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GeoPower Europe 2012


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GeoPower Europe 2012 conference & exhibition

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GeoPower Europe 2012

  1. 1. 10843 GeoPower Europe Brochure_8838 Offshore Wind USA Brochure 14/08/2012 15:10 Page 1 www.greenpowerconferences.com +44 (0)20 7099 0600 The 4th Annual GeoPower Europe Conference and Exhibition Accelerating Growth Across Europe GeoPower Europe 4-5 December 2012, Novotel Congress, Budapest, Hungary Gold Sponsors Book before 23 October for discounted rates Key reasons to attend Leading the Debates at GeoPower Europe 2012: Policy makers and industry leaders István Pócs, Chief Executive, Soeren Berg Lorenzen, make this event their priority; Central European Geothermal Managing Director, GeoPower Europe is your opportunity Energy/ MOL Danish Geothermal District to network with them Heating Yusuf Yazar, General Manager, With 9 hours of networking, both social General Directorate of Senior Representative, and business-focused, this is the place Renewable Energy, Turkey Icelandic Government to meet future business partners and consolidate relationships Christian Boissavy, President, Gad Shoshan, Choose site visits, interactive French Association of Head of Marketing, workshops and instructional briefing Geothermal Professionals Ormat sessions to tailor the event into one (AFPG) that meets your business needs. Fausto Batini, Pál Kovács, State Secretary, Managing Director, For 2012 the conference streams allow Energetics at the Ministry of more detail than ever on technical and Magma Energy National Development, Hungary geo-specific topics; time to get your questions answered Peter Meier, Dolf Gielen, Director of the Chief Executive Officer, Innovation and Technology Center, Geo-Energie Suisse IRENA Book Now, Call or Book Online at: +44 (0)20 7099 0600 www.greenpowerconferences.com/geoeurope2012 Silver Sponsors: Organised and Supported by: Produced by:
  2. 2. 10843 GeoPower Europe Brochure_8838 Offshore Wind USA Brochure 14/08/2012 15:10 Page 2 GeoPower Europe Who will you meet? CEOs, Presidents, Vice- Dear Members, Associates and Friends, Presidents, Managing Directors from: I would like to invite you to join us at the fourth annual GeoPower Geothermal developers, Europe Conference and Exhibition in Budapest, Hung ary. Energy holding companies, Utilities and municipalities After almost a decade of small-capacity development in the Government energy departments, geothermal electricity market, we are experiencing resur gence. Equipment manufacturers Numerous European project launches mean that geoth and suppliers, ermal energy is firmly on course to become a substantial part Logistics companies and component of the manufacturers European energy mix. Developments in district heating are also of increasing interest. Previous GeoPower events However, it must be noted that progress in recent years has not been uniform, with significant geographic variation. Thes have attracted attendees e variations can be attributed to two groups of factors: non- from across the geothermal technical issues and resource side factors. value chain including: Balcke-Durr GmbH • Denham Capital Asia Pacific • Energy These topics and many more will be discussed and deba ted in Development Corporation • Auckland Uniservices • detail at GeoPower Europe with particular focus on Distri Jardboranir / Iceland Drilling Company • Geotherm Group ct • OTP Geothermal • International Finance Corporation • Heating, Combined Heat Power, and insights into the PT Indocahaya Wira Nusantara • Tenaris • Atlas Copco Eastern Energas GmbH • AECOM Indonesia • BAUER Maschinen European market. GmbH • BAUER • International Partnership • PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk • TAS Renewable Energy Systems • We look forward to meeting you at GeoPower Europe 2012 Black Veatch International • Alstom Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd as we • National Development Planning Agency • PT. Hitay work together to drive geothermal energy from a fledgling market Renewable Energy • BP International • Prudential Finance to an established industry. Company • TIMET Titanium Metals Corp • TurboCare, • AP Renewables • International Power-GDF Suez • Bloomberg New Energy Finance • North Sulawesi Region • Scientific Yours sincerely, Drilling • BP Indonesia • Metal One Corporation • Ormat International • Timet • Panax • National Energy Council • Makarim Taira S • Aboitiz Power Renewables • BDO Capital • Chevron • Industrial Cooling Solutions • PNOC Philippe Dumas, Jo-Anne Duff, Renewables Corp • Welaco • Jabar Rekind Geothermal • Manager, European Head of the Global PLN • Pertamina Geothermal Energy • PT MPS Indonesia • PT Sinclair Knight Merz • PT. SNC-Lavalin • National Geothermal Energy GeoPower Series, Taiwan University • Tawau Green Energy, Malaysia • PT Imeco Inter Sarana • South Pole Carbon Asset Management Council Green Power Conferences • SEW-EURODRIVE PTE LTD • Siemens Energy • BASF • WesternGeco • Nooter Eriksen • Exergy • Iteco Oilfield Supply ME FZE • Loterios • INPEX Corporation • Alterra Power Corporation • Parsons Brinckerhoff • Star Energy Indonesia • Elc Electroconsult • Power Engineers • Kanematsu Trading Indonesia • JICA • UK Trade Investment • Beca Carter Hollings Ferner • INAGA • DEG • Briomedia Green Sdn Bhd • Alstom Power Energy 35 Systems Indonesia • Orka Energy • Scientific Drilling 40% International • Well Analysis Corporation COUNTRIES 250 Content was well- REPRESENTED CXO/DIRECTOR thought, and we will LEVEL definitely attend more Green ATTENDANCE RENEWABLE ENERGY Power Conferences. EXPERTS Chief Executive Officer, Alterra Power Book Now – Call or Online at: +44 (0)20 7099 0600 www.greenpowerconferences.com/geoeurope2012
  3. 3. 10843 GeoPower Europe Brochure_8838 Offshore Wind USA Brochure 14/08/2012 15:11 Page 3 GeoPower Europe PRE-CONFERENCE Workshop DAY ONE, 4 DECEMBER 2012 sponsor: WORKSHOP AND SITE VISIT, 09.00 Chair’s Opening Remarks: 14.30 Combined Heat and Power: The 3 DECEMBER 2012 09.15 Keynote Opening Address Future of Commercial Political Keynote: Geothermal Geothermal? Risk Management in Public and Power in Modern Europe • Heating networks and other heat markets: locating commercially feasible buyers Private Sector Heating Projects • Policy-makers’ view of the potential for geothermal heat and power in Europe • Creating the right balance between heat and power, particularly in winter The workshop will analyse: • Post-Fukushima energy plans; realistic • All project stages, the risks associated with each one and • Addressing the significant challenges to forecast for the role of geothermal successful development and analysing how those risks can be minimised. • How risks can be best communicated to the finance and • The focus on heat: specific incentives and unsuccessful pilots insurance community to help you secure the investment objectives • Navigating the mine-field of urban you need. Pál Kovács, State Secretary, geothermal development With investment the key obstacle to successful geothermal Energetics at the Ministry of • Sourcing industrial partners with a desire development this is a crucial opportunity to examine a variety National Development, Hungary for green heat of heating case studies and the risk management challenges they faced. Senior Representative, Carlo Minini, Sales Manager, Turboden Extensive Q+A gives you the opportunity to bring your own Icelandic Government challenges to the event and brainstorm with other attendees. Damien Thiolet, Business Developer, Clean 10.15 Energy Utility and Oil and Gas Energy, Cryostar Preliminary agenda: Keynote Debate 15.30 Networking Coffee Break 9.30 Introductory remarks from IF Technology, experts in renewable energy consulting • Update from European utilities on their 16.00 Project Finance Outlook: 10.00 Presentation, case study and operations in Western, Eastern and Medium Term Central Europe • Which banks are active, and in data analysis • Developing a portfolio of geothermal which markets 10.45 Questions and discussion facilities • Issues affecting the project finance • Utilities stance on the risk-profile of 11.00 Morning Refreshment Break market, and how it will evolve in the geothermal power; do the benefits 11.30 Presentation, case study and outweigh the costs? coming years data analysis • What new lenders and other sources of István Pócs, Chief Executive, capital are entering the market 12.15 Questions and discussion Central European Geothermal Energy/ MOL Mark Taylor, Head of Geothermal, 13.00 End of workshop, networking refreshments Bloomberg New Energy Finance Peter Meier, Chief Executive Officer, IF Technology Geo-Energie Suisse John Carson, Chief Executive Officer, IF Technology: leading geothermal consultants and engineers in Alterra Power the Netherlands. 11.10 Networking refreshment break Jónas Ketilsson, Manager - Geothermal Development and Research, We take a multi-disciplinary approach to projects, bringing in our experienced geolo-gists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers 11.40 Incentives and Policy Within National Energy Authority of Iceland and engineers as required. We have all the skills in-house to Europe: Country-Specific Update provide a one-stop shop, including risk assessment, permitting, • European overview of latest developments 17.00 District Heating technical and financial analysis and system design. • Italy: the effect of privatisation on the long • Comprehensive insight into regulations Meet your workshop leaders: term health and growth of the market and incentives affecting direct heat Richard Rijkers, IF Technology • France: the geothermal landscape • Permitting processes for new programmes • Financing heat projects in urban Guus Willemsen, Founder, Director Business post-nuclear environments: the most likely sources of Development, Team Leader Deep Subsurface, • Germany: world-class feed-in tariffs set to IF Technology stay? funding Guus Willemsen is one of the founders of IF Technology, • Turkey: assessing the sustainability of the • The role and availability of public has a background in hydrogeology, and has been involved in market and the commitment of the sector financing deep geothermal energy since the start of the development in government Sven Werner, Professor, The Netherlands. Yusuf Yazar, General Manager, Halmstad University, Sweden Site Visit to Budapest Direct General Directorate of Renewable Soeren Berg Lorenzen, Managing Director, Heating Project: Energy, Turkey Danish Geothermal District Heating 14.00 Bus to Budapest zoo direct heat project. Further speakers to be announced. Padraig Hanly, Managing Director, GT Energy Case Studies of Recent Projects The delegation will visit a fascinating small-scale, city-centre geothermal energy project. The Széchenyi Spa in central 12.40 18.00 Chair’s Closing Remarks Budapest is supplied with thermal water from the 970m 2 case studies of recently completed geothermal bore hole completed in 1878, then one of the geothermal developments in Europe. 18.10 Launch of the EGEC Geothermal Market deepest borings in the world. In 2011 this resource was Report and networking drinks reception connected to Budapest Zoo, where surplus heat now supplies a To submit a paper: com@egec.org Report presented by Philippe Dumas, large part of the facility. The project is operated, and the trip kindly organised by, FŐTÁV Zrt. (Budapest District Heating Co.) 13.10 Networking lunch break Manager, EGEC Reasons to join us • Witness first-hand the use of direct heat in the city centre • Learn more about using and adapting existing infrastructure. • Receive detailed insights into this innovative approach to geothermal heat • Take home new information about municipal funding and public utility execution György ‘Sigmond , Chief Counsellor, Association of Hungarian District Heating Enterprises will lead us in a guided tour and take questions on the finer details of the project. An opportunity not to be missed. Book Now – Call or Online at: +44 (0)20 7099 0600 www.greenpowerconferences.com/geoeurope2012
  4. 4. 10843 GeoPower Europe Brochure_8838 Offshore Wind USA Brochure 14/08/2012 15:11 Page 4 DAY TWO, 5 DECEMBER 2012 08.50 Chair’s Opening Remarks 11.30 Networking refreshment break 09.00 Round Table on Deep Drilling 12.00 Export Opportunities: Africa • Geothermal market development and • Establishing the roles available to Introduction to Geothermal demand for rigs international private companies • State-of-play on the deep drilling market • Creating an effective partnership with Energy Economics Risk • Assessment of market conditions and the local companies, and with government necessary actions for improvement 6th December 2012, Budapest, Hungary • The resource available, its location Gad Shoshan, Head of Marketing, Ormat and accessibility Further speakers to be announced • Understanding the transmission A comprehensive introduction to factors 10.30 Focus on Eastern Europe structures in place and planned impacting the economics and finances • Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic: • Country specific challenges in Rwanda, Kenya, of geothermal projects Uganda and other promising regions an overview of current Course highlights policy commitments Dolf Gielen, Director of the Innovation and Technology Center, • Key contributions to geothermal project • Projects under construction and planned IRENA cashflow: resources, markets and policies; • Regional rules and regulations affecting • Geothermal project phases, including key successful development Senior Representative, cost variables and risks; • Converting / optimising a district heating LAgence Française de Développement network for geothermal production • Understanding the economic and risk variables (including technology and exploration risks) • Assessing the availability of finance in the 13.00 African Case Study that make geothermal different from other region • Insight from an African or International Balazs Bokorovics, Chairman, PannErgy renewable energy sources; company working in East Africa • The market and economic context of Annamária Nádor, Project Manager, geothermal, including competition, external Geological and Geophysical Institute 13.20 Networking Lunch Break influences and trends; of Hungary • Power and/or heat? Economic and financial considerations; • Trends and future prospects; The conference will now divide into two rooms to allow for more specific discussion. You are welcome to attend • Hear about the challenges as well as the any session you choose and move between the two conference rooms to which ever panel debate interests you. opportunities in an independent, hype-free environment; 14.20 Power Generation: Equipment 14.20 Country-Specific Market Review Level Style and Operational Efficiency Southern Europe This is a business course. We will cover some scientific and technical topics (without Drilling and Sub-Surface Technological • Developments in Greece knowledge of which the business and risk issues Excellence: • Italy’s changing geothermal market of geothermal cannot be appreciated), however • Cementing and logging • Updates on Spanish growth all course content is explained in clear language, • Drilling bits and drilling mud • Reservoir engineering and stimulation Fausto Batini, Managing Director, with no prior knowledge required. Patrick Weber, Sales Team Leader, Magma Energy As with all Green Power Academy courses, it is Flowserve run in a highly interactive and informal manner. 15.20 Networking refreshment break Philip Rudolf von Rohr, Drilling Expert, For Full Details: Energy Science Center (ESC) 15.45 Central Europe Web: www.greenpoweracademy.com 15.20 Networking refreshment break Call: +44 (0)20 7099 0600 • Critical updates from France • Ambitious German expansion Email: academy@greenpowerconferences.com 15.45 Binary and Kalina and the • A new model in Switzerland Next Generation Christian Boissavy, Founding President, • Performance comparison French Association of Geothermal • Optimum temperatures to avoid Professionals (AFPG) deposits and maximise performance Thorsten Weimann, Executive Director, • Assessing the ideal technology for the Geothermal Business Association (WFG) specific resource available to you • Using CO2 as a working fluid 16.45 Northern Europe Luca Xodo, Business Development Manager, • Insights in the UK market Exergy • Danish developments Luca Perego, Chief Executive Officer, GeoPower Europe was a • Understanding the geothermal agenda in Nooter Erikson the Netherlands 16.45 Emerging Technology Guy Macpherson-Grant, tightly organized Managing Director, • Speakers selected following the EGS Energy conference that fostered many EGEC call for papers will present their Ryan Law, Managing Director, analysis of the most advanced Geothermal Engineering helpful conversations for us. technologies available to geothermal energy producers Soeren Berg Lorenzen, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Danish Geothermal District Heating Alterra Power Agenda correct at time of going to press Book Now – Call or Online at: +44 (0)20 7099 0600 www.greenpowerconferences.com/geoeurope2012
  5. 5. 10843 GeoPower Europe Brochure_8838 Offshore Wind USA Brochure 14/08/2012 15:11 Page 5 GeoPower Europe Some of the marketing BUILD RELATIONSHIPS GeoPower options available include: AND DRIVE SALES AT Europe Platinum, gold and silver Taking a sponsorship or exhibition stand is the most targeted and cost sponsorship packages effective way of reaching key industry decision makers. With an audience of Exhibition stand geothermal developers, investors, energy companies and government, The following can be bolted-on to an existing GeoPower Europe is the ideal platform for you to meet the right people face to sponsorship, or sponsored as a standalone option: face and create new business relationships that are vital to the success of Breakfast (on day one of the event) your business. Networking cocktail reception (at the end of day one) Investing in this event will provide you with an excellent opportunity to raise Networking dinner (at the end of day one) your company profile and showcase your expertise before a high calibre Lanyards group of potential customers. Delegate bags Delegate stationery Off-site visit to a local District MAXIMISE YOUR MARKETING BUDGET AT GEOPOWER EUROPE Heating Site Face-to-face: The most effective way to do business and meet new contacts ASSOCIATION PARTNERS Streamline your diary: Organising, travelling to and attending meetings can take months. Green Power does the hard work for you, enabling you to meet the people you need to in just two days. Raise your companys profile: Branding at a Green Power event is so much more than on-the-day. As a sponsor, your logo will feature on the event website, brochures and marketing materials seen by thousands of industry professionals throughout the year. Be part of the future: Your company will be forefront as one of the pioneers in MEDIA PARTNERS the European geothermal industry. Green Power Conferences consistently work in strategic partnership with industry leading organisations and trade publications. Our international and targeted marketing campaigns ensure excellent marketing exposure for our partners. Green Power Conferences was the first to offer If you would like to partner with us, please contact professionally organized events focusing on the sustainability sector. Over the last eight years, we have Laura Proctor, laura.proctor@greenpowerconferences.com welcomed over 22,000 delegates from 152 countries and built a global database of over 1,000,000 contacts. Our expertise lies in producing high quality, interactive conferences and training courses that provide ample networking opportunities for delegates and partners alike. Each event is developed by a team of market research If your company is looking to develop new business in the professionals who ensure our events provide in-depth discussions and the latest industry updates in these fast- European geothermal energy market, call our business moving sectors. With a global portfolio of 50+ events, Green Power Conferences is helping to accelerate the uptake of development team today for more information. Paul Shearer, Business Development Manager, sustainable business practices from Rio to Hong Kong. We also walk the talk, by offsetting all our commercial activities through renewable energy projects around the Tel: +44 (0)20 3355 4211 world. For more information please see our website: www.greenpowerconferences.com Email: paul.shearer@greenpowerconferences.com Book Now – Call or Online at: +44 (0)20 7099 0600 www.greenpowerconferences.com/geoeurope2012
  6. 6. 10843 GeoPower Europe Brochure_8838 Offshore Wind USA Brochure 14/08/2012 15:11 Page 6 Bo O un fo I can honestly say, without hesitation, that my ok cto ted GeoPower 23 co rd be be ra is attendance at the conference could be the fo r tes Europe re single deciding factor that will ultimately put my 4-5 December 2012, company on the map. Budapest, Hungary Universal Geopower 1 2 3 4 5 6 25 Customised Zone Coffee Lunch Coffee Lunch Coffee Lunch 24 9 23 10 27 30 Networking 22 28 29 Area 31 32 11 Conference 20 Internet 19 18 17 16 15 14 Lounge Sessions Venue: All the major players of the geothermal industry were in Hotel Novotel Budapest Congress Budapest Congress Center attendance and the calibre of Alkotas utca 63-67 1123 BUDAPEST speakers was very high. HUNGARY www.bcc.hu National Oilwell Varco. www.novotel-bud-congress.hu Three Easy Ways to Register: Tel: +44 (0)20 7099 0600 • Email: Samantha.coleman@greenpowerconferences.com Online: www.greenpowerconferences.com/geoeurope2012 3 day package - 2 day conference plus Workshop (3-5 December 2012) Conference Workshop with Site Visit EGEC Members - Conference Workshop with Site Visit EUR 2598 EUR 1898 2 day conference only (4-5 December 2012) Conference only EGEC Members Conference only EUR 1699 EUR 1099 Add the post event Green Power Academy (6 December ‘Introduction to Geothermal Energy Economics Risk’) EUR 999 Not for Profit Organisations Rate (20% discount) These reduced rates are available for registered NGOs, government representatives and non-profit organisations only. Reduced rates are at the discretion of Green power Conferences and proof of status may be requested. 3 for 2 delegates offer! Early booking rates: Register 3 delegates and pay for only 2 SAVE 10% before 23 October Organised By: