SIP Deliverables: Structure for Success


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SIP Deliverables: Structure for Success

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SIP Deliverables: Structure for Success

  1. 1. SIP Deliverables: Structure for Success January 2014
  2. 2. SIP National Program Office Susan Reinhard, PhD, RN, FAAN Senior Vice President, AARP Public Policy Institute Chief Strategist, Center to Champion Nursing in America Jennifer Peed Deputy Director Eli Logsdon Project Specialist Pat Farmer CCNA Consultant
  3. 3. Objective 3
  4. 4. Refined deliverables due to CCNA Please provide any proposed revisions of deliverables to CCNA by 2/5/14
  5. 5. Revisions are limited Once revised deliverables have been accepted they are “fixed”. Grant intent and objectives may not be modified. Deliverables must be met in order to be eligible for future funding! 5
  6. 6. Workplans under review!
  7. 7. SMART Deliverables Measurable Specific Time bound Achievable Relevant
  8. 8. SMART Deliverables SPECIFIC: What (precisely) do you plan to accomplish? What will be the end product of your work? Common problems we see: Lack of clarity EX: “Engage diverse stakeholders” EX: “Nurses educated to importance of leadership” Action steps listed as deliverables EX: “Survey will be distributed”
  9. 9. SMART Deliverables Measurable: What is the objective indicator of success? How can you assure that your goal has been met? Common problems we see: No baseline or baseline cannot be replicated EX: “25% increase in BSN-prepared nurses” Deliverable with no objective measure EX: “Attendees educated for outreach” No evaluation of diversity measures EX: “Program advertised to a diverse group”
  10. 10. SMART Deliverables Goal: “Improve community awareness of the IOM Future of Nursing report.” • Action step: Develop and provide training to nurse leaders on messaging the goals of the report. Original deliverable: “Leaders trained for outreach” Better: “>25 participants completed workshop for messaging value of IOM report.” Best: “At least 25 graduates of messaging workshops will complete presentations to community groups on the relationship between health and the goals of the IOM Future of Nursing report.
  11. 11. Measuring success What is the evidence? How will you demonstrate success? (you do not need to include this on your work plan, just be mindful)
  12. 12. SMART Deliverables Achievable: Can your group meet this goal in the given time frame with existing resources? Common problems we see: Deliverable as written not attainable EX: “Educators will agree on ADN-BSN model” Deliverable not under control of grantee EX: “New legislation will be passed”
  13. 13. Be bold! Don’t be overly fearful of setting a high bar!
  14. 14. SMART Deliverables Relevant: Remember what we are working toward! What is the ultimate impact of your work?
  15. 15. SMART Deliverables Timely: What is the timeline for completion? Built in to your grant! Deliverables are evaluated at 18 and 24 months from the start date of your grant.
  16. 16. SUMMARY • Review each deliverable in conjunction with the SMART criteria • Consider how you will demonstrate progress • Provide suggested revisions. • Forward to the National Program Office at CCNA by February 5, 2014 SIP@aarp. org Remember, the remainder of your work plan must remain unchanged.
  17. 17. Contact us with any questions!
  18. 18. Campaign Resources Visit us on the web at