Goals, Objectives, and Logic Models


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Introductory training on using goals and objectives to build logic models

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Goals, Objectives, and Logic Models

  1. 1. GOALS, OBJECTIVES, AND LOGIC MODELSAPRIL 4TH, 2012John F.X. Prior, LCSWProgram Improvement Team LeaderChristen Egge, B.S.Graduate College of Social Work InternHarris County Protective ServicesFor Children and Adults
  2. 2. Road Map for Today: What are goals, objectives, and logic models? What makes good goals, objectives, and logicmodels? How can goals and objectives take form in a logicmodel? Why are goals, objectives, and logic modelsvaluable to you?
  3. 3. What is a goal?•A broad and future oriented statement of thedesired condition•Describe overall mission or purpose of theprogram•Help establish the overall direction for and focus ofa program• Does not have to be measurable
  4. 4. Declarative statementsJargon-freeConciseEasily understoodPositiveFramework to guide objectivesTarget PopulationsGood Goals Are:
  5. 5. Examples of Good Goals:Example: Enhance activecommunication, coordination, and collaborationamong family support systems to improve existingor developing children’s mental health programsExample: Expand awareness of the HAY Center toclients and to the community at large
  6. 6. What is an objective?•A specific and usually quantifiable statement ofprogram achievement.• A statement of measurable outcome which can beused to determine program progress towards theprogram goal.•Answer: who will make what change, by how much,where and by when.
  7. 7. What makes a good objective?SMART:•Specific•Measurable•Achievable•Realistic•Time Specific
  8. 8. Specific•Use specific rather than generalized language:Clearly state:• the issue• the target group• the time of the program• The place of the programObjectivesshouldnot be“clear asmud”
  9. 9. Measurable•What will be changed and byhow much•Creating clear measureobjectives will allow for clearevaluation
  10. 10. Achievable•Be realistic about what the program can achieve interms of the:• scale/scope of what is being done• time• resources available•Unrealistic goals will not will not bebeneficial to programs that have quality outputs andoutcomes because they will still appear to not bemeeting goals
  11. 11. Relevant•Objectives need to relate to and berelevant to the goals.•Remember objectives are the buildingblocks/steps toward meeting the goalsDo not mixapples andoranges
  12. 12. Time Specific•Be clear in the objectives about thetimeframe in which theprogram/activities, as well as expectedchanges, will take place
  13. 13. What is a Logic Model?•A series of “if-then” relationships connect thecomponents of the logic model:• if resources are available to the program,• then program activities can be implemented;• if program activities are implemented successfully,• then certain outputs and outcomes can be expected.Resources Activities Outputs OutputsIf…Then ThenThen
  14. 14. What makes a good LogicModel?•Having good goals and objectives is helpful inorganizing a good logic model•Each part of a logic model should lead to the next.
  15. 15. How to create a Logic Model?•Work backwards beginning with outcomes and then ending atresources•Utilize quality goals and objectives in the logic model•For example:• Goal: To decrease the overutilization of acute medical services such asemergency rooms visits and/or hospitalizations for children’s mentalhealth needs• Objective 1: The production and distribution of Natural Supports Resourcesavailable for children’s mental health needs• Expected Results:1. Increased knowledge of Natural Support Resources among family leaders asmeasured by the distribution of 1,200 Natural Supports Resource Guides.2. Increased collaboration among family leaders as measured by 25 participants ofFamily Leadership Coalition Online Networking.Outcome onLogicModelOutcome onLogicModelActivityonLogicModelTargetonLogicModelTargeton Logic Model
  16. 16. Example Logic Model
  17. 17. Why does this matter to you?Quality programs lead to quality sustainability!Quality goals and objectives lead to quality programsThe higher the quality of a goal or objective, the more qualitypresent in a logic model.Logic Models are a visual representation of goals andobjectives
  18. 18. Questions/Comments?