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Creating Great Branded Videos With Your Smarthphone


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AMA Madison presentation on making videos with your smartphone. Includes tips on storytelling, video tips, and apps and hardware to use with your smartphone.

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Creating Great Branded Videos With Your Smarthphone

  1. 1. Making Quality Videos with Your Smartphone AMA Madison Signature Speaking Series Chris Snider | Drake University | @chrissnider
  2. 2. HELLo. I’m Chris snider • Associate professor in Drake University’s School 
 of Journalism and Mass Communication • Teach classes on multimedia, social media, digital media, visual communication, storytelling and web design • I’m passionate about how businesses can use social media and new technology to achieve goals • Also teach a variety of classes on those topics in our 
 Online Master of Arts in Communication program
  3. 3. Raise your hand if you’ve NEVER made a video
  4. 4. We’ve all made videos before It’s 2019 That doesn’t mean we’ve maDe good ones
  5. 5. In June 2013, Instagram launched videos. I rushed out and shared this gem…
  6. 6. It didn’t do so well.
  7. 7. Instagram filters can save poorly exposed photos,
 but they can’t save a bad video.
  8. 8. Today I’m going to teach you how to make great videos 
 using just your smartphone.
 You won’t be left behind as social media
 and marketing continues its pivot mostly to video/stories. And your personal videos will get all the likes 
 on social media.
  9. 9. Today’s Plan Do an exercise on video storytelling Discuss how we can turn that content into a video (with just a smartphone) Discuss apps and hardware to make better videos
  10. 10. The problem with this and many videos online is it does not tell a story.
  11. 11. information spreads 
 through stories. Our brains become more active when we’re hearing a story.
  12. 12. Research shows that messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts.
  13. 13. So what makes a great story? (1) A sympathetic character wants something but 
 (2) has a problem to overcome. That character (3) meets a guide (4) who gives them a plan to overcome the problem. The guide (5) calls them to action (6) that helps avoid failure and (7) ends in success.
  14. 14. This framework comes from the book…
  15. 15. Character who wants something: Miguel wants to become a musician like his great-great-grandfather Ernesto de la Cruz Problem: His family doesn’t like musicians
  16. 16. Meets a guide: Hector Gives him a plan: Take Hector’s photo back to the land 
 of the living and Hector will help Miguel find Ernesto.
  17. 17. Calls to action: Go to Ernesto’s party. That avoids failure and ends in success.
  18. 18. Krochet Kids int’l: This is Empowerment
  19. 19. Sympathetic character who want something? Problem to overcome? Guide? Gives them a plan to overcome the problem? Calls them to action? Helps avoid failure? Ends in success?
  20. 20. Chubbies Shorts: Pants Problem
  21. 21. Sympathetic character who want something? Problem to overcome? Guide? Gives them a plan to overcome the problem? Calls them to action? Helps avoid failure? Ends in success?
  22. 22. Let’s Workshop
  23. 23. Let’s apply this to your company In this story, you are going to be the guide. Your customer is going to be the sympathetic character.
  24. 24. ELEMENTS OF GREAT STORY Sympathetic character who wants something: What do people come to your brand for (ideally one thing)? Problem to overcome: What problem does your brand solve? Guide: Are you positioning yourself as a guide? Gives them a plan to overcome the problem: Do you have a simple plan to help your customers do business with you? Ideally a 3-step process. Calls them to action: Do you have a clear call to action? BUY NOW Helps avoid failure: What are the negative consequences of not doing business with you? Ends in success: What will their life look like after doing business with you? Let’s workshop!
  25. 25. characteristics OF GREAT VIDEO 1. Action - movement works well on video 2. Emotion - makes us connect with the story 3. A quotable person 4. A process that can be illustrated Which of those elements can you bring into your video? More workshop!
  26. 26. Visuals OF great VIDEO 1. Videos 2. Photos 3. Audio Which of those elements will you use in your videos? 4. Graphics 5. Map 6. Text Even more workshop!
  27. 27. How do we use this? • If you create your videos to show how your product helped people overcome problems, you’ll be telling a story • Problem > Product/Solution > Result • Start your video/post with… We all struggle with… Such and such can sometimes be a challenge… Nobody likes it when this happens.
  28. 28. Five tips 
 for shooting better videos Now that you have a story…
  29. 29. 1. Keep the visuals changing
  30. 30. SHOOT IN SHOTS • Don’t shoot in one continuous movement or hold one shot for too long • Shoot a series of unique shots and put them together to tell the story
 • This is a terrible video (with millions of views)…
  31. 31. If things get static, 
 the story dies.
  32. 32. Move, point, shoot, stop. Move, point, shoot, stop. Move, point, shoot, stop. • Frame your shot, then press record until it gets boring. • Then stop and move on to the next one. • Shoot more than you think you’ll need (you don’t have to use it all)
  33. 33. Use Pattern interrupts Pattern Interrupts are elements in your video that are different than the rest of your video (they literally "interrupt" the “pattern"). Pattern Interrupts can be: • On-screen graphics • Animations • New background or setting • B roll shots • Different camera angles • Sound effects
  34. 34. 2. ComposE your shots
  35. 35. COMPOSE YOUR SHOTS • Take charge and properly set up the shot. • Pay attention to backgrounds. • Don’t be afraid to rearrange the furniture 
 (in non-documentary situations).
  36. 36. RULE OF THIRDS Source:
  37. 37. FRAMING Source:
  38. 38. LEADING LINES Source:
  39. 39. FOREGROUND/BACKGROUND Image by Georgie Pauwels. Used with Creative Commons Attribution.
  40. 40. 3. Shoot wide, medium & Close-Up
  41. 41. wide, medium and cLose For close-up shots, look for hands and faces
  42. 42. <— Wide Medium —> <— Close-up —>
  43. 43. <— Framing <— Rule of thirds Foreground/Background —>
  44. 44. 4. Get quality audio
  45. 45. • A video that is difficult to hear will turn off viewers. • Avoid locations with bad acoustics. • Avoid distracting background noises (busy areas, heavy machinery, lawnmowers, etc.) • Use an external microphone for quality audio.
  46. 46. 5. Plan before you shoot
  47. 47. STORYBOARDING • It’s important to think through all of your shots ahead of time. • Easiest way is to storyboard what you will shoot.
  48. 48. Phone-specific tips • Lock the focus • Use an external microphone • Invest in a tripod and phone holder • Consider a better app • Explore options like slow-mo, timelapse
  49. 49. THESE exercises comes from 
 a couple of my classes: Multimedia communication 
 & Content marketing
  50. 50. Apps FOR BETTER VIDEO
  51. 51. A BETTER VIDEO APP: FILMICPRO • $15 for iOS and Android • Professional video tools such as smooth zooming, lock focus, lock exposure, sound monitoring.
  52. 52. Creative videos: Quik • Free for both Android and iOS • Quickly make videos, add text and music
  53. 53. I created this in less than 60 seconds with Quik app.
  54. 54. SIMPLE IPHONE EDITING: SPLICE • Free & quickly turns multiple clips into one video
  55. 55. SIMPLE ANDROID EDITING: VIDEOSHOP • Free & quickly turns multiple clips into one video
  56. 56. IPHONE EDITING: IMOVIE • Free • Includes many of the same features as the desktop version
  57. 57. ANDROID/iphone EDITING: KINEMASTER • $5/month or $40/year • Full-featured professional video editor
  58. 58. MUST-HAVE: GooGle Photos • Free for iOS and Android • Edit and backup your videos
  59. 59. PRO editing: LUMAFUSION • $20 for iOS • Powerful multi-track video editor
  60. 60. Mojo High-quality motion graphics templates. $40/yr for pro. Unfold 100+ templates for Stories photos. 25 for free. InShot Convert shape of videos 
 and add text. Tools for creating Stories
  61. 61. MORE VIDEO APPS TO TRY • YouStar - add special effects to videos • Jumprope - create step-by-step how-to videos • Action Movie FX - add Hollywood special effects • Adobe Rush - shoot, edit and share videos • Cinamaker - shoot videos with multiple phones
  62. 62. Hardware FOR BETTER smartphone VIDEO
  63. 63. Smartphone video has 
 three main weaknesses Hard to keep phone stable Lack of quality audio Not great in low-light situations
  64. 64. <— Stability <— Audio Light ☀
  65. 65. Promaster tripod - $70 Manfrotto tabletop tripod - $20 DJI Osmo Mobile - $130
  66. 66. Joby Griptight - $20 Shoulderpod - $30 Square Jellyfish - $20 Ulanzi smartphone rig - $13 Vastar tripod mount - $6
  67. 67. iRig Mic - $60 Rode Reporter mic and i-XLR - $280 iRig + XLR cable + mic - $70-170 Generic lavalier - $12 Sennheiser ClipMic digital 
 - $200
  68. 68. Two for $80
  69. 69. QUESTIONS? Follow Chris: @chrissnider