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Final presentation


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Published in: Education
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Final presentation

  1. 1. By: Caitlin McCormick
  2. 2.  In this presentation I plan to show you all six dimensions of wellness and exactly what I plan on doing with them to continue to maintain wellness throughout life.
  3. 3. The Six Dimensions of Wellness
  4. 4. Physical Wellness  In this class I learned that having good eating habits is very important. We came up with a 5-day diet plan and I will continue to keep a good diet.  Staying fit is another thing that is important to keep up with. I learned how to calculate my BMI and I have been exercising regularly and feel great!
  5. 5. Intellectual Wellness A step that I am currently taking that practicing good intellectual wellness is that I am enrolled in college and have a plan for myself! I also watch the Discovery channel a lot and also the animal planet. These two shows always give a lot of good information and I am always learning new things!
  6. 6. Emotional Wellness  Some things I learned about Emotional Wellness is how to handle stress if I am feeling overwhelmed. I now exercise daily and also keep a planner so that I can see what my week looks like to eliminate stress.  Also, I manage my time so that I am getting in enough hours for my school work, my friends and my job!
  7. 7. Social Wellness I plan to join a club next fall at PSU. Something I always do with my mom is the Breast Cancer awareness walk. We do this walk and help raise money every year we can!
  8. 8. Spiritual Wellness  I like to look up new and inspiring quotes to print and hang on my fridge  I plan to spend more time out in nature this summer and go on hikes with friends
  9. 9. Occupational Wellness I started a new job when I transferred to PSU and since being here I have built new friendships with coworkers Since I started here in the fall I have come up with a career I am working towards. The career I chose is to become a PA after graduating!