Comenius project turkey


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Comenius projest turkey. Presentado por Alemania en Italia.

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Comenius project turkey

  1. 1. COMENIUS PROJECT - TURKEY Germany for Italy
  2. 2. Geology
  3. 3. Salihli
  4. 4. • Geothermic Energy is used for power generation • →Geothermal Energy Center – Salihli • water is used for a thermal bath in Salihli Salihli
  5. 5. • Water is used for a thermal bath in Salihli, directly next to the springs • Warm water is helpful against Rheuma and other bone diseases Salihli
  6. 6. History
  7. 7. Ephesus
  8. 8. • one of the most visited cities in Europe • is linked with the culture of Artemis • founded before the 10th century Ephesus
  9. 9. Izmir
  10. 10. • formerly named Smyrna • 3rd largest city in Turkey • near by Ottoman caravanserai Kizlaragasi Hani Izmir
  11. 11. Moorish Clock Tower
  12. 12. Hierapolis
  13. 13. • holy city • temples • Roman bath, necropolis with more than 200 tombs • Denizli-> symbol is the rooster Hierapolis
  14. 14. Sardes
  15. 15. • today called Salihli • was the capital of Lydia • coins were embossed with heads of lions • today a lot of roman and byzantine excavation finds Sardes
  16. 16. Ecology
  17. 17. Pamukkale
  18. 18. • Pamukkale, which means cotton castle, is one of the biggest natural site in Turkey • Hot springs created this natural site consisting of travertine which looks like a snow- and icescape • Nowadays Pamukkale is a Wold Cultural Heritage and ist state has Pamukkale
  19. 19. Religion We visited the ancient relicts of the church of John the Apostle in Alasehir, the ancient Philadelphia.
  20. 20. House of the holy virgin Mary
  21. 21. House of the holy virgin Mary House of the holy virgin Mary The house of the holy virgin Mary, where she allegedly died, is located in the vicinity of Ephesus. Unfortunately we weren´t allowed to take photographs of the little chapel, which was built there.
  22. 22. History History
  23. 23. History Suleiman the Magnificent and Murrad the Third. History Manisa, the ancient Magnesia, was the capital of the Byzantine empire in the 13th century. There are hardly any relicts, but a beautiful Ottoman mosque. Famous governors of the 16th century were Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and Murrad the Third.
  24. 24. The sultan‘s mosque
  25. 25. The sultan‘s mosque Was built for the honor of Suleiman‘s mother. It is a very pretty building. The architecture is conserved until today.
  26. 26. Mevlevihane - the dancing house of the Derwishs
  27. 27. Mevlevihane - the dancing house of the Derwishs A Derwish is a poor member of an islamic fraternity.