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Ch 1 characteristics of computer (IX)


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Ch 1 characteristics of computer (IX)

  1. 1. Characteristics of a Computer Chapter 2 (IX)
  2. 2. • A computer can thus be defined as a device that can perform both arithmetic and non-arithmetic operations accurately on given data or information at a high speed.• The set of instructions, which directs the computer to produce a desired result, is called a program. Thus a computer system is essentially driven by a program• In technical terms: a computer is a device that is designed to accept and store input data, process it and produce desired results under the direction of the instructions written in the program.
  3. 3. Characteristics of Computers1. Speed: today the speed is over 80,000 MIPS.2. Accuracy: All computer systems besides having amazing speeds have nearly 100% accuracy.3. Reliability: Reliability of any computer system is typically as high as 99.99%.4. Memory: is the electronic holding place for data and instructions.5. Storage: various computer media can hold billions of bytes of data.
  4. 4. Applications of Computers• Schools: Computer Based Training (CBT)• Medicine and Hospital administration: storing medical records of patients for future reference.• Railways and airlines ticketing: railway and airlines ticket booking is done entirely through computers• Banks: ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and modern banking system.• Scientific and engineering applications: designing of bridges, multi-storied buildings, automobiles etc.• Business and administrative applications: payroll processing, inventory control, sales analysis and forecasting, word processing, census, questionnaire analysis etc.
  5. 5. • Avionics and Space flights: modern aircraft can fly only with the aid of an onboard computer. Most modern aircraft have a facility known as autopilot which can take the control of most of the operations of a pilot.• Humanities: used extensively in field such as archaeological research, music analysis and composition, graphic art and linguistics.• Police Work: use computer for maintaining their records, which make it easier to fight crimes.• Metrology: use to predict weather, rainfall and monsoon patterns in the country• Entertainment: special effects of movies, computer assisted pictures. Composing, editing etc.