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Improving the WordPress Ecosystem with Tide


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A quick overview of the Tide project. Presented to the Melbourne WordPress Meetup, with a few links for further info.

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Improving the WordPress Ecosystem with Tide

  1. 1. Improving the WordPress Ecosystem with Tide Chris Burgess @chrisburgess Melbourne WordPress Meetup August 2018
  2. 2. About Tide Tide is a series of automated tests run against every plugin and theme in the directory and then displays PHP compatibility and test errors/warnings in the directory. The content from these slides has been sourced from:
  3. 3. What Tests? WordPress Coding Standards PHP Compatibility Google’s Lighthouse
  4. 4. Current Status • search for plugins & themes on this site and see their audit reports • install Tide locally • deploy Tide to Google Cloud Platform • In the future you will be able to use Tide as a service - use it to test your plugins or themes during development.
  5. 5. Current Status (cont.) “Currently the only way to view the results is as a JSON blob, a UI will be integrated into the theme/plugin pages. That work is happening on GitHub in the tide-issues repo” • Derek Herman 6:45 am on June 28, 2018 • SOURCE:
  6. 6. More Info • • • wordpress-themes-and-plugins-based-on-code-quality (good intro)