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How to build webapps with tools


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How to build webapps with tools

Published in: Technology
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How to build webapps with tools

  1. 1. How to build webapps with TOOLS
  2. 2. Heads up • Lots of tools • Lots of conventions ◦ Done by better people • Lots of procedures ◦ Solved problems you won't even face • Lots of alternatives • Very few lines of code ◦ Need to know what happens under the hood ◦ Go with the flow ◦ Generalize the problem -> Search
  3. 3. Concepts 1. Create a boilerplate / structure 2. Add libraries/dependencies/assets 3. Code 4. Test 5. Deploy
  4. 4. Tools
  5. 5. Scaffold the application Configurations Adding new assets YO
  6. 6. Bower Front End Package management Dependencies Possible conflicts Update packages
  7. 7. GRUNT Run Tasks Running the server Watch for changes Minification/Uglification Deployment Running tests
  8. 8. Essentials FE MVC Minification Concatenation Uglification Sprite generation Server API Socket IO
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. What happens down the line Watch for changes Auto reload Wire dependencies Add Preprocessors Coffee Less / Sass Testing Server hosting
  11. 11. Testing Completely test driven Unit tests Integration Testing
  12. 12. Deployment All deployment related tasks Minification Randomization Sprite generation Heroku and Openshift are inbuilt
  13. 13. Questions