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Supporting Rural Learners in Maximizing Technology for Deeper Thinking


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iPads create powerful learning experiences. This presentation provides an overview of the SAMR model and concrete examples of our learners are using iPads to make thinking visible and audible in new ways.

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Supporting Rural Learners in Maximizing Technology for Deeper Thinking

  1. 1. If you have a iPhone or iPad or Download the Skitch app
  2. 2. Caroline Haebig @Haebig Instructional Technology Coordinator  Adlai E. Stevenson High School Apple Distinguished Educator Midwest Spotlight Educator 2015 ISTE Outstanding Young Educator University of Indiana Jacobs Educator
  3. 3. Learning & Engagement !
  4. 4. Awakening Metacognition!
  5. 5. Leverage Technology to Support Learning Everywhere!
  6. 6. Redefining How & Where Students Learn!
  7. 7. Join the Backchannel • Wirsa
  8. 8. 5 Things we will cover today
  9. 9. Metacognition WHY
  10. 10. What does Reflection with Mobile Tech look like?
  11. 11. Text How to do it!
  12. 12. Curating Student Content
  13. 13. How are your students learning now?! What do they need to improve on? What are they doing well? How are you supporting learners? Share with someone near you....
  14. 14. Redefinition Technology allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable! Modification Technology allows for significant task redesign! Augmentation Technology acts as a direct tool substitute with functional improvement ! Substitution Technology acts as a direct substitute with little or no functional improvement ! EnhancementTransformation Based on the work of Ruben Puentedura, Ph. D! SAMR Model
  15. 15. * No Task or functional improvementSubstitution
  16. 16. Augmentation
  17. 17. Modification
  18. 18. Redefinition
  19. 19. Metacognition WHY
  20. 20. Learner Engagement!
  21. 21. Differentiation!
  22. 22. Formative Assessment!
  23. 23. Demonstrate Explain Reflect What learners can do:
  24. 24. Formative Assessment
  25. 25. Designing Reflective Learning Experiences
  26. 26. Desired State Current State
  27. 27. Student Thinking
  28. 28. Growth Over Time Technology helps students to articulate their gaps and reflect on growth over time
  29. 29. iPAD = Creation!
  30. 30. Creation = Making Thinking ! Visible & Audible!
  31. 31. Redefining the Learner Role!
  32. 32. What does Reflection with Mobile Tech look like?
  33. 33. How Do I make the Technology Fit?!
  34. 34. Building a Mindset! Cognitive Process!
  35. 35. Leveraging the Apple Ecosystem!
  36. 36. Mark Shillitoe! @markshillitoe! Director of Digital Learning, Technology & Media! GEMS World Academy Etoy, Switzerland! Apple Distinguished Educator!
  37. 37. @mLaunderette !
  38. 38. ! Collaborative sessions = Make the Circle Bigger!
  39. 39. Process! Guide educators through a program of inquiry, collaborative workshops, independent learning and content creation.!
  40. 40. ! Curated Independent Reading & iBooks:! One Best Thing created by Apple Distinguished Educators!
  41. 41. How Do I make the Technology Fit?!
  42. 42.   What are we doing well?!   What works for learners now?!   What would we like to see or do?!   What thinking behaviors do learners need to gain?!   Start Simple, choose 1 teaching strategy or learner behavior to focus on.!
  43. 43. Christina Wood Science
  44. 44. BEAD ACTIVITY Accelerated Biology
  45. 45. DAY 1
  46. 46. Guidelines 1.  Select an ordinary household liquid (school appropriate) in which to soak your bead. 2.  Make predictions for the size change in the bead. Record these values. Write a working claim (if change do occur, what happened?) 3.  Photograph your bead (initial, 1 hour, overnight)
  47. 47. Day 2 Summarize your activity using Explain Everything
  48. 48. Submit your Project
  49. 49. Now that you have uploaded your Explain Everything in Google Drive... 1. Copy the URL of your Explain Everything 2SmithJCoffeeBead.mp4 in Google Drive 2.  Go to the Link provided by your teacher…. 3.  Answer Qs on submit
  50. 50. EXPLAIN EVERYTHING Review your previous work…..
  51. 51. Watch your first Explain Everything effort SELF EVALUATION: •  What parts did you do well? •  What parts need improvement?
  52. 52. Watch your first Explain Everything effort •  Not sure what was good? Bad? Examine the montage of clips selected by your teacher
  53. 53. Learner Example
  54. 54. Discuss the elements needed for a co
  55. 55. The Rubric •  Formative (grade is to provide you with feedback)
  56. 56. Text How to do it!
  57. 57. Instructional Moves
  58. 58. • Make sure students have prior experience or exposure to the content/ gauge student readiness !
  59. 59. • Provide clear directions, to support students in understanding the assignment
  60. 60. • Think about how to provide students with feedback?
  61. 61. Some Apps for making thinking visible & audible ! Explain Everything Final Argument Educreations Show Me Puppet Pals
  62. 62. Abstract Concrete !
  63. 63. Explain Everything Examples
  64. 64. App Features
  65. 65. Physical Education
  66. 66. First Grade
  67. 67. Open   Tellagami  and   PULL  picture   from  Camera   roll.  Create   content  and   PUSH  to   Camera  Roll     Take  picture   with  Camera   App.  (PUSH  to   Camera  Roll)   Open  Book   Creator  and   Pull  Tellagami   movie  from   Camera  Roll   App Layering
  68. 68. Open  Skitch   and  PULL   picture  from   Camera  roll.   Create  content   and  PUSH  to   Camera  Roll     Take  picture   with  Camera   App.  (PUSH  to   Camera  Roll)   Open   Telligami  and   PULL  Skitch   content  from   Camera  Roll   App Layering Open  Book   Creator  and   PULL  Gami   movie  from   Camera  Roll  
  69. 69. Creating  Digital  Books  -­‐     BookCreator   Insert:     ●  Text   ●  Handwriting   ●  Image   ●  Audio   ●  Video   Exporting  Options:   ●  Email  -­‐  ePub  or  PDF  (Mile  size  limitations)   ●  Upload  Directly  to  Google  Drive,  Dropbox,  Evernote  
  70. 70. Current Event…
  71. 71. Ms. Stone US History Team Leader Interested in Improving …. Literacy skills Collaboration Skills Deeper Thinking
  72. 72. I want to find a Way to use the iPad…
  73. 73. Creating Deeper Understanding! Activity 2: Evaluating Problem resulting from industrialization. Directions: Get the Book Creator App from Self Service on your iPad Once you have the app, CREATE a new Book - in LANDSCAPE
  74. 74. Please include the following in your book: Book COVER: Your name, Period and Name of Reform movement Evaluate ONE reform movement • Page 1 What was life like before the reform? • Page 2 What concerns or areas for reform did reform groups see as necessary? • Page 3 Was this reform Political, Social, Economic or all 3 and why? • Page 4 How this reform enhanced democracy in the US.
  75. 75. Put it Together!! ! Create a Collaborative Book!!
  76. 76. ose a book and copy the pages to the book you want to add it to
  77. 77. Share the Collaborative Book!!
  78. 78. Implications?!
  79. 79. What do you See, Think, Wonder?!
  80. 80. @mLaunderette
  81. 81. What do you See, Think, Wonder?!
  82. 82. Use the Backchannel • Wirsa
  83. 83. 5 minutes countdown timer! * if you wish to change the countdown time check our FAQs! Select and ungroup the timer after you have copied and resized.!
  84. 84. Learner Experience !
  85. 85. Curating Student Content
  86. 86. VIDEO CONTENT Camera RollApps
  87. 87. Content Curation & Connecting! What to do with those student projects, after they are created!
  88. 88. Questions?
  89. 89. Caroline Haebig @Haebig Instructional Technology Coordinator  Adlai E. Stevenson High School Apple Distinguished Educator Google Certified Teacher Google Education Trainer Midwest Spotlight Educator 2015 ISTE Outstanding Young Educator University of Indiana Jacobs Educator