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  • Thank you for seeing me today Tony. I hope that you’ll find this presentation interesting. I work in the fundraising team and look after a variety of fundraising activities including trust fundraising, events fundraising and of course corporate partnerships. I’m here today to offer Kind and Co the opportunity to become involved with our vital work to help you generate useful marketing opportunities, new custom and achieve your CSR objectives.
  • First of all I’m going to do a whistle-stop tour of our important work – which I’m sure you already know lots about and our history together, before moving on to what we want to achieve over the next few years and what you can do to help us get there
  • Forest YMCA is primarily a hostel for young homeless people in Waltham Forest. We provide our residents with a safe place to live and access to a range of services designed to help them achieve their full potential and ultimately, their independence. Our main beneficiaries are disadvantaged, homeless 16-30 year olds. But we also provide a wide range services for our local community including, affordable child care services in 12 schools across the borough, youth clubs for over 300 young people between the ages of 11-19, affordable gym membership to 336 local residents and a subsidised restaurant which is a hub of the local community.
  • You are helping us to transform the lives of our young residents – as well as our main hostel. The refurbishment of our hostel will: Allow us to give a temporary home to more young people than ever before Give our residents feelings of self worth and confidence The new kitchens and lounges will allow them to socialise in a safe environment and learn vital life skills and we will be able to house all of our 16-17 year olds on the same floor, making them feel more safe and secure
  • So, what’s so great about partnering with Forest YMCA – apart from contributing to all the great work we’re doing?
  • We would like you to consider making a contribution of £30,000 – that’s £10,000 per year for three years - to fund our events programme. In doing so, you would be investing in the future health of our charity, ensuring stable income and allowing us to reach many thousands of young people in years to come. In return, you will be able to reach new clients, generate positive PR, engage your workforce and deliver your CSR objectives effectively.
  • We generate roughly £5m every year but with cuts in government funding and increased demand for our services, it is vital that we find innovative new ways to sustain our growth. One of the ways we are going to do this is by initiating an events fundraising programme. Events are a popular way for individuals to become involved with charities. I previously worked at Breakthrough Breast Cancer and managed their events portfolio. I was responsible for generating over £1m of income per year and looking after over 7,000 participants. I know from experience, that an events programme would introduce new individuals and businesses to our charity who may go on to support us in other ways or at higher levels. We are finalising our calendar now, and have plans to promote the following events in year 1.
  • Years two and three will look something like this with the introduction of overseas and cycling events, development of a community product and introduction of swimming events. We are seeking the support of a company like yours to fund our pilot event fundraising programme. This funding stream has the potential to generate significant income for our charity over the space of three years. In sponsoring our event programme, you would be making more than just a one off gift. You will be investing in the future sustainability of this organisation and directly contributing to creating better futures for many thousands of young people in Waltham Forest.
  • Each event has it’s own budget and marketing plan. With a calendar like this we are hoping to generate around £16k in year one and grow that figure year on yearBut income isn’t the only benefit for us. We would be growing the number of new supporters we attract to the organisation – who might go on to support us in other ways or at higher levelsWe would also be raising our profile in the local community – making sure that people know we are here and have services that they can access. The money raised will contribute to our £3m refurbishment. We’re asking for £30k over 3 years to sponsor all events and match the life of the refurbishment contract. In that period of time your investment would generate over £90,000 and bring hundreds of new supporters to the organisation. Investment in our events fundraising programme truly is intelligent giving. By offsetting the costs of generating income, more capital is realeased for our charitable activities whilst ensuring the future of a dependable, growing stream of income. Income£16k£26.5k£42.5kExpenditure£10k£10k£14.5k
  • The first event we are in desperate need of investment for is our first ever abseil. It will be taking place on Saturday 9 June 2012 at our tower hostel site and will attract 100 abseilers raising at least £6000. In addition to the abseil, a variety of activities will be taking place on the day including raffles, food sales and bucket collections. And a large number of VIP’s from the local area will be invited to take part and spectate.So what’s in it for you? These marketing opportunities would steadily reinforce your brand over the course of the 4 months leading up to the event increasing the number of times your brand is “seen” by members of the local community and by those from affluent neighbouring areas.
  • By sponsoring our entire events programme you would be able to replicate these benefits at every single event we hold. There are so many benefits associated to event sponsorship: - By reinforcing your brand steadily throughout the year you will be targeting new clients & decision makersYour brand will be linked to “doing good” in our local community through positive press in an upwardly mobile area I’m aware that “providing a positive role within the community” is key to your business ethos. This partnership will allow you to take this even further. Involving your employees in the partnership either by participating in events or simply helping us to promote them will allow your team to bond providing you with cost effective team building opportunity and you will have the opportunity to meet key contacts from Waltham Forest council and various housing associations, as well has decision makers from YMCA’s all over London. You could also maximise the PR impact of our relationship by displaying our logo on our website – clearly communicating to potential and current clients & decision makers your desire to help young homeless people in East London Asking your contacts to take part will give you a valuable opportunity to reignite relationships with lapsed clients and allow you to keep them close to your company We’ll encourage all events participants to act as media case studies ensuring that there is a steady stream of stories being fed into the local media, all of which reference the partnership between our charity and your company. When I was at Breakthrough, we had a similar partnership with adidas. In return for them donating a percentage of their RRP to the charity and making us the official charity of the adidas Women’s 5K Challenge, we were able to promote the range to our runners, promote the range to wider Breakthrough audiences and generate an equivalent value of £1.2m of press coverage. Obviously I can’t promise you that as a local charity, but I just wanted to illustrate how an effective charity event partnership can work.
  • These are some big benefits. But we’re aware that this is a big ask. So I would also like to offer you the alternative opportunity to make a contribution to our vital work with youngsters in the local community. We need to raise £21,000 to ensure the future sustainability of our youth clubs. Could you make a £15,000 one off gift to help us reach this target?
  • We are located in one of the most deprived boroughs in London. Our young people are exposed to poverty, abuse, lack of role models and exposure to gang culture. Our youth clubs offer them an alternative. They are a safe place where they can socialise with peers, learn new skills and acquire positive aspirations. We want to extend the service to reach over 450 young people by 2014. We aim to do this by extending the range of activities on offer, extending the upper age limit to 21 and introducing external trips. We have partially secured £76k funding from BBC’s Children in Need for the next 3 years, but we still need help to fill a £21k gap to ensure the future of this extended service. The extra money will also give us the ability to innovate: we could send our youth workers out in the community to where the young people are and undertake outreach activities. We could also pay for the materials and certificates that the young people need to gain accreditations from our workshops. Our youth clubs truly offer a lifeline to young people in Walthamstow. There is no one else in the borough offering these vital services. We can only do this with the help of our supporters.
  • We want to make this work for Kind and Co. We believe that by aligning your brand with our charity you will improve your marketing opportunities and generate new custom whilst helping the most vulnerable in our society.
  • So this is what we’re offering. I believe you and Tim are going to discuss the finer details but if you have any questions about the actual events or youth programme please fire away!
  • Kind co and forest ymca

    1. 1. AND FOREST YMCABuilding Futures, Changing Lives
    2. 2. THANK YOU FOR SEEING USWe would like to discuss with you, how wecan work together to form a mutuallybeneficial partnership
    3. 3. THIS PRESENTATION1. The work of Forest YMCA2. Our history together3. Two fundable projects4. How these will benefit you
    4. 4. WHAT WE DOHostel in Walthamstow Affordable child care Affordable leisure facilitiesFor 16-30 year olds Youth clubs Subsidised restaurant
    6. 6. WHY PARTNER WITH US?• We are the biggest and fastest growing charity in North East London• We can help you to raise your brand profile• We can give you a cost effective way to raise staff morale• We can help you to “provide a positive role” in our local community• We can give you access to valuable networking opportunities• We can give you access to people who use our cafe, leisure facilities and child care clubs
    7. 7. THE BIG ASK• £30,000 (£10,000 per year, for three years) to fund our events programme
    8. 8. ABOUT EVENTS FUNDRAISINGEvent DateForest YMCA Abseil 9 June 2012Olympic Stadia Trek 1 September 2012Royal Parks Half Marathon 7 October 2012Skydives Year-round5K Run TBC
    9. 9. YEARS 2 & 3Year 2 Year 3Evaluation of yr 1 events Trial of swimming eventsOverseas Treks trial Introduction of additional abseilCycling Event trial Growth of cycling & runningGrowth of running calendar Growth of community productIntroduction of community product
    10. 10. BEST CASE SCENARIO GROWTH Yr1 Yr2 Yr3Participants 120 175 324 • Each participant brings with them a network of potential new supporters • FYMCA’s profile will be raised in the local community • The money generated will go towards refurbishing our hostel • The refurb costs £3.8m and will last 3 years
    11. 11. OUR FIRST EVENTAbout the Event This is the first everForest YMCA abseil. It will be taking placeat our main hostel on Forest Road onSaturday 9 June 2012.In return for covering the costs of the event logistics including scaffolding & marketing materials you will receive:• Space on the abseil scaffold for your own branding• Your logo will be included on all printed marketing materials including a poster (500 copies to local businesses) and flyer(1500 copies distributed to numerous locations)• The logo will be reproduced with the prefix “sponsored by” on all participant communications including 100 fundraisingpacks and an estimated 50 enquiry emails• Your logo will be placed on the relevant event page of our website and hyperlink to your own website• We will issue a series of press releases which refer to Kind & Co’s support• We will ensure that the event is always referred to as “The Forest YMCA Tower Abseil sponsored by Kind & Co”• You will be provided with the opportunity to network over 300 key contacts including wealthy individuals, WalthamForest councillors and representatives of local SME’s on the day of the event• We will instigate regular status updates and tweets about the event - with hyperlinks to your website – on our new socialnetworking sites (launching January 2012)• All pre-event emails to registered participants will contain your logo and be hyperlinked to your website• We can offer free places to Kind & Co employees
    12. 12. SPONSORSHIP OF ALL EVENTS Display our logo on your website This would generate event enquiries for us and clearly communicate to your current clients and potential new clients, your desire to help youngBy partnering with Forest YMCA you homeless people.will: Ask your contacts to take part in our events This will offer• Target new clients you a cost-effective team building exercise improving staff• Generate positive PR morale; give you an opportunity to network with lapsed• Raise your brand profile in an clients or those who have enquired but not converted andupwardly mobile area of London would allow you to keep important clients close to your• Deliver your CSR objectives company.• Engage your employees• Meet key decision makers and We’ll shout about it We will encourage all participants to actpotential new clients as media case studies, talking to journalists about their experiences and the reason why they will be supporting us at the event , ensuring that all press pieces refer to your company
    13. 13. IF £30K IS JUST TOO MUCH• £15,000 as a one off donation towards our youth work
    14. 14. YOUTH WORK • 300 young people access our youth clubs • Aged 11-19 • From local area “Attending the sessions has helped me secure a place on a sports science degree. I have developed my teamwork and negotiation skills. There is nowhere else in the borough that I could have done this” Simon aged 18
    16. 16. FIND OUT MORE For more information about working with Forest YMCAplease contact Emma Cornish on 020 8509 4632 or email