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Validations 101


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Intro to validations in rails, code at

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Validations 101

  1. 1. Validations 101 Or: How I transitioned from Miley Cyrus to Michael Bay Jokes
  2. 2. The preamble • All the code is available on github https:// • @tjridge •
  3. 3. Validations are the bees knees. • Ensures only valid data is saved to the database • Typically run before SQL insert/update commands sent to the database. • create/save/update methods trigger validations, if called with a bang invalid records will return an exception, rather than the object. • Some methods like update_column and update_attribute skip validation. save(:validate => false) skips validations as well. Be as wary of these as you would be of good reviews for a Michael Bay film.
  4. 4. Valid? Invalid? • valid? Triggers validations, returns true if no errors are found. • invalid? Does the inverse. • Object is valid if no errors found • could be technically invalid, but not return any errors until save or valid? etc is called. • Access error messages using .errors.messages method on object.
  5. 5. Validation Helpers • acceptance • associated • confirmation • exclusion • format • inclusion • length • numericality • presence • absence • uniqueness
  6. 6. Validation options • if • unless • on (:create, :update) • lets look at some code