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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. (01) Binomials! ("Jingle Bells") Binomials!  Binomials! Add and multiply! Are the terms alike, Or are they different? Oh my! Binomials!  Binomials! To multiply we toil! Distribute the monomials, Or multiply by FOIL!
  2. 2. (02) Program! ("Dreidel!") I have a computer program. I made it out of codes. And when it is started, Oh program, think of all the modes! Oh code, code, code, I made you out of a method. And when you’re being written, Code, you’re understood! Oh method, method, method, I made you out of commands. And when you have an error, I shall give you demands! Oh command, command, command, I mage you out of variables. And when you are inputted, I will make up symbols! Oh program, program, program, You are in the terminal. And when you are tested, I shall make it final!
  3. 3. (03) Exponents! ("Jingle Bells") Exponents!  Exponents! Powerful things! Raise you up, And root you down Are what logarithms bring! Natural is e, Common is 10,  E to the zero is one, Ten to the zero’s one again! To multiply, just add, To divide simply subtract, Be sure your bases match Or you’re on the wrong track! Oh, Exponents!  Exponents! Powerful things! Raise you up, And root you down Are what logarithms bring!
  4. 4. (04) Conic Section Carol ("God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen") God rest ye merry ellipses And hyperbolae too! Parabolas and Circles,  All curves of degree two! Degenerate and involute, The mathematician’s toy, Oh sections of conics and joy, Conics and joy, etc. Of symmetry and foci And fun directrices! Both smooth and sharply pointed curves Can have some vertices. To prove this Polar Mode Is such a clever ploy! Oh sections of conics and joy, Conics and joy, etc.
  5. 5. (05) Jingle Algebra! ("Jingle Bells") Dashing through my text, It’s really not complex! But, if my mind runs slow, It gives me lots of woe, Oh, Oh, Oh! I study Algebra. My brain runs, I say, “Go!” So much I do not know, And so very far to go.  Yo! Properties, Quantities, Factors into play! Points to plot, I think a lot, Success should come my way! Rational n’ Radical, Equations have a say! Slopes and Lines, I’ll make the time, Math Power’s here to stay! Yea!
  6. 6. (06) Oh Algebra! ("Oh Christmas Tree") Oh Algebra!  Oh Algebra! How lovely are your properties! Oh Algebra!  Oh Algebra! How lovely are your properties! They show us how to operate, Our feeble minds they stimulate… Oh Algebra!  Oh Algebra! How lovely are your properties!
  7. 7. (07) On The 12th Day of  Math Class (" On The 12th Day of  XMas") On the 12th  day of Math Class, my teacher gave to me: 12 mean averages, 11 equations regressing,  10 graphs plotting, 9 surveys polling, 8 experiments failing, 7 random numbers, 6 crazy teachers, 5 preCalculus problems! 4 charts and data, 3 wrong assumptions, 2 assignments whinning And a brand new TI­83!
  8. 8. (08) Mathematics, My Favorite Subject! ("Rudolf") Mathematics, my favorite subject, is a very challenging class! And if you ever take it, you will learn to love it fast! In it we learn equations: Linear, Quadratic and more…. We always do our homework, it’ll never become a bore! For some future college day, your professor just might say, “Students, with your minds so bright, solve this problem right tonight!” Then you’ll use this background, that other students have missed, With math you’ll solve the problem, and be named to the Dean’s List!
  9. 9. (09) Oh Number PI! ("Oh Christmas Tree") Oh, number PI, Oh, number PI, Your digits are non­ending! Oh, number PI, Oh, number PI, No pattern are you sending? You’re three point one four one five nine, And even more if we had time! Oh, number PI, Oh, number PI, For circle lengths unbending. Oh, number PI, Oh, number PI, You are a number very sweet! Oh, number PI, Oh, number PI, Your uses are so very neat? There’s 2 PI r and PI r squared, A semi­circle and you’re there! Oh, number PI, Oh, number PI, We know that PI’s a tasty treat!
  10. 10. (10) On The First Day of  Math Class (" On The First Day of  XMas") On the first day of math class, My teacher said to me, “The assignment is on page three!” On the second day of math class, My teacher said to me, “Get xtra help!  The assignment is on page three!” On the third day of math class, My teacher said to me, “Are there any questions?  Get xtra help!  The assignment is on page three!” On the fourth day of math class, My teacher said to me, “We’ll have a test on Friday.  Are there any questions?  Get xtra help!  The assignment is on page three!” On the fifth day of math class, My teacher said to me, “Please study hard!  We’ll have a test on Friday.  Are there any questions?  Get xtra help!  The assignment is on page three!”
  11. 11. (11) Rudolph the Statistician ("Rudolph") Rudolph the statistician Sampled data everywhere! Mean heights and heart conditions Calculated with great care! All the population Living from coast to coast Sought out his data samples He would always give the most! Then one foggy Xmas Eve Santa came to say, “Rudolph, with your pencil write, What gifts I should bring tonight.” Quickly, he polled the children, And Rudolph shouted with glee, “Stats did provide the answer: Give Nintendos and Barbies!
  12. 12. (12) PreCalc Exclusive! (just rap it, dude) Mike and Nik, chillen in PreCalc, Got mad work, solvin’ them problems out. Put me to the test, I solve the best, Don’t even front, we’re better than the rest! Graphing that line, on my Ziggy 83, Let’s take that test, you won’t do better then me. Move your work, not the keyboard, Mr. García might just slap you with a cord! Get off your phone, this class is no joke, Mr. García’s on FaceBook with a poke. Homework, pre­test, a piece of pie, That’s how it works if you want your grade high! No Regents, but we still go hard, Tryin’ get a 100 on my report card. PreCalculus, is the best class, All the other subjects can kiss my @$$! Mr. García is the man Rather be here than playing in the band. PreCalc 2011, we can pass right through, Calc 2012, we’re ready for you!
  13. 13. (13) Hanukkah in Santa Monica by Tom Lehrer [Verse] I'm spending Hanukkah in Santa Monica Wearing sandals Lighting candles by the sea I spent Shavuos in East St. Louis A charming spot But clearly not the spot for me Those eastern winters, I can't endure 'em So every year I pack my gear And come out here to Purim Rosh Hashana, I spend in Arizona And Yom Kippur, way down in Mississippa But in December There's just one place for me [Tag 1] Amid the California flora I'll be lighting my menorah Like a baby in his cradle I'll be playing with a dreidl Spending Hanukkah In Santa Monica by the sea! [Verse] [Tag 2] Amid the California flora I'll be lighting my menorah Like a baby in his cradle I'll be playing with a dreidl Here’s to Judus Maccabeus Boy, if he could only see us Spending Hanukkah In Santa Monica by the sea!
  14. 14. (14) A Christmas Carol by Tom Lehrer Christmas time is here, by golly, Disapproval would be folly, Deck the halls with hunks of holly, Fill the cup and don't say "when." Kill the turkeys, ducks and chickens, Mix the punch, drag out the dickens, Even though the prospect sickens, Brother, here we go again. On christmas day you can't get sore, Your fellow man you must adore, There's time to rob him all the more The other three hundred and sixty-four. Relations, sparing no expense'll Send some useless old utensil, Or a matching pen and pencil. "just the thing I need! how nice!" It doesn't matter how sincere it Is, nor how heartfelt the spirit, Sentiment will not endear it, What's important is the price. Hark the herald tribune sings, Advertising wondrous things. God rest ye merry, merchants, May you make the yuletide pay. Angels we have heard on high Tell us to go out and buy! So let the raucous sleigh bells jingle, Hail our dear old friend kris kringle, Driving his reindeer across the sky. Don't stand underneath when they fly by.