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Disc analysis


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DISC analysis is a psychometric tool to understand personal traits towards Dominating, Influential, Steady and Compliant. Understanding your employee personalities can help us mould better teams and achieve higher coordination. For employees it gives them a perspective of their own identities and develop the personal skills to enhance their personality type.

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Disc analysis

  1. 1. ANALYSIS d i S CLink to: Assessment | Analysis
  2. 2. Session Goals • Understand your behavioral tendencies and develop an understanding of how your behavior affects others • Respect, appreciate, understand, and value individual differences • Enhance strategies for working together to increase productivity • Increase your effectiveness by improving your relationships with others OH-2
  3. 3.  We are often a blend of 2-3 styles.  Every style is equally gifted, valuable & capable of leadership.  Our styles may change, somewhat, depending on the context or demands of the environment. However, we can generally identify a predominant style in which we prefer to operate.  Every strength overused can become a weakness.  Each style has “fruit of the spirit” growth opportunities.  We need to value & affirm each others strengths, and minimize & compliment each others weaknesses. DOMINANT / DRIVER INFLUENTIAL / INSPIRING STEADY / STABLE COMPLIANT / CORRECT
  4. 4. D Profile Patterns OH-38 Result-Oriented Inspirational CreativeDeveloper
  5. 5. I Profile Patterns OH-39 Promoter Persuader Counselor Appraiser
  6. 6. S Profile Patterns OH-40 Specialist Achiever Agent Investigator
  7. 7. C Profile Patterns OH-41 Objective Thinker Perfectionist Practitioner
  8. 8. Click to type your name and company information. Tendencies: Emphasis Dominance OH-16 • Shapes the environment by overcoming opposition to accomplish results. • Getting immediate results • Causing action • Accepting challenges • Making quick decisions  Questioning the status quo  Taking authority  Managing trouble  Solving problems
  9. 9. Click to type your name and company information. Dominance • Power and authority • Prestige and challenge • Direct answers • A wide scope of operations • Opportunities for individual accomplishment • Opportunities for advancement • Freedom from controls and supervision • Many new and varied activities OH-17 Preferred Environment
  10. 10. Click to type your name and company information. Tendencies: Emphasis Influence OH-18 • Shapes the environment by influencing or persuading others. • Contacting people • Making a good impression • Being articulate • Creating a motivational environment • Entertaining people • Being optimistic • Participating in a group
  11. 11. Click to type your name and company information. Influence • Popularity, social recognition • Public recognition of ability • Freedom of expression • Group activities outside of job • Freedom from control and detail • Coaching and counseling • Favorable working conditions OH-19 Preferred Environment
  12. 12. Click to type your name and company information. Tendencies: Emphasis Steadiness OH-20 • Cooperates with others within existing circumstances to carry out tasks. • Demonstrating patience • Developing specialized skills • Helping others • Performing in a consistent manner • Showing loyalty • Being a good listener • Creating a stable work environment
  13. 13. Click to type your name and company information. Steadiness • Maintenance of status quo • Predictable routines • Credit for work accomplished • Minimal work infringement on home life • Sincere appreciation • Identification with a group • Minimal conflict OH-21 Preferred Environment
  14. 14. Click to type your name and company information. Tendencies: Emphasis Conscientiousness OH-22 • Works conscientiously within existing circumstances to ensure quality. • Concentrating on key details • Being diplomatic • Checking for accuracy • Adhering to key directives and standards • Thinking analytically • Using indirect approaches to conflict • Using a systematic approach to situations
  15. 15. Click to type your name and company information. Conscientiousness • Control of those factors that affect their performance • Cleary defined performance expectations • Values on quality and accuracy • A reserved, business-like atmosphere • Recognition for specific skills and accomplishments OH-23 Preferred Environment