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Starter package

  1. 1. Welcome to Nu Skin Enterprises and Allied Global Network. You are joininga partnership that contains all the elements necessary to help make yousuccessful. You are about to embark on a journey that can literallytransform your life. As with any journey that is worthwhile this journey willrequire the best you can give it. This Fast Start Guide is designed to helpyou Get Started properly. Follow it with exactness.
  2. 2. Getting Started Checklist 1. Your Nu Skin Information Your Nu Skin ID _________________________ Your Nu Skin login ID _________________________ Your Nu Skin password _________________________ 2. Complete and submit your direct deposit form. 3. Set up your monthly Auto-Delivery Rewards (ADR) Order. We recommend a 200 point ADR to take advantage of the free online products and prospecting websites. Nu Skin offers an Online Prospecting System that includes recruiting websites that can be tailored to your needs from a selection of options including specific content. With your subscription, you get access to several personalized sites. This is a sophisticated system which includes an auto responder and back office lead management. a. Create your website. b. Create your website. 4. Identify your ―WHY‖ and set your initial goals. See Goals and Targets. 5. Schedule a strategy session with your sponsors to review your goals and to map out your plan of action. a. AgeLoc Training: b. Galvanic Training: c. LifePak Training: d. Vitality Training: e. Compensation: (see Compensation Simplified) f. Prospecting (see Appendix) g. Presentation: (see separate Powerpoint file) 6. Get into action. The only way to really learn this business is by doing the business – which means talking to people to recruit customers and distributors to build your team.
  3. 3. Goals and TargetsWhat Is Your WHY?Your personal story explains why you are involved with this business and shows what you plan to achieve. Write 2-3sentences that explain your main reasons for starting this business.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Identify the main outcomes or results you want from this businessReplace full-time incomeBe your own bossCreate part-time second incomeLive a privileged lifeResidual incomeTime freedomPay off debtSpend more time with family & friendsPersonal & business developmentMoney to pay for ______________________________________________What is the minimum monthly income you need to reach to achieve the life you want? $________________How much monthly income would you like to earn in:6 months $___________ 3 years $______________1 year $___________ 5 years $______________How many hours per week can you commit to accomplishing your objectives?7 15 20 30 40 MoreI will be Executive by (date): _______________I will be Ruby by: (date) _______________I will be Team Elite by: (date) _______________
  4. 4. My Definite Main Purpose StatementIt is ___________________, 20_____ and I _____________________________am so happy and grateful, now that I am receiving $_______________________ per month in leveraged income from myGlobal Nu Skin Enterprises business. I accomplish my 3/3‘s. 3 new contacts per day, 3-3 way presentations per day and 3new customers each week. I experience joy each day knowing that what I am doing is being of service to others and tomyself.I am ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________As a result of my genuine effort I am now experiencing ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Thank you God for it is DONE!!!Signed: _____________________ Date: ________________________Self Confidence FormulaFirst. I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life, therefore, I DEMAND of myselfpersistent, continuous action toward its attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action.Second. I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action,and gradually transform themselves into physical reality, therefore, I concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily, uponthe task of thinking of the person I intend to become, thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of that person.Third. I know through the principle of auto-suggestion, any desire that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seekexpression through some practical means of attaining the object back of it, therefore, I devote ten minutes daily todemanding of myself thedevelopment of SELF-CONFIDENCE.Fourth. I have clearly written down a description of my DEFINITE CHIEF AIM in life, and I will never stop trying, until Ishall have developed sufficient self-confidence for its attainment.Fifth. I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure, unless built upon truth and justice, therefore, I engage in notransaction which does not benefit all whom it affects. I succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use, and thecooperation of other people. I induce others to serve me, because of my willingness to serve others. I eliminate hatred,envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism, by developing love for all humanity, because I know that a negative attitudetoward others can never bring me success. I cause others to believe in me, because I believe in them, and in myself.I sign my name to this formula, commit it to memory, and repeat it aloud twice a day, with full FAITH that it is continuallyinfluencing my THOUGHTS and ACTIONS affirming that I am a self-reliant, and successful Team Elite Leader.Thank you God for it is Done!Signed: _________________________ Date: ________________________
  5. 5. 5 Habits To Become A Team Elite Leader3:3s3 new contacts a day3 Demos a day. Bridge ABC3 ADRs a weekDo Presentations1000 meetings to become a Team Elite. Learn by doing.Just do demos and you will become good.Plug InBe a Product of the ProductConference CallsMeetings- Weekly opportunity meetings- Become a leader of a weekly meetingSSTs- Super Success Training- monthly- Become a travelling leader.Recorded CallsTeam Elite University and Fast Start TrainingLaunch meeting with Upline: Anti Aging Party3 way call with UplineFive Level Rule – Look for the Diamonds. The best people will be 5 levels below you.Map and track your organization.Open door to othersDo not judge people immediatelyLaunch your subconscious mindDefinite Main Purpose Statement/ Self Confidence Formula 2x per day out loud. Be kind to yourself and do notcompare yourself to others.Read a good motivational book Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill The Greatest Secret in the World – Og Mandino 45 Second Presentation – Don FaillaStay positive!
  6. 6. Success PlanDuplication ModelThe Duplication Model is designed to help you become a Ruby Executive in Nu Skin as quickly as possible. Becoming aRuby Executive can change your life. It‘s the first level of real leadership that‘s not only recognized by Nu Skin, but it isrewarded with an expense-paid ―Success Trip‖ where you and a guest will be pampered & honored. You‘ll also beexposed to people and ideas that will help you set & reach even greater goals.USE THE PRODUCTS, SHARE THE PRODUCTS, SHARE THE NU SKIN BUSINESSShare the Nu Skin products and story, build your Distributor network and build your consumer network. 1. Sponsor 4 new distributors with the $1080 package. 2. Enroll them in the 200 point Automatic Delivery Rewards program (ADR). 3. Meet all active requirements to get paid commissions and bonuses. 4. Teach every new Distributor to do exactly what you are doing. 5. Enroll as many retail customers as you can to establish your baseline ADR.
  7. 7. ACTIVE REQUIREMENTS 1. Maintain 200 PSV ADR (100 PSV with 50 ADR is the minimum). 200 PSV ADR provides the following: a. Achieve Ruby Executive status faster. b. Earn higher commissions. c. Receive free product and prospecting websites hosted by Nu Skin. 2. Maintain 3,000 GSV (2,000 is the minimum). 3,000 GSV provides the following: a. Participation in the Wealth Maximizer Program.COMPENSATION PLAN (SIMPLIFIED)STEP 1: DISTRIBUTOR COMPENSATIONDistributors earn 5% on Level 1 Sales VolumeSTEP 2: QUALIFY AS AN EXECUTIVEExecutive Qualification ProcessMonth 1 (LOI) - $100 ADR, Min 1,000 GSVMonth 2 (Q1) - $100 ADR, Min 1,500 GSVMonth 3 (Q2) - $100 ADR, Min 2,000 GSVQualification complete in LOI month if GSV is 4,500*Qualification complete in Q1 month if cumulative GSV is 4,500*STEP 3: EXECUTIVE COMPENSATIONExecutives earn 5% on Level 1 Sales Volume, 5% on breakawayexecutive volume, and additional commissions on GSV: 2,000 9% 3,000 10% 5,000 11% 10,000 12% 15,000 13% 25,000 14% 50,000 15%2011 Nu Skin Distributor Compensation Summary Title Executives Monthly Average Commission Annualized CommissionsExecutive 0 $392 $4,704Gold 1 $770 $9,240Lapis 2,3 $1,326 $15,912Ruby 4,5 $2,655 $31,860Emerald 6,7 $5,400 $64,800Diamond 8,9,10.11 $10,625 $127,500Blue Diamond 12 $48,555 $582,660
  8. 8. C ommit t o B on us Po ol —M o n t h l y In c o me Pr o j ec t ion W or k sh eet C o mpl et e SET YOUR FINANCIAL GOAL FOR THE MONTH At the beginning of each the following for yourself & work on these w/ your leaders Step 1: Decide to be in the Leadership Bonus Pool at the beginning of each month Step 2: Do your Statement & Self Confidence Formula 5 times a day with the right energy Step 3: Map your organization and decide to work w/ the best people to make the bonus pool. (Drive 1 or 2 lines/month) Step 4: Decide how many of these you are going to sell this month * Body Spa Package $360 * Nutrition Package $360 * Vitality * Face Spa Package $360 * Weight Management Package $360 * NTC Bags * Galvanic Demo Package $360 * 1050pt LOI Kits * Free Kits * Product Experience Package $360 * LifePak Nano Step 5: Commit & calculate the number of Leadership Bonus Pool points you are going to make this month and multiply it by $500 per point. Customers/D ist — ADRs Step 6: Total up the entire commission Step 7: Total the number of sales you have to make for the month (from step 4) & multiply that by close ratio which Angelica will equal the number of presentations you will have to do to make that many sales. 1 FK Step  8:   Ask  yourself:   “Am  I  willing  to  do  ____  presentations  to  make  ___________  commissions  this  month?”    Yes! Sign and date the Monthly Income Projection Worksheet. Executives Circle Group Distributors Loren Paul John Mom Traci Lani Q1 Q1 Q2 Q2 Dean Jim Susie Joan Steve 2 FK LOI Mae 1 FK Li 1 FK 1 FK 2 FK 2 FK Terri Ralph Paty LOI LOI LOI Hank EXEC BONUS Karen Rene POINTS DEPTH VOL SALES THIS MONTH Kelly Max Max # Packs Description Pts Total Pts LOI DIST L1 5% 5% 4 Body Spa Packages 350 1400 9K 7K 6K 3K Month 3 Month 2 Month 1 2000 9% 9% 2 Face Spa Packages 350 700 Dion Exec Exec Exec LOI 3000 10% 15% 2 ageLOC Galvanic Packages 350 700 5000 11% 16% 2 Nu Skin Product Experience Packages 350 700 Brian LOI 2 Weight Management Package 350 700 10,000 12% 17% 4 Nutrition Package 350 1400 15,000 13% 18% Derek 2 FK 2 FK 4 LOI Galvanic Combo 1050 4200 25,000 14% 19% 300 ADR 4 LOI Weight Loss Combo 1050 4200 16K RESIDUAL INCOME 50,000 15% 20% 0 LifePak Nano 119 0 Tru Face Essence Ultra 128 $41,000 (Estimated Volume/month) LEADERSHIP BONUS POOL 0 Vitality 50 X 5% In  order  to  qualify  you…. 0 Vitameal $2,050 Residual Income 1. Need to be paid as an Exec 0 Others 2. Need a minimum 3000 GSV 3. Need a minimum of 2pts 24 Total Packages Sold 24 sales x 3 close ratio (1:3) = 72 presentations Total Points 14,000 1pt Fast Track Exec or Q2 Exec Lani, Loren, Paul, John = 4 x 500 1pt Steve = 1 x 500 24 Total Packages Sold / 3 (sell 3 get 1 free) = 8 Free Packages ($2,880 or roll) Is it worth 72 presentations to make $8,430 in commissions? 1st Month Exec w/ 2000pts The team earned 14 free packages & Angelica rolled 8 packages over to her inventory 2pts 1pt 1st Month Exec w/ over 3000pts Steve = 1 x 500 14,000pts x 17% $2,380 Commission ____________ _________________________________ 1pt 2nd Month Exec w/ 3000pts Joan = 1 x 500 Leadership Bonus Pool 8pts x $500 $4,000 $6,380 1pt 3rd Month Exec w/ 3000pts Sally = 1 x 500 Date Signature Residual $2,050 ***Points are valued at approximately $500/pt*** TOTAL COMMISSION $8,430Revised as of 1.19.12
  9. 9. C ommit t o B on us Po ol —M o n t h l y In c o me Pr o j ec t ion W or k sh eetSET YOUR FINANCIAL GOAL FOR THE MONTHAt the beginning of each the following for yourself & work on these w/ your leadersStep 1: Decide to be in the Leadership Bonus Pool at the beginning of each monthStep 2: Do your Statement & Self Confidence Formula 5 times a day with the right energyStep 3: Map your organization and decide to work w/ the best people to make the bonus pool. (Drive 1 or 2 lines/month)Step 4: Decide how many of these you are going to sell this month * Body Spa Package $360 * Nutrition Package $360 * Vitality * Face Spa Package $360 * Weight Management Package $360 * NTC Bags * Galvanic Demo Package $360 * 1050pt LOI Kits * Free Kits * Product Experience Package $360 * LifePak NanoStep 5: Commit & calculate the number of Leadership Bonus Pool points you are going to make this month and multiply it by $500 per point.Step 6: Total up the entire commission Customers/Dist — ADRsStep 7: Total the number of sales you have to make for the month (from step 4) & multiply that by close ratio which ___________ will equal the number of presentations you will have to do to make that many sales.Step  8:   Ask  yourself:   “Am  I  willing  to  do  ____  presentations  to  make  ___________  commissions  this  month?”    Yes! Sign and date the Monthly Income Projection Worksheet. Estimate Volume by Lines Circle Group Distributors New New EXEC BONUS POINTS DEPTH VOL SALES THIS MONTH Max Max # Packs Description Pts Total Pts DIST L1 5% 5% Body Spa Packages 350 2000 9% 9% Face Spa Packages 350 3000 10% 15% ageLOC Galvanic Packages 350 5000 11% 16% Nu Skin Product Experience Packages 350 10,000 12% 17% Weight Management Package 350 15,000 13% 18% Nutrition Package 350 LOI Galvanic Combo 1050 25,000 14% 19% RESIDUAL INCOME LOI Weight Loss Combo 1050 50,000 15% 20% LifePak Nano 119 $_________(Estimated Volume/month) Tru Face Essence Ultra 128 X 5% LEADERSHIP BONUS POOL Vitality 50 In  order  to  qualify  you…. $__________Residual Income Vitameal 1. Need to be paid as an Exec 2. Need a minimum 3000 GSV Others 3. Need a minimum of 2pts Total Packages Sold _________ sales x _________ close ratio (1:3) = _________ presentations 1pt Total Points Fast Track Exec or Q2 Exec Is it worth ______ presentations to make $___________ in commissions? 1pt 1st Month Exec w/ 2000pts ______ Total Pkgs Sold / 3 (sell 3 get 1 free) = ________ Free Packages 1pt 1st Month Exec w/ over 3000pts ______pts x ________ % ______ Commission ____________ _____________________________________________ 1pt 2nd Month Exec w/ 3000pts ______pts Ldrshp Bonus Pool x $500 + ________________ 1pt 3rd Month Exec w/ 3000pts = ________________ Date Signature Residual + ________________ ***Points are valued at approximately $500/pt*** Revised as of 1.19.12 TOTAL COMMISSION = ________________
  10. 10. Appendix 1 - ProspectingCREATE YOUR WARM MARKET LIST • Make a List of 100-200+ Names (FFBC - Family, Friends, Business & Community) • List everyone you know • Do not pre-judge, just write down the names • Highlight your Top 25 and start with these people your first week. Then you will keep moving through your list. • Send copy and discuss your Top 25 with your up-line. • Your list will continue to grow over time.LIST #1 – PEOPLE FOR THE BUSINESSYOU THINK THEY’D BE GREAT BECAUSE… • They are a ‗connector‘, a networker, know a lot of people • They are well respected among their peers • They are a DOER/GIVER – involved in charities, schools, churches, temples etc • They have a great personality, high energyTHEY HAVE A NEED BECAUSE… • They may have been negatively impacted by the economy • Recently laid off or looking for work • At a transition point in their career • Especially stressed or unhappy at work • Business in jeopardy • Wants to go back to workPEOPLE WHO MAKE LOOKING GOOD AND FEELING GOOD A PRIORITY (IF NOTHING ELSE POTENTIALCUSTOMERS)… Always trying the latest and greatest Keeps up with what is cutting edge in the health and beauty worlds Routinely goes to the gym, works out, plays a sport Always well put together Very fashionable/trendy May routinely do Facials, Botox, Fillers, IPL etc.LIST #2 – PROFESSIONALS IN THE TRADE Salon owners/Hair Stylists Make up Artists Dermatologists Plastic Surgeons Beauty & Personal Care Professionals Nail Salon owner or Employee Gym owner, Trainer, Employee Spa owner, Manager, Therapist Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, AcupuncturistDID YOU FORGET ANYONE WHO IS… In Sales – realtor, car, stockbroker, insurance A Business Owner – restaurant, salon, store A Professional (with no leverage) – doctor, attorney, accountant Working in a struggling industry – car, retail, banking In a dead-end job A Stay-at-Home Mom
  11. 11. Retired – are they still OK? Has Kids – college educations, weddings Parents of kids‘ friends – think sidelines, school halls Not working – but wants to go back to workINVITING TIPS You may want to start with some small talk using F.O.R.M. (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money)… Clear the time – “Did I catch you at a good time? Do you have a couple of minutes?” Start with your recruiting line which includes a couple of credibility facts. I thought of you because… (compliment) This would be great for you because (reason WHY) Follow the 5 C’s (see below) Review ‘How to handle objections while inviting.’ Role play with someone in upline. Pick the scripts that feel right to you. You can say all the right words, but without the right emotion or conviction it won‘t work…. It‘s not as much what you say but HOW you say it. Discuss with your upline which presentations to use.HOW TO INVITE – THE 5 C’S Curiosity – Your goal is excite and intrigue them enough to want to learn more. This means ‗less is more‘ when it comes to inviting. Your whole initial conversation should be no more than a minute or two. Credibility – Give them a credibility fact or 2 to WOW them. Compliment – At some point in the conversation you are going to compliment them and tell them WHY you thought they‘d be great at this business. Commitment – Your goal is to get them to commit to come to a meeting to learn more. Keep in mind the meeting could be face to face or over the internet or conference call. Control – Control yourself from giving out too much info!SCRIPTS FOR LIST #1Alternative A“I wanted to share some exciting information with you. I recently started working with a friend/business colleague of mineon a project to expand a new brand of an incredibly successful $1.7 billion dollar company in this area. They have agenetic-based patented technology that is going to revolutionize the anti-aging and wellness industries. Its been allover the media like on Dr. OZ, Today Show, NBC, Fox News…. Not to mention all the print accolades. Because they arein the very beginning stages of launching this new brand, the timing couldn‟t be better. Think about Apple‟s expansion asthey continued to innovate from their original Macs thru to their latest iphone and ipad products… I‟d like to say thiscompany is following a similar innovation strategy. They‟ve actually been referenced as „the Apple of the anti-agingindustry.‟“I thought this project might hold some interest for you because (compliment or reason why - you‟re such an outgoingperson/you‟re such a savvy business person/you have such a great personality/it seems like something right up youralley/I know you were looking to get back into the work world/I know you‟ve mentioned your business or job has beennegatively impacted by the economy). So my question for you is, if there was a significant amount of money to be earnedhere, (or „if there was a way to diversify your income in a significant way‟ ) would you be open to sitting down to learnmore about it?”Alternative B―Let me ask you a quick question. A very interesting business project recently came to my attention with tremendousfinancial possibilities. It has to do with the anti-aging arena which I‟m sure you know is huge and it‟s backed by a $1.7billion dollar company so there is so much credibility surrounding it, it‟s incredible. (It has me very excited) andI thought it might also be something that would appeal to you because (COMPLIMENT) – you have such a dynamicpersonality/I knew you were looking to get back to work). So my question is:
  12. 12. • (If working), If there was a significant amount of money involved, do you ever keep your eyes open for ways to make money outside of what you currently do? Or not? • (If not working) If there was a significant amount of money involved… would you ever be open to exploring a business you could build around your current schedule? Or not? • (either) If there was an opportunity to create a significant recurring income stream would you be open to looking at it? or not?”Alternative C“Hi! Did I catch you at a good time to talk for a couple of minutes?”“Great! I really want to catch up on personal things, but the reason for this call has to do with business.”“Before I go on, I‟d like to ask you one quick question, just so I don‟t waste either of our time…. If you knew there was away to diversify your income stream so it wasn‟t all coming from the same place… ( or “If there was a significant amountof money on the table...”) do you ever keep your eyes open for projects outside of what you currently do, or not?”Assuming „yes‟… “Great. It‟s hard to imagine anyone not being open given our state of economy. So here is what ishappening. I am working on a really exciting business project expanding a new brand of an international 1.7 billion dollaranti-aging company. They actually won the American Business award for most Innovative Company for 2010… and theInternational Business Times named them one of the world‟s fastest growing public companies in 2011. There is someserious upside potential here. I can‟t begin to explain to you how big this is. I would love to get you in front of someinformation so you can understand it better and we see if there is a fit.”Invite to presentation of choice.LIST FOR SCRIPTS #2“NAME , hi! I wanted to share some exciting information with you that I knew you’d want to know about given yourbackground as a “X”. It‟s regarding the launch and build-out of the first fully integrated anti-aging technology thatattacks aging at the genetic level. It‟s backed by a $1.7 billion dollar company who just acquired a company that has beendoing 30 years of genetic research and the founders have been referenced as the foremost experts in this field. I know itis something you will be very impressed with as there are so many (name of profession type- ie „salon owners‟„chiropractors‟) helping us in the expansion as they have found it ties in so nicely to their existing business/practice andcan really add a substantial recurring income stream to their bottom line. It‟s even been all over the media – on Dr. Oz,Today Show, Good Morning LA, NBC, Fox etc. I would assume your consider yourself to be an open-minded businessperson. It‟s hard to imagine anyone not being in this type of economy… When would be a good time for us to gettogether for 15 minutes for me to show you this technology first hand?” • For Skin Care - If they insist on more information say, “I‟d much prefer to show you face-to-face, as it‟s a really demonstratable product and I can show you in literally 5 minutes. In fact one of our products was recognized for the second year in a row by NEW BEAUTY CHOICE AWARDS as the best anti-wrinkle serum! It‟s been referenced in Vogue, People, even on Extra… with lots of celebrities quoting it as their favorite anti-aging secret. When do you have a 15 minute block of time so I can demonstrate it on you and we also have some time for you to ask questions.” • If you HAVE TO send them something refer to your upline. • For Health Care - “I‟d much prefer to show you face-to-face how our technology works as I know you‟ll be very impressed once you see it. We introduced the world‟s first non-invasive technology to scan living skin tissue and it lets you know in 90 seconds your carotenoid anti-oxidant levels. It‟s amazing how many people taking supplements but have no idea if they are working. Our device lets you know conclusively and our company is so confident in our supplements that they guarantee that if your scan score doesn‟t go up while taking them in 60 days you get all your money back. Dr. Oz even called it „the ultimate nutritional lie detector test‟ because you can‟t beat the machine. When is a good time for us to get together? You will be amazed.” • If you HAVE TO send them something refer to your upline.SITUATIONAL PROSPECTINGThere are so many places you could use situational prospecting. It could even be with new people you meet on thesidelines at games or in your school, or at the gym or on the train. It could be that you overhear someone complain aboutthe economy or their job. It starts with a natural conversation and if you feel the person would be right, you gently bring itup with a compliment – something as simple as:
  13. 13. “Wow you have the exact personality I am looking for in a person to help me expand a business project I recently gotinvolved with. Do you ever keep your eyes open for ways to diversify your income… or ways to make money outside ofwhat you do… or ways to create a recurring income stream around your current schedule?” • “Wow! You have a great personality. You‟d be amazing at what I do…” • “Where are you from? (any answer) Oh! I happen to be expanding my business there!” • “Do you believe in fate?” • If you overhear someone complain about business/job/economy - “Based on what you just said, would you be open to learning about a business venture that could help you diversify your income stream without taking anything away from what you are doing now.”How to Ask For Referrals“I am working on a really exciting project expanding a new brand of an international 1.7billion dollar anti-aging companywho actually won the American Business award for most Innovative Company for 2010 and was just named byInternational Business Times as one of the world‟s fastest growing public companies… In any case, I‟m looking for a fewkey people who might be open to explore a very lucrative business. There is some serious upside potential here. I reallyrespect your opinion and judgment and was wondering if you know anyone who might be at an interesting crossroads intheir life…. You know - someone who may have recently been impacted by this scary economy of ours. Or anyone whohas recently been laid off or might even be looking to go back to work. It could even be someone who hasn‟t expressed aneed but you see them as a bright, energetic, self-motivated person. I would really appreciate any referrals as it really isan extraordinary opportunity. If you‟d prefer to see it first, I‟dbe happy to set up a time to do that as well.”Invitation to Demo with Scanner―I wanted to share some exciting news with you. Do you watch the Dr. Oz show? He recently had this amazing scannertechnology on this show that can read your anti-oxidant levels non-invasively and basically tell you how strong yourinternal defense system is in only 90 seconds. It was amazing to see. 80% of the audience scanned in the lowestcategory and Dr. Oz scanned off the charts in the highest. (possibly add your personal experience.) Thousands of doctoroffices around the world have this scanner, and my friend/business associate is lending me theirs on (date). (or „MyFriend/business associate is having a small gathering on (date) to let people get a free reading and learn more about anti-aging from the inside out.) (or “My friend/business associate is lending me their scanner on (date) so I decided to have alittle anti-aging party to talk about how we can all add healthy years to our lives.) I‟d love to show you how this works.How does your schedule look on (date). Would you be able to make it?”Invitation to Demo with Galvanic Spa―I wanted to share some exciting news with you. A friend/business associate of mine asked me to help with the expansionof a really exciting anti-aging technology. It‟s actually the first fully integrated genetic-based anti-aging technology thatattacks aging at its source. It‟s been all over the media like The Today Show, NBC, Fox News, Good Morning LA… andit‟s all the craze in Hollywood. I am absolutely in love with the results. (Give your personal experience). I am having alittle get together on (give date) where we are giving live demonstrations and talking about some anti-aging tips. (I wouldlove for you to be one of my models.) It‟ll be a lot of fun. Would you like to come and learn how to turn back the clock orat least slow it down?”FREQUENTLY ASKSED QUESTIONSFor List # 1 – What is this all about?“It‟s really difficult to give it an accurate description in just 5 minutes… which is why I really want you to see this businessoverview to learn more about it. Plus, I know enough about it to be really excited, but not enough to explain it to you in away that will do it justice. The overview takes just a (half hour or hour). There is no hype or pressure. It‟s strictlyinformational and it will give you the info you need to decide if this is something you want to learn more about or not.”For close friends you can add – “Trust me on this. Take the 30/60 minutes and check it out and then decide foryourself. I‟m telling you this is too big to pre-judge or ignore. What do you have to lose? If I‟m wrong you‟ve lost 30/60minutes of your life. If I‟m right you‟ll be thanking me!”” • If they insist on more information and you are going nowhere with them, but you think they will respond favorably to the products: • For OUTSIDE - “I‟d much prefer for you to understand the big picture of what we are doing and the business potential surrounding the product, but in the interim, we should get together face-to-face, as our anti-aging
  14. 14. technology is really demonstratable and I can show you in literally 5 minutes. What does your schedule look like in the new couple of days where you have a 30 minute window so we also have time to talk after you see how amazing this is? • For INSIDE – Same as above but you will show them the scanner • If they insist on something in writing/email, discuss plan with upline.Q: Is this a Pyramid?A: “Absolutely not. The company trades on the NYSE. In fact, Forbes magazine voted them in their Top 100 mosttrustworthy companies. Forbes rarely includes pyramids in their ratings (joke). According to PR Newswire, InternationalBusiness Times named them one of the world‟s fastest growing public companies. They just had their best year everfinishing 2011 north of $1.7 billion doing business in 52 countries. No, it is definitely not a pyramid.”Q: I’m not a sales personA: “Great. We aren‟t really looking for sales people. (I wouldn‟t be excited about it either if it was just another productssales opportunity.) I‟m excited for you to learn more about it as I know this would be right up your alley.”“There are several aspects to this business, but the big picture does not involve what you may be thinking of as traditionalsales. Your focus would not be on selling the product as much as learning how to develop a distribution channel so youcould create a recurring income stream that isn‟t dependent on your sales efforts alone. Again, it‟s a fairly visualpresentation and you‟d have to really see it in order to understand it better.”Q: I have no time for anything elseA. “I know. We are all so crazy busy, but this is one of the reasons why you‟ll want to see this business. It has a veryexciting residual income to it that eventually can go on with or without you. Most of the people I‟m working with are fullyengaged in their occupation/profession, but recognize the value of creating a diversified income stream. Again, you reallyhave to see it to understand it completely. The benefit of our business creates exactly what you want – a leveragedincome. If you were to stop working, would your income stop? The people I‟m going to introduce you to earn money evenwhen they aren‟t working because of how this business model works. You really have to see it to understand it andshouldn‟t pre-judge. It will only take 30/60 minutes.” Go for the invite.
  15. 15. Appendix 3 – Vitality OverviewWhat is ageLOC Vitality?As we age, our bodies‘ ability to effectively generate and utilize energy can decline, robbing us of youthful vitality. ageLOCVitality improves the three dimensions of vitality—physical vigor, mental acuity, and sexual health—by promoting healthyYGC activity associated with youthful vitality. Through targeting the sources of age-related vitality loss, ageLOC Vitalityhelps you feel more like you did when you were young.What are the primary benefits of ageLOC Vitality?Promotes healthy YGC activity associated with youthful vitality. Supports three dimensions of vitality that typically decline with age—physical vigor, mental acuity, and sexual health. Raises and sustains baseline energy levels.What are the usage directions for ageLOC Vitality?Suggested Dosing: Take three (3) capsules twice daily. Can be taken with or without food. Not to exceed six (6) capsulesdaily. Alternate Dosing: Take six (6) capsules once daily to jump start your day or to overcome that afternoon vitalityslump.How many servings are in one bottle of ageLOC Vitality?Each bottle of ageLOC Vitality contains 60 servings (180 capsules), which is a one-month supply of the product.How does ageLOC Vitality work?ageLOC Vitality is formulated to address the sources of age-related vitality loss. By supporting healthy, youthfulexpression of a mitochondria-related YGC, it promotes optimal mitochondrial performance to help your cells produceenergy moreefficiently. This exclusive ageLOC Vitality blend improves three key areas of vitality—physical vigor, mental acuity, andsexual health.How is ageLOC Vitality different from typical energy drinks or supplements?Unlike many products currently on the market, ageLOC Vitality is not designed to provide a quick fix or boost. Instead, it isformulated to raise and maintain a person‘s baseline energy level for a long-term and sustained increase in overall vitality.This helps people avoid the ups and downs of caffeinated and high-sugar drinks and supplements.How quickly will I experience benefits from ageLOC Vitality?ageLOC Vitality is not a stimulant and is designed to raise overall levels of vitality with consistent use. When people takeageLOC Vitality as directed, they should notice benefits within two to four weeks.What should I feel when I take ageLOC Vitality?When ageLOC Vitality is taken regularly, noticeable benefits should include improvement in stamina and physical capacity,improved mental acuity or sharpness, and sexual vitality.
  16. 16. Is there anyone who shouldn’t use ageLOC Vitality?ageLOC Vitality contains a blend of safe and well studied fruit and phytonutrients and is suitable for all healthy adults.Concurrent use of ageLOC Vitality with prescription drugs has not been assessed; however third party studies of theindividual ingredients provide useful insights to physicians advising their patients. People taking anticoagulants (includinghigh-dose aspirin therapy), anti-diabetic drugs, MAO inhibitors, blood pressure medication, immunosuppressants, or anyother medication should consult a physician before taking this or other dietary supplements. Discontinue use of thisproduct two weeks prior to and after surgery. A physician should be notified prior to surgery if supplementation wascontinued during the two-week washout period.Who Should Use This Product?Men and women over the age of 18 who have ever felt tired, a loss of vitality, or an inability to fully engage in an active life,and who want to reset, revive, and renew their youthful vitality.Can I take other Supplements with ageLOC Vitality?LifePak®/LifePak® Nano—the perfect companion to ageLOC Vitality because optimal gene expression requires goodnutrition and mitochondrial and DNA protection. LifePak/LifePak Nano, with its excellent nutrition and broad antioxidantformulation, provides nutrients and critical mitochondrial free radical protection to slow the accumulation of mitochondrialand genetic damage and reduce the effects of aging. Together, ageLOC Vitality and LifePak/LifePak Nano restoreyouthful gene expression and provide ultimate antioxidant protection, helping to restore youthful vitality.*Pharmanex® Solutions Products—combine with ageLOC Vitality for targeted benefits. Current users of CordyMax™and Energy formula should not take both products but should transition to ageLOC Vitality for broader benefits. If needed,add Venix™ for a more targeted sexual health benefit since it helps support circulation, which is essential to normalsexual function. For more targeted pre- and post-workout benefits, add OverDrive.™ *ageLOC ™ Skin Care Products—great companions to ageLOC Vitality because resetting YGCs on the outside and theinside delivers a beautiful blend of youthful appearance and youthful vitality.