Historical Places Of Istanbul


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Historical Places Of Istanbul

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Historical Places Of Istanbul

  1. 1. İSTANBULThe first place you have to visit inthe world. A Friend’s Advice
  2. 2. IMPORTANCE OF THE CITY İstanbul is very important place in the world. Istanbul became the biggest and the most crowded city of Europe. Because, its location between Asia and Europe The city population has12 to15 millions people. Around 2 millions tourists visit İstanbul every year. They see the historical and natural beauties of the city. The city has a lots of historical mosque, church and museums of Turkey. We will introduce you the beauties of İstanbul now.
  3. 3. IMPORTANCE OF THE CITY İstanbul has a very ancient history. Istanbul lived in Byzantyne, Ottoman and Turkish Republic periods. A lot of kings, sultans and famous people lived in this wonderful city. There is everything in this city whatever you like. History, culture, art, music, interesting people. There are a lot of universities, art schools.
  4. 4. THE ÇAMLICA HILL Çamlıca hill is the higgest hill in İstanbul. It is 263 m. high from the sea level. It was used as a picnic area. There are restaurants, cafes and a park here. Çamlıca Hill has a great view. You can see the Bosphorus from here. And we are sure you will love it.
  5. 5. THE TAKSIM SQUAREThe large square at the endof the Istıklal street is theTaksim square, which is oneof the most active centers ofİstanbul. The square is themost important place forIstanbul.There are a lot ofdifferent counturies people.There are a lot of bigdepartment stores in thisplace. You can heardifferent music types here.And this street has a lot oftheeatres and cinemas, it’svery cultural street forİstanbul.
  6. 6. BOSPHORUS BRIDGE OR THEATATÜRK BRIDGEIn İstanbul there are two bridges. One of them isBosphorus bridge. It was built by German and Englishengineers in 1973. Every day millions of people pass thisbridge and they aren’t curious about the bridge
  7. 7. THE FATİH SULTAN MEHMET BRIDGE Fatih Sultan Mehmet was a very important Ottoman Sultan. (You say king for Sultan) And Turkish Government gaved his name to this bridge. It was built in1988. You can go across fROm Asia to Europe in one minute. In one minute you can be Asian or European
  8. 8. THE SÜLEYMANIYE MOSQUEArchitect Sinan is the most famous architect in TurkishHistory. He lived in Ottoman Empire period. It was built byArchitect Sinan between 1550-1557. SüleymaniyeMosque is his greatest work. It’s a very big mosque,around his there a lot of places to see. Don’t miss themplease
  9. 9. THE LEANDROS TOWER(KIZ KULESİ)This is a very beautifulbuilding. It was built 2500years ago.It is in the middleof the sea.It is very nicedesign.A place worth seeingand get there byboat.Located in therestaurant.Do not go withoutvisiting here. It has got aintelligent history. One day awitch has got apples for thegirl and gave her apoisonous apple, she diedafter eating it.That is whythe tower is called theLeandros Tower.
  10. 10. HAGIA SOPHIA(AYASOFYA) It was built as a church at first, then mosque and finally a museum since 1935. Its very important building for Islam and Christian people. Every year millions of people visit here. Its very near to Sultanahmet Square which has lots of places to see.
  11. 11. TOPKAPI PALACE Topkapı Palace is a place where the Ottoman Sultans had lived with their families.Topkapı Palace was built in478. It wasn’t only a palace. It was a educational and administrative center of the state. Today we can visit there because its a big museum. There are a lot of thing to see. And you have to spend at least 2 hours to visit there.