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A quickstart guide to using Symbaloo for collecting websites to use with students.

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  1. 1. Welcome to SymbalooQuick start tutorial
  2. 2. What is SymbalooSymbaloo is a social bookmarking tool that lets you collect and organize websites into webmixes. Webmixes show each website you collect as a tile. Webmix: Collection of related websites Tile: A link to a website. A Visual representation of a website.
  3. 3. Getting Started1. Visit Fill out the New Account form3. Verify your account through your email
  4. 4. Use Bookmarker to make life easierAt the very bottom of your Symbaloo page, there is a link called Bookmarker. When you click on this, you will be walked through adding an extension to your browser that allows you to simply click on a button to save any website you visit to your Symbaloo environment. This can save you a lot of time. Bookmarker is available for Safari, Firefox and Chrome web browsers. Once installed, simply click on the Bookmarker button when you are visiting a website you wish to save. Fill out the information for Symbaloo and click Create your Bookmark. A tile will appear in your Symbaloo webmix.
  5. 5. Add websites to your Webmixes 1. Click on an open Tile to add a new website to your webmix 2. Conduct a search for a topic or choose "click here to create your own tile" 3. Fill out the form to customize the look of your tile 4. Click on "Add Tile to Webmix"1. 5. Drag the tile to an open tile spot in your webmix 3.2. 4.
  6. 6. Add Webmixes to OrganizeEach Webmix you create organizes your websites into categories. You might want to create webmixes for:1. Subject specific websites2. Professional learning3. Web 2.0 tools4. Website types - like videos or blogs Add a new Webmix Webmix Gallery Edit or Delete a Webmix Webmixes that have been Share a Webmix Edit allows you to rename a made public will show up in Share allows you to webmix, change the the Gallery. Looking for a provide a link or background and change the collection of websites, go to embed a webmix into number of tile holders. the Gallery and conduct a a website or blog. search. Try iPad and see how many results you get!
  7. 7. Share Your WebmixYou can share your webmix with just your friends or make your webmix public1. Click on Share2. Provide a description and tags for your webmix3. Decide if you want it public or privately shared4. Click "Share My Webmix"You can then decide to:• Email the link• Copy the Embed Code• Post to Twitter or Facebook• Share via another method Copy the Embed code and paste it into your blog or website so that your students, co-workers and parents can have access to the collection of websites you assign or recommend.
  8. 8. Symbaloo on the iPadOnce you have created some webmixes, get the Symbaloo app for your iPad so that you and your students can access your collections from the device. Create your webmixes on a computer. Access your webmixes from the iPad