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Favorite WordPress Plugins 2016


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Favorite WordPress Plugins 2016

  1. 1. Favorite Plugins A collection of my favorite plugins and how to use them
  2. 2. Laura Hartwig • WordPress Developer • • This presentation can be found: /favorite-wordpress-plugins- 2016
  3. 3. Extend the functionality of your site Not available in Wix, Weebly, or Square Space
  4. 4. A Word of Warning Conflicts Security Issues Updates
  5. 5. Types of Plugins • Free Plugins • Paid Plugins • Freemium Plugins
  6. 6. Free Plugins can be found a t
  7. 7. Free Plugins These plugins have been somewhat vetted
  8. 8. Free Plugins: Things to look for Rating Installs Last Update Author
  9. 9. Also look for support
  10. 10. Check for replies, number of requests and if items have been resolved
  11. 11. And is there a Freemium Option?
  12. 12. Freemium Plugins: Things to look for • Which features are paid? • Support available? • Include updates?
  13. 13. Paid Plugins: Things to look for • Author reputation • Online reviews • Support • Longevity • How long does subscription last?
  14. 14. Installing Free Plugins: Installing Plugins Plugins > Add New > Search for Plugin name > Click Install > Click Activate Installing Paid Plugins: Pay for plugin and download it. Check to see if it is just plugin file or comes with documentation. You might need to extract the file. Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Click Install > Click Activate
  15. 15. Favorite Plugins Comments Social SEOSecurity Admin 1. Anti-spam 1. All in One SEO/ Yoast 2. Redirection (for redoing sites) 3. Google XML Sitemaps 1. AddToAny Share Buttons 2. Simple Social Icons 1. Wordfence 2. Captcha by BestWebSoft 1. BackupBuddy 2. Coming soon and Maintenance mode
  16. 16. Security
  17. 17. This plugin can be difficult to setup, but if you just install it and activate it “as is”, your site will be more secure. Some features include: • Firewall • Blocking of known attackers • Login security • Security scanning Note: anytime you install a security plugin, make sure you have cpanel or FTP access to your site. Wordfence Security
  18. 18. Captcha by BestWebSoft Simple math question
  19. 19. Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft Easier, but sometimes You also have to do this:
  20. 20. Social
  21. 21. For people to share your content on THEIR social networks • Many social options • Use their styled buttons or your own • Choose where to display your share buttons AddToAny Share Buttons
  22. 22. Simple Social Icons • Bloglovin • Dribbble • Email • Facebook • Flickr • Github • Google+ • Instagram • LinkedIn • Pinterest • RSS • StumbleUpon • Tumblr • Twitter • Vimeo • YouTube Add links to your own social media in colors that match your site. Limited to these sites:
  23. 23. Comments
  24. 24. Anti-Spam Upload it and it works – no setup required. Commenters don’t have to complete captcha Note: Doesn’t work with JetPack Comments
  25. 25. SEO
  26. 26. All in One SEO/ Yoast Both of these have too many options to go over today, but basically they give you a place to put the Google title & description and some meta tags.
  27. 27. Redirection If you are updating an existing site, this plugin is a MUST. Don’t let customers suffer through 404 pages because your .html endings no longer work.
  28. 28. Google XML Sitemaps This is the one for Google. It does an excellent job of making sure the right pages are indexed.
  29. 29. Admin
  30. 30. BackupBuddy(Paid) Creating backups of your site is essential. If you are a developer, BackupBuddy is well worth the investment. If you only have one or two sites, you might want to try UpDraftPlus
  31. 31. Coming soon and Maintenance mode This is great for when you want to start getting some SEO history on your site, but aren’t ready for people to see your unfinished site yet.
  32. 32. What are your favorite plugins?
  33. 33. Questions?
  34. 34. Thank You • This presentation can be found: – plugins-2016 – See all my favorite plugins: – Contact Me at

Editor's Notes

  • First, I want to say how happy I am to be here. It’s an incredible opportunity to speak to you here at WordCamp NYC and I hope I can share something really useful with you. I have tried to include something for everyone here, so if you’re a newbie, I’m going to start off slow, and if you’ve been using Gravity Forms for a while, please stick around because I think there will be something for you, too.
  • If you want to set this up with custom post fields, you can do that as well. You can see that you can choose the field type for your custom field and can use an existing custom field or create a new one. You can even set up a custom template to display your custom field. So, if you wanted to do something like accept movie or book reviews on your site, you could set this up to be the name of the movie, author of a book, or a location for a book signing, etc. Lots of possibilities.
  • Once you install it and activate it , you’ll notice a new link in your left hand side bar for Forms.  Go to settings to put in your license key to make sure you get updates. 
  • Single Line Text *Passwords You know how when you enter a password, your typing is protected by those dots or asterisks? Ever wonder how to ask people to choose a password with Gravity Forms and keep it hidden like that? The trick is to use the single line text field and under the advanced tab, just check the "Enable Password Inut" box. So simple!
    Progress bar above appears automatically when you enable paging with the "Page Break" field. When you select the Page Break field, you can select to use the bar, steps, or none. You can also select the which style of bar you would like to use. The one above is the default blue bar. You can also choose the custom option to choose your own text and background color. You can also create custom "Next" buttons and give each page a name.
  • Next are the Post Fields. If you have a website where you have different authors submitting articles or different users submitting information, GF makes it very easy with these fields. As you can see, there are options for post title, body, excerpt, tags, categories, and even an image. Yes, the post body accepts HTML
    Once the post has been added it is held as a draft and then an admin or editor level user needs to approve it before it appears on your site.
  • First, you need to purchase GF and download the zip file and install it on your site.
  • As you saw in the demo, it’s super easy to add a form or forms to any page or post. It has it’s own shortcode. It’s also super easy to add GF to any widget areas. Which means for those of you who use the WPBakery Visual Composer, you can easily add it through the composer as well.
    Gravity Forms can also be added to php page templates with a function call like this:
    gravity_form( 1, false, false, false, '', false );
    This snippet will display the form with an id of '1'; the title and description will not be displayed, the form itself will not display if it is inactive, and it will not use AJAX for form submission.
    And it’s own enqueue script, like this:
    gravity_form_enqueue_scripts( 4, true ); The first variable is the form id. The second is whether you want to use ajax form submission. This script should be added in the theme’s header.php file just before the wp_head() function is called.
  • GF also makes it easy to sell tickets or a small amount of items on your website. You start by choosing a product name and type of product you want to sell, whether it’s a simple product or a choice of products – like maybe a ticket level – member or non-member. If you’re selling multiples, you can add a field for quantity. If there are options, you can add a choice here, but include the price of the options in the description because a price doesn’t show anywhere. If there are multiple products, you can associate the option with the correct product. Then you add shipping.
    All these Pricing Fields can be integrated with the payment add-ons like Paypal to set up your own shopping cart, but that is for another tutorial.
  • GF also allows automatic calculations. First list all the fields that you want the customer to fill. Then, just choose a number field AFTER you have added your other fields with amounts in them. Check Enable Calculation and create your formula by using the merge tags and the addition, subtraction, etc. When you use the Pricing Fields, calculation will happen automatically.