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Triangle - Progression to Employment Service (Norman Sterritt DMS., MBA)


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Social Enterprise

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Triangle - Progression to Employment Service (Norman Sterritt DMS., MBA)

  1. 1. Progression to Employment ServiceNorman Sterritt DMS., MBASupported Employment & Community Services ManagerTel: +44(0) 28 2766 1794 Mob: +44(0)77 0343
  2. 2. Development of the Progression to EmploymentService and the different model linksSupported Employment ModelSocial Enterprise Model
  3. 3. Service Delivery AreaBallymoneyBallymenaN’abbeyCookstownColeraine
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  9. 9. Component assembly work
  10. 10. Assembly of medical diagnostic test kits
  11. 11. Packaging contracts for the pet trade
  12. 12. Packaging contracts forLocal businesses
  13. 13. Part of a bigger picture..................
  14. 14. Social EnterpriseA Definition Dilemma"Social Enterprise means different things to different people indifferent contexts and at different points in time"Teasdale,S (2010). Whats in a name?. The Construction of Social Enterprise. Birmingham.Third Sector Research Centre. Working Paper 46.
  15. 15. The ChallengesManaging expectations of stakeholders:• Customers• Service users• Service Funders• Partners• Staff• Board• Government
  16. 16. "I represent three non-profits; an alcohol drug residentialtreatment center, a transitional employment organization forrecovering addicts, and a local food pantry. We are exploringstarting a bakery to provide job training for newly recoveringaddicts and provide foods for the pantry and to raise revenue forour respective organizations. Can anyone point us in a directionto research other start-ups related to this possible socialenterprise?”Extract from an enquiry posted on a social enterprise networking forumEasy to over promise, more difficult to deliver
  17. 17. Never Knowingly OversellNever Knowingly UndersoldSocial Enterprise
  18. 18. Advanced Diploma in Social Enterprise
  19. 19. Occupational Therapy Role Emerging Placements Scheme
  20. 20. Degree in Social Work Placement providerfor Supervised Practice Learning
  21. 21. Office ofInnovationKnowledge Club WorkshopsOngoing formal and informal advice & support