even supervisors. Please enjoy.

DiSC, your secret piece of the puzzle

  1. 1. DiSC: Your Secret Piece of the PuzzleChristopher WebbBy
  2. 2. What we will cover todayYour Personal Behavior ProfileDiSCExplanationApplicationto daily lifeUse the tool andcomplete thecommunicationspuzzle
  3. 3. What is DiSCWhy is it important to you?
  4. 4. WHAT IS MEASURES• Noticeable behaviors• Smile/non-Smile• Interrupter/ pauser• Natural Styles• How you act with your familyand friends• Adaptive style• How you work with colleagues,co-workers and bosses.• DiSC does not measure Intellect• Some people are not verysmart, yet they are confident• DiSC does not measure Values• Hitler had a DiSC• DiSC does not measure intentWHAT IT DOES NOT MEASUREWhy DiSC is importantBetter communication is essential to all aspects of your lives
  5. 5. The High DDriver, Dominant, Decisive• Goal Driven• Task Oriented• Short, to the point• Tries to change, fix,or control things• Comfortable in leadership roles• Winning is always on their mind
  6. 6. • Enthusiastic, Assertive,• Fast paces• Trusting• Optimistic (sees the cup half…)• Persuasive• Talkative/Conversationalist• Impulsive/Spontaneous• Comfortable with expressingemotionThe High iInfluence, Inspiring, Impulsive
  7. 7. • Warm• Caring• Team builders• Harmonious• Patient• Predictable• Passive• ComplacentThe High SStable, Steady, Supportive
  8. 8. • Perfectionist• Systematic• Precise• Reserved• Analytical• ConscientiousThe High CCompliant, Correct, Careful
  9. 9. How can this information help you?Adapt or be passed over•Recognize•Your style•Other peoples styleAdapt• Listen• ReactAction• Develop relationships• Achieve GoalsAdvance
  10. 10. SIMPLE TOOLS TO CONSIDERSmile/ non-smilerInterrupter/ non-interrupterEye contact/ non-eye contactMirror and matchKeywords
  11. 11. Those S’s never take a stand for anything!AdaptWhat does your DiSC tell you about others?D’s are all jerks!I’s never meet deadlines!Don’t let the C’s catch you missing a step in the process!
  12. 12. Success is within ReachDiSC will allow you the communication tools to getthe help you need, success can only beaccomplished with the help of others. Bettercommunication will increase your opportunities andallow you to find the missing pieces to your career