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Teacher of the Deaf


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Slides from a presentation about her role as a teacher of the deaf, given by Deb Kent as part of the Careers After Biological Science programme in 2016.

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Teacher of the Deaf

  1. 1. Teacher of the Deaf: Hear! Hear! Deb Kent
  2. 2. By the end of this talk: My journey so far…. Aspects of the role Additional signposts for your journey. Teacher of the Deaf – here?
  3. 3. ????? PhD ? Research field? ?????? Local Authority Teacher of Hearing Impaired Children – Post graduate Diploma in Special Education (HI) Primary Teaching – mainstream 3 – 11 year olds Postgraduate Certificate in Education Biological Sciences Degree Teacher of the Deaf – how come?
  4. 4. Rutland and Melton Mowbray Teacher of the Deaf – where?
  5. 5. family Setting – school – community groups child ToD – Audiologist – SLT - Psychologist Teacher of the Deaf – success built on relationships
  6. 6.  chemistry Teacher of the Deaf: the curriculum……..  maths  literacy  Personal independence
  7. 7. Minimise the impact of deafness:  On language development  On access to learning  On life chances Teacher of the Deaf – SEND Specialist Teacher
  8. 8. Day to day challenges Flexible contracts Financial benefits CPD Teacher of the Deaf – rewards
  9. 9.  Qualified teacher status  2 years post qualifying experience – wide experience  Either secure a job as a ToD with agreed funding  Or self-fund Diploma or Masters in Deaf Education Teacher of the Deaf – hints and tips
  10. 10.  Department for Education - teaching routes  National Association of Special Educational Needs (NASEN)  - specialist teachers  Signature - British-Sign-Language qualifications  British Association of Teachers Of the Deaf (BATOD) – resources  National Sensory Impairment Partnership - NatSIP  National Deaf Children's Society – NDCS its free to join! Aiming for a Teacher of the Deaf ? – resources